Bloomberg: Apple cuts iPhone 14 production by 3 million units

08 November 2022
Cupertino is now aiming to produce 87 million units instead of the initial 90 million.

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  • 29 Nov 2022

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2022It's a (compact) phone, not a gaming console.60hz in 2022 i laugh so hard

    Sin, 12 Nov 2022Apple’s reputation is very poor on trustpiolt The popu... moreYep totally rent free.

    My iPhone is not a status symbol, because I'm not that shallow. It's a tool nothing more, one that works for me in every way I require it to do so. This was also true of the Androids I have owned, I just happen to have a personal preference for the way iOS does so, that is all.

    Ultimately dude you are way to hung up on this, you don't like Apple fine, don't buy their stuff. This little crusade you seem to be on with these long winded rants though make you come off as a bit obsessive here.

    So why don't take a step back yeah, realise these are consumer electronics products in a free market where people are welcome to choose whatever they like. Many of those choose and are perfectly happy with Apple. Not because they lack sense or knowledge or any of the other attributes in which you like to think you are superior. Simply because it's their choice, the product works for them and they have other more important things in life to be getting on with.

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      • 12 Nov 2022

      DaFink, 12 Nov 2022More lengthy rants demonstrating how free of rent Apple are... moreApple’s reputation is very poor on trustpiolt

      The popularity of apple doesn't reflect how good apple is

      It shows most people are upset with apple but refuses too stop spending all of there money on apple products

      This apple customers buyers as well so they bias in favour of apple and still yet most give negative feedback

      This does say a lot about how unhealthy the tech industry is in general as Samsung got a awful rating also

      Although I complained a lot about biased in favour of apple from big tech reviewer

      I would of wanted too have been able too say a budget iPhone be a reasonable choice

      But apple hates poor people and refuse make reasonable priced budget opinions with software support

      But yet again apple does what they know how too do best and that's scam and cheat there customers and squeeze more money out of them no wonder there profit so high

      The iPhone 6s & iPhone se I really wanted too be able too recommend but instead garbage tier software support and lack legacy app support no why too custom ROM a iPhone

      Rip old iPhones

      I think apple makes a much better budget brand than premium brand

      Android smartphone are aimed at being portable PCs and workstations and gaming machines

      The iPhone does a different role as they aimed at being a overly gloryfided social media device and camera phone

      That's all there good for
      That's fine but that use case should only cost 300 pound realistically

      Plus people buy them too fit in or as a status symbol but apple high pricing and silly excuses for everything

      Everyone will call me a apple hater for saying this but it is true and people should hear what I have too say

        Sin, 12 Nov 2022Apple had a lot of lawsuits because of how bad they are as ... moreMore lengthy rants demonstrating how free of rent Apple are living in your head. Many companies are involved in a multitude of laws at any one time. Apple’s reputation as a market leader couple with its status as the worlds most valuable company means there is increased scrutiny paid to is legal business.

        And you asked how I can be happy with what Apple does, simple, I pay my money and use the product. I don’t let it get any more complication than that, there are more important things in my life. The moment I no longer enjoy using Apple products, I’ll look elsewhere.

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          • 12 Nov 2022

          DaFink, 11 Nov 2022What a rant, hit a nerve did I, and what is all this talk a... moreThe problems are with the company more then the individual products apple makes years ago
          Apple was less bad but never good

          apple used too made intel laptops and it was possible too upgrade the storage & ram and you was not locked into mac os many years ago

          People had the choose too do what ever they want with there own hardware and software

          What you buy you pay you're own money for it belongs too you

          The hardware & software is yours now too do what ever you want with it

          As you paided money for it you own it now

          Apple just don't understand this and is so stuck up there own back side it's frustrating seeing apple do this

          Yet only a handful people stand up too this company that pays big tech reviewers so much money too make big claims they total lemon of a phone is good and all this bias in favor of apple

          Apple iPhone probably is no better then windows phone or black Berry or Linux phones

          All of them failed as a failure

          Yet only this lemon we sit sail
          The iPhone really is a just a total lemon of a device with a company with no interest in improving there products

