Google Pixel Watch review

31 October 2022
The Pixel Watch is Google's first wearable, but is it worth the price?

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  • 22 Jan 2023

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2022» it's glass protection is from 2019 We would be lu... moreGlass still scratches at level 6 regardless of which version the manufacturer uses.

    The Elephant in the room is what's the point of all the sensors if their readings are crap?
    I have never seen a smartwatch with a quality of the readout. Get that, and you get me.

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      • 08 Dec 2022

      I guess that the Google Pixel Watch does not support ANT+ / BLE
      So I can use it as a Heart Rate Monitor for my (Bryton 320E) cycling computer ?


        mandalaphone, 03 Nov 2022Nice design and good performance. However, the battery life... moreThe battery is the same on all smartwatches watches using WearOS or iOS, given you have to charge your phone daily I don't really see the issue with also charging a smartwatch daily.

        If you work in a job where you can't have your phone immediately to hand all day smartwatches are in dispensable for receiving notifications.

          Nice design and good performance. However, the battery life on the Pixel Watch is a killer. What kind of headache is this charging the watch every day (if not multiple times a day)!! 🤢

            Why not get the older Watch Active2 from samsung for like $30 instead? It has almost the same features at this point, similar and maybe nicer design, and even the same build materials and processor. Just saved you about $400 and you get the same result, you're welcome.

              Julian M, 31 Oct 2022I went into a store to check it out in person this weekend,... moreUnless you have issues with your eyesight the screen is big enough to read any notifications etc which need to be read, unfortunately it hardly looks the most manly of watches and I'd personally like something a few mm bigger but will have to live with it until a larger version arrives next year. In the UK there's loads for sale for around £200 on eBay, I assume it's Pixel 7 Pro owners selling their free gifts, at that price it's a good deal.

                It's not a personal choice if you are a Galaxy Watch 5 user as it's been removed, whilst the chipset is old it still does all it needs to for a smartwatch.

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                  • 02 Nov 2022

                  yalim, 02 Nov 2022pixel watch's chipset is from 2019. it's glass pr... more» it's glass protection is from 2019

                  We would be lucky if it were from 2019! Gorilla Glass 5 came out in 2016, it's actually very old considering there are much better versions available that have come out since then.

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                    • 02 Nov 2022

                    DroitwichGas, 01 Nov 2022Why's it a 2020 Galaxy Watch, WearOS works fine on the... morepixel watch's chipset is from 2019. it's glass protection is from 2019. processing is inefficient and powerless. it has the same sensors with galaxy active2. crown vs touch bezel is a personel choice,nothing superior.

                      yalim, 31 Oct 2022this is a 2020 galaxy watch with even have to pa... moreWhy's it a 2020 Galaxy Watch, WearOS works fine on the Pixel so it's a 2022 Galaxy Watch as far as any user is concerned, plus the crown acts as a navigator, the 2022 Galaxy oddly lost the bevel.

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                        • 01 Nov 2022

                        "At $349, the price point is steeper than Apple's $249 entry-level Apple Watch SE" - Problem: The Pixel Watch is not an entry level watch AND not compatible with apples Iphone, nor is the apple watch SE compatible with android phones....DONT compare these watches.

                          ThunderCrackR, 31 Oct 2022Sorry but this time there were too many points off with thi... moreExactly!! I wonder how gsm admin scam people with the words of review when they know how they review a phone. This article didn't contain any reviews or insights for a smartwatch.

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                            • 01 Nov 2022

                            [deleted post]Nothing new, even me get the "limited" post. I only can post like 3 per-day and some might get through and some get deleted 🤷🏻‍♂️

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                              • 01 Nov 2022

                              Bailey , 31 Oct 2022I got this free with the Pixel 7 pro, so I considered it a ... moreCan't argue with that, fair call.

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                                • 01 Nov 2022

                                Every expensive Google device I owned had huge hardware flaws or broke irremediably. The only ones still working are my Chromecasts. Do yourself a favor and don't buy hardware from software companies.

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                                  • 31 Oct 2022

                                  Google should have used Snapdragon W5+ Gen1

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                                    • 31 Oct 2022

                                    Galaxy watch 5 is way better than this

                                      Sorry but this time there were too many points off with this "review" that I needed to mention this, because it felt more like a press release than an actual review. The performance category talks about specs instead of actually mentioning how the day-to-day performance is, with just a few touches in the Software category but even those are related more to how the interface got cleaner than how the watch actually performs. Then you have an entire health tracking section.. where you only talk about the quality of the heart rate sensor. No mention of GPS accuracy, no comparison for that EGC, no steps counting etc. Thankfully we did find out a lot about Fitbit Premium.. which we might have already known about from all other Fitbit's products. Then we talk about the expected total battery life without always on display.. what about WITH, it is a watch after all? Just so that we finish by comparing it with the Apple Watch. This is only compatible with Android devices, why no useful comparison, with something like Samsung's watches, for example. Really, somebody needs to up their game..

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                                        • 31 Oct 2022

                                        I really like your review but you put a filter on some photos that make the product look kinda cheap...