Weekly poll: would you be interested in one of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 phones?

06 November 2022
There is something for everyone - a cheap phone, a phone with a 200MP camera, a phone with 210W charging and one that's more in the middle.

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  • u7Z
  • 26 Nov 2022

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2022If only they put just one good camera and put a bigger batt... moreDude how much bigger battery do you want 5000mAh is literally a wall hitting point unless the phone size gets bigger or new battery technology is discovered. Like there are also other factors like chipset NM where the smaller NM are the more power efficient they are I really can't understand these people's mind

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    • Sin
    • pYQ
    • 20 Nov 2022

    Definitely won't want any of these just way too much sillyness

    All of there's smartphones be horrible too live with and I be horrified of plugin a 200w mighty Changer

    200mp camera is insanity and again a total waste your budget

    Dislike the hole punch screens again not practical

    Just pure lack of commen sense in the design and hardware choices

    All of the wrong trade offs where made by Xiaomi

    All of this wasted budget could of gone too something useful like storage & ram instead
    Plus a much bigger better battery

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      • bebop
      • Sr6
      • 15 Nov 2022

      Nicolau, 09 Nov 2022It doesn't have microSD card support, but man, it has ... moreright? That like totally makes up for the missing sd card slot doesn't it? It really does. Without 3.5mm audio jack your battery will die much quicker and listening to music will drain your battery a lot! Trust me. Never again will I buy a phone without 3.5mm audio jack!

        Xiaomi has always been poor man's Samsung. Sophistication has never been their forte. They use cheaper materials for body and useful internals to balance. I have samsung A73 and A71 , both are around 180 gm in weight with 6.67 inch display with superb UI but Xiaomi can never achieve that kind of weight reduction in a 6.67 inch mobile. It is beyond their capacity. Same is the case with POCO and IQOO phones.

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          • v@H
          • 13 Nov 2022

          I would like a smaller Redmi Note 12 Pro

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            • Emil
            • Xya
            • 10 Nov 2022


              rsh, 08 Nov 2022No 3.5 jack and no sdcard is a no go for me. Bye, Note 12It doesn't have microSD card support, but man, it has a 3.5mm jack.

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                • Kx6
                • 08 Nov 2022

                Redmi Note 10 Pro:
                108 MP, 5 MP AF Macro, 33W charging
                Redmi Note 11 Pro+ (Global):
                108MP, 2 MP Fixed Macro, 67W charging, Snapdragon 695 (5G, but no 4K recording), Hybrid sim tray
                Redmi Note 12 Pro+/Explorer:
                200 MP, Dolby Vision, STILL 2MP Fixed Macro, No microSD, No headphone jack

                Trash. Xiaomi Please revive Xiaomi Note line. Very obvious the Redmi Note branding has an upper cap of budget.

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                  • r31ya
                  • Kik
                  • 08 Nov 2022

                  yeah, no 3.5mm and more importantly expandable storage...
                  hopefully the global one have microsd slot

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                    • rsh
                    • 3N{
                    • 08 Nov 2022

                    No 3.5 jack and no sdcard is a no go for me. Bye, Note 12

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                      • hHW
                      • 07 Nov 2022

                      No expandable storage though.

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                        • KiX
                        • 07 Nov 2022

                        [deleted post]Next time think twice before spreading fake news about samsung, kiddo.

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                          • gJt
                          • 07 Nov 2022

                          One Xiaomi is enough to see how much of a trainwreck MUI is ,nothing gets fixed and is bloated with ads. Why bother fixing when you release a new device each week.

                            AlienKiss, 07 Nov 2022I don't care what specs it has or how cheap it is: if ... moreAfter reading through top 10 best selling phone brands in Europe, looks like Europe do like Chinese phones. You can always go for Samsung, Apple or Sony, it's your choice. But what makes you think you can dictate which phones other Europeans can use?

                              Anonymous, 07 Nov 2022LOL. I reacted to your statement regarding the concrete pho... moreYes, your comment still doesn't have any sense.

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                                • Maria
                                • u7V
                                • 07 Nov 2022

                                This series (not include the vanilla one) is interesting to have, only the brand will be a decider.

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                                  • Nameless
                                  • L1m
                                  • 07 Nov 2022

                                  No. As long it has macro lens instead of a tele - never.

                                    Sony camera sensor returning on Redmi Note phones with 12 series. Note 10 series had Sony camera only of the vanilla model and Note 11 didnt have Sony camera at all.

                                    So, Note 12 series should be a good one.

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                                      • MSJ
                                      • 07 Nov 2022

                                      UltraHD, 07 Nov 2022Your comment has no sense lol, the fact is A series are bad... moreLOL. I reacted to your statement regarding the concrete phone I have and know good that's ALL I cared about. Disagree with your build quality rating which is little exaggerated, then you made general judgment of overpriced A series making it look like it's based on your experience with this phone which does not fit the facts. Actually I don't care about rating A series in general, I pick a particular phone. And It's my first Samsung btw. Is it MY comment which does not make a sense, then? Never mind, be happy.

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                                        • p6g
                                        • 07 Nov 2022

                                        UltraHD, 07 Nov 2022Your comment has no sense lol, the fact is A series are bad... moreLack of charger in the box on Samsung phones (even though sad), it doesn't have the same impact, like it would on Chinese phones. Any PD capable charger of 25-30W will work with Samsung phones. And I know this because I had a Baseus 30W charger that I've used for multiple Samsung phones and it worked perfectly fine (both A and S series).
                                        Chinese phones (almost all of them) have propriety charging. Not to mention majority of them nowadays have minimum 65W charging speeds. Finding a special type of super fast charger is almost impossible, not to mention it cost much more. Yes, it comes shipped in the box now, but for how long? Also, if one breaks on you, or you buy second hand Chinese phone, you are in big trouble.