          Iphone It's not anything special the os don't optimization is not anything special it smoothly only because it a very light OS that don't need good hardware

          windows phone was probably more advanced with better hardware for its time with a lot of potential too became good but Microsoft another company that can't do anything right

          Then There's symbian am not very familiar with but it's very light os so it run just as silky smooth as iOS because it is a lighter os also is why

          Then there is Google themselves android runs badly as a result of bad ram management system and is on the fast track too get as heavy as desktop windows os on mobile device's

          But right now android the only desktop OS on a mobile device is android that is fully functional

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            • 12 Nov 2022

            DaFink, 11 Nov 2022What a rant, hit a nerve did I, and what is all this talk a... moreApple had a lot of lawsuits because of how bad they are as a monopoly other iOS & the app store

            The reason it is a mistake is no-one stands up too apple or refuses too pay such rip off prices for there devices

            Apple don't get held too any standards
            Most of there customers just defending apple

            This is very bad because it enables apple too do this

            Apple even a very bad influence on the android phone market as android brands see apple get away with anything so they copy apple too

            Apple got alway with making anti repair phones none upgradeable storage

            They have taken away the changer from the box even the sim card slot from the phone

            Because how tightly controled and strict iOS is fortnight gamers are one example of iOS limitations iOS is not even a property OS it is a prison

            No headphone jack let's buy ear buds x100 times the price am not even kidding yet apple got rewarded big time by profits

            The few people who saw the problem can't stop apple as apple has most people brain washed the mainstream have all the money

            How can you not be unhappy with this what apple is doing

            The problem lays if everyone buys there pro models at the rip off prices they sell for
            it don't tech apple any lessons at all

            It's hurting the phone market not you personality

            Apple is going down a path of no return they take all the parts away even the buttons if people let them

              Sin, 11 Nov 2022You proved my point apple fans just don't understand v... moreWhat a rant, hit a nerve did I, and what is all this talk about feature phones, who has mentioned feature phones in all this?

              There is nothing I used to do on any of the android devices I have ever owned that I cannot do on an iPhone. Perhaps the problem in getting the most of an iPhone lies with you rather than the product 🤷

              So you carry on being all smug thinking those who choose differently to you are making mistakes, and I’ll carry on rolling my eyes at your arrogance.

              And ‘team Android’??? I have owned many Androids, I was never on any team. So come on kid grow up a little yeah, there is a chance you are taking this stuff a bit too seriously!

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                • 11 Nov 2022

                DaFink, 11 Nov 2022It’s diminishing returns, not dismissing. And whilst that i... moreYou proved my point apple fans just don't understand value at all

                The iPhone ability are the most limited of any smartphone on the market

                The iPhone really is only one step up from a feature phone yes sure we like the phones we choose

                Value for money is really is maths and logic
                Your paying more money for a iPhone is just burning money

                The hardware in iPhone and pricing are very miss matched and apple has a way of holding tiny improvement behind huge paywalls

                With Android it's different
                getting at least twice the value for money if not triple on team Android
                As long as you buy from brands like Lenovo Nubia and or alternatives too the mainstream name brands that are overpriced like Google or Samsung are willing too look around for bargains

                Apple is a monopoly without any competition and picker buyers can't get smartphones at good prices
                The apple ecosystem locks apple customers in also
                And people paying the extra just enable apple too do this more

                The same problems happened with feature phone market a niche market lack of competition and people refuse too buy smartphone so they can sell with potato specs at prices over 100 pound on feature phone market anything will sell no matter how bad it is

                People who buy features phone stubbornly refuse too accept that smartphone are just better
                And can't be reason with

                Feature phone has not seen any meaningful improvements too camera or storage or anything really in like 10 years they still made no improvements too them

                Feature phone buyer's claiming smartphone are too fragile and have crap battery life poor or too big

                Even when smartphones exist that are rugged and screen protector and case with huge battery or mini smartphone and power banks exist not too mention how much better signal is on smartphones
                on top of apps working that there are missing out on

                Everyone makes mistakes

                  Sin, 10 Nov 2022Value for money is just simple maths and logic what hardwar... moreIt’s diminishing returns, not dismissing. And whilst that indeed may be the case (which is true across all tech by the way) there are still returns.

