Nokia 2780 Flip is a new flip phone with FM radio

03 November 2022
It is the Nokia 2760 Flip with an FM radio and new colors.

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  • 03 Nov 2022

NEO, 03 Nov 2022why hmd, why?no offense, but adults need phones as well. Not everyone wants or needs a tablet in their pocket, adults have a bit more incime and use dedicated devices that offer a better experience than a phone. Even my 70+ mother has her mini laptop in her purse at all times etc.

    you have to suffer, 03 Nov 2022for whose complain about no fm radio on new phones, this is... moreAnd
    ... Micro SD card slot and 3.5 mm jack 😲😲

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      • YUU
      • 03 Nov 2022

      I'll definitely gonna buy this phone if only available in my country. But, sadly, it's not 😤

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        • NEO
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        • 03 Nov 2022

        why hmd, why?


            I usual like flip phones, but this is FUGLY!

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              • Mir57
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              • 03 Nov 2022

              YoloBS, 03 Nov 2022Nokia should consider other os for these kinda phones . I ... moreNote that KaiOS 3.x use a quantum Mozilla Gecko engine is way more polished and fast then any 2.5.x phone ever was. But, at the cost of partial app incompatibility - apps has to be rewritten in order to work, some needs minor changes, some major.

                The processor is almost as powerful as my first flagship phone samsung galaxy S3.
                It's 8mp camera was better than current 50mp camera under 25k Indian rupees.

                  for whose complain about no fm radio on new phones, this is for you guys. a perfect phone🤣🤣

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                    • u7V
                    • 03 Nov 2022

                    i remembered nokia hell plexyble problem .nah nope who want to waste their money

                      Anonymous, 03 Nov 2022Nokia needs to take a hint from Xiaomi and release a keypad... moreThis is snapdragon 215 device which is equivalent of A22 used in that Qin so perfomance wise they are same both have Quad core Cortex A53. Unless you mean G85 version which is way Expensive compare to normal devices.

                      Th problem with HMD feature phone is OS, kai os or s30 are so bad, if this phone came with sailfish or Android for feature phone it would be better.

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                        • 03 Nov 2022

                        Hdm Nokia
                        Can do so much more with them like a bigger quality speaker, a bigger quality flashlight with dedicated button, easy replacement battery like Sony k850i.

                          Nokia 2780 Flip -> 😴 😴 😴

                            Nokia should consider other os for these kinda phones .
                            I use Kai os phone ( jio phone ) and it was slow as hell and bettery life was poor too .
                            Maybe release Nokia E series with Symbian os or S40 or any java os but not this kai os thing .

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                              • 4GA
                              • 03 Nov 2022

                              Nokia needs to take a hint from Xiaomi and release a keypad clamshell w big 3in touch screen packing a genshin-capable helio. the qin f22 is great but it doesn't fold..

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                                • 03 Nov 2022

                                Now that's what I call a 'classic' flip phone, with a convenient external screen. Cheap and low spec'd, but no worries about a fragile join in the internal screen, unlike 'modern' flip phones...

                                  No comment on the 2760 since that was a carrier exclusive and only in the US (Trakfone?). The global release was the 2660 which for some bizarre reason went back to microUSB.

                                  Anyway, USB-C is welcome as always. Probably won't be USB-IF complaint but at least it's something. I'll be picking one up.

                                    It's so weird seeing these types of phones for some reason but still nice that they make them.

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                                      • 03 Nov 2022

                                      Z Flip4 has a big rival now :D

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                                        • Zed
                                        • nid
                                        • 03 Nov 2022

                                        The previous 2720 was more stylish, but these phones are too pricey to compete with their own brands cheap Android phones. I would really like to own one of these if they were around 30€, but for the 90€ their charging where I live, I would rather spend some extra 50€ and get a C1 or something. KaiOS also seems to be fading, I still want to see it making a big splash again and being the third mobile OS