Galaxy S III wins best smartphone by GSMA, Nexus 7 - best tablet

26 February, 2013
Award winners of the 18th annual Global Mobile Awards were announced today at MWC.

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  • unknown

AnonD-118447, 28 Feb 2013If Samsung is that good then why they are using an Open Sou... moreWhich has the same old and ugly interface since its first release

  • AnonD-101842

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2013Oh my G........ the award goes to ugliest phone i ever k... moreHehe my s3 ain't ugly everybody is wowed when I show it off, it feels nice ,slim and light,i love the fact that it feels like a paper when i slide it in my pocket,and talking about the screen oh my god super amoled is the bomb definitely something to impress with ,and the phone is fast with no lag as i have the latest jelly bean updated by samy in my country gosh these guys are good,i v got 32g storage plus a 64g memory card and not to mention an extra battery ,u v got to be kinda ret***** to not understand why the s3 won and why million of people prefer it to yr whatever other phone,don't just do window shopping ,buy a phone use it ,I m pretty sure u ll stop makin these kinda twisted judgements

  • AnonD-101842

my s3 ain't ugly

  • AnonD-118447

If Samsung is that good then why they are using an Open Source OS. APPLE atleast have their own OS. They don't felt on google to release the next update.

  • Bribe Award

[deleted post]hahahaha

quote of the year goes to you sir!

  • AnonD-78985

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2013Oh my G........ the award goes to ugliest phone i ever k... moreAnd the 2012 Best smartphone awards goes to Samsung S3 ;-)

  • Anonymous

Oh my G........

the award goes to ugliest phone i ever know in 10 years history in my country Aussie.

  • Poop

Bribe Award, 28 Feb 2013Yes I've heard, read about IOS bugs. What Apple trying to d... moreyeah... heared enough of your CRApple statement. Oops! i might get sued lol!

Why don't you just leave this forum and go to your apple forum? People are not stupid and they had enough with those ads. Because apple is best at...ADVERTISING.

And when it comes to rooting, it depends on the user whether he will do it or not. Thats what you call freedom. He/she can personalize the phone the way they want it. Well they can personalize it even w/o rooting..How about apple? can you personalize your phone unless you JAILBRAKE it?

I owned both phones (4S and S3) so i know what im talking about. How about you? lol :)

[deleted post]yes :)

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iush, 28 Feb 2013if you buy a normal watch then it will never hang..similarl... moreYes I've heard, read about IOS bugs. What Apple trying to do now is to prevent any loopholes for hacking/jailbreaking in ios, thus protect their developer copyright & also guarantee the privacy of their IOS users.

Now with the upcoming IOS 6, they managed to prevent if not reduce any illegal jailbreaking acitivities in the future, kudos to Apple!

Try to appreciate, learn to pay your apps, unfortunately most Samdung users are not up to it, their copycat Samdung lovable company kept flooded you with cheap material, less software restrictions, less piracy control, bad customer services. Sad but all become spoonfed, always wants anything for free..that is cheap

But who cares, Samdung? in your dream...

[deleted post]if you buy a normal watch then it will never hang..similarly nokia 3310 never hangs...coZ both of these devices offer just the basic feature for which it is i told u iPhones are feature phones which offer very very limited features, they should have been much more lag free and bug free..but all i hear these days is apple had trying to fix bugs and new bug is created. latest version of android today offers same level of stability or even better stability than iOS despite of huge fragmentation and features..there is a reason why Apple is at saturation point now..regarding your copycat comments, those are just for trolling..Apple could not make better products so they try to put Samsung down by patent trolling and they themselves went down.. you must be aware how apple was treated in England.. they had to run TV ads saying Samsung has not copied i am pretty sure, apples current situation has made a lot of I fans butthurt.....i don't know who copied who..there are lots who say apple copy other products patent them and then sue others..if thats true then you are supporting such a i am no lawyer or FBI or anyone related to that field..i have no interest in who copied who..and no one knows the truth.. no company is i won't bash apple for being copycat like other fan droid does...

  • Bribe Award

iush, 28 Feb 2013no way...i have never seen crashes and lags on s3.. sometim... moreNo sir, with my Iphone I never crash or lag, why?

never root your android phone
never Jailbreak your idevices
pay your apps, learn to appreciate developer hardworks
Finally, never install any pirated app (most Samdung install it)
Never use any Samdung bloatware hahahaha.

  • Nick

let me disagree with you, i care about how my phone looks and what it's made of, i use a red xperia ion for half a year now with no protection and it looks like new and feels more premium than any Samsung phone, Samsung makes very good phones, they became very good and aggressive about advertising and it shows but when it comes to style and premium products they still lack behind Apple and Sony so for now keep ur plastic covered and wait for the day u can show off with ur Sammy

Buyer, 27 Feb 2013Well congrats samsung, although im personaly quite disagree... moreno way...i have never seen crashes and lags on s3.. sometimes happens exceptionally but that happens to my iPhone 4 as well.. after i use galaxy i can't even think of going back to iPhone.. the screen, feel, OS on iPhone seems so washed out after using galaxy.. but that's only me.. i am sure people have their own preference but i know many geeks feel this way..

  • Bribe Award

...did you just say.. QUALITY for iPhone? seriously dude? maybe you should google whats inside the iPhone then?

alluminum on the phone? WTF! you cannot use the phone while charging because its dangerous! Thats why there is what you call "plastic" beside i'd rather go plastic than that alluminum.

Lemme tell ya something sir, no matter what kind of material you use will not protect you from power surge. That is BASIC SAFETY AT HOME/OFFICE, i wonder what your mother has taught you at home..

you shall never use any electronic gadgets while its on plug or in charging AND never charge at all cost during rainy day or during thunderstorm season.

But that what separate me & with you bcoz;
I have power banks
I have Surge Protector
i BET you will never have those 2 items above..

But cheap person will always be cheap till the end, like Samdung, inferior, bugs & crapware/ bloatware supporter, always be..

but why poop? WTF? What kind of name is that? Look stupid & cheap of course hahahaha

Bribe Award, 28 Feb 2013keep talking bro... That is why Samdung is full of crap,... moreare you nuts?? iPhone 5 is no where compared to Samsung high ends.. those bendable, scratchable aluminium makes it feel cheap after few months.. and all those malware and lags are just for android android is far superior than iOS.. iphones should be compared with feature phones like galaxy y..

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Buyer, 27 Feb 2013well i am no tech savvy like u guys, may be i will give any... morekeep talking bro...

That is why Samdung is full of crap, no matter how much RAM & CORES you cramp it into their cheap plastic & ugliest mother of all, you still find, LAG, CRASH, REB

For peace of mind & classy feelin..Iphone5 is for you

  • Anonymous

They said iPhone very good....
Where's iPhone award?

  • Lopendes

Just check the daily interest. :)

Samsung S4 beats hTc One & Sony Z even b4 release :)

  • Anonymous

nexus 4 should win because its....

look NICER ,CHEAPER ,FASTER, more STABLE,POWERFUL than this plastic doll.

all haters,
this AWARD is a joke of the year 2012.