                  And value is not so easy a concept as you make out. An iPhone is more than just the some of its parts. And one aspect of value is how much use a customer gets out of a product. For example were I to buy a £100 phone, you might say it being cheap means I get good value from it, what if I don’t enjoy using it and this never use it though? Then it’s simply £100 down the drain and no value to me whatsoever. That being said if I pay £1000 on another phone and use it to the best of its abilities, then I’m getting more value out of it. There is an individualistic aspect to value that you are overlooking.

                  Now whether it’s over priced or not, well perhaps, but again this could be said about way more than just Apple products. That’s the market though, I enjoy using my iPhone 14 pro more than any other phone I have ever used, so whilst I may wish for it to be cheaper (like I do all things to be honest) that’s what I had to pay, and I could, so I did.

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                    • 10 Nov 2022

                    DaFink, 10 Nov 2022'The only thing it's good for is bragging rights ... moreValue for money is just simple maths and logic what hardware you buy at what price point and how long it lasts

                    The point am trying too make is there are dismissing returns from paying more for a more expensive iPhone from the iPhone se 2022

                    The iPhone se 2022 & iPhone 14 pro max even the best iPhone campared too the worsened is tiny difference between them

                    No iPhone should cost more than 500 pound realistically and 6gb ram only on a 1000 pound plus device in 2022 really apple

                    Sure I be branded a apple hater for calling apple out on stuff like this
                    But am a real person saying my honest opinion on this
                    Who got experience with technology

                    Tech reviewers are payed by apple too tell people pay more telling them all suits of crap too make justification for what apple is doing and pay more for the same smartphone basically

                    There are many flaws with iPhones like the iPhone se 2022 that was why I said a little re engineering with attachment too the case like camera lens and power bank are so worth it
                    Too make up for the short comings of apple and iPhones in general

                    Sure you may like the more expensive iPhones smartphones but realistically that doesn't change the fact there very overpriced for what they are

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                      • 10 Nov 2022

                      DaFink, 10 Nov 2022So you don't like Apple, fair enough nobody is asking ... moreAm not suggesting the gaming smartphone just because they can game

                      But what makes a good gaming smartphone also makes a very good smartphones for every day usage

                      The problem with my standard flagships is they cost just as much money too buy as a gaming smartphone
                      but the hardware specs you're just not getting what you payed for

                      We can only choice from per builds as we can't get a custom smartphone built for us and choice all of the parts we want & need

                      So there are some flaws we have no control over
                      In the case of gaming smartphones a rugged water proof case should fix any problems people may have with how durable they are

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                        • 10 Nov 2022

                        DaFink, 09 Nov 2022Not sure why you are thinking I have interpreted your quest... moreOkay. Thanks for the answer.

                          Sin, 10 Nov 2022Yeah that's why I said iPhone se 2022 If you're ... more'The only thing it's good for is bragging rights too claim your iPhone is the best or too show off'

                          Not true at all, for one thing the SE has only a single rear camera, The Pro has 3, and they are actually useful, unlike many cases on Android where you can indeed pay £200-£300 for a phone and get one useful camera and two totally useless ones (the dreaded Macro+Depth combo) or pay 2 to even 3 times as much and get the exact same thing.

                          There are also differences to the form factor that is important to many people. You going to suggest they settle for a smaller screen size they may no longer be happy with just to save some money they may be willing to spend?

                          There are clear differentiations between something like an SE and a 14 Pro that will appeal to many customers, whether those differentiation's represent good value is up the individual to decide for themselves. It's obvious you do not see that value, and that is all well and good, someone else will though. Myself for example, I would rather spend the extra and enjoy the benefits of the 14 Pro over the SE.

                          Oh I could live with the SE if necessary sure, but whilst I have the choice, I do see the value in the 14 Pro. I'm not asking that others agree mind, neither am I implying they lack sense if they do not.

                            Sin, 10 Nov 2022In the case of apple yes if apple short comings are a probl... moreSo you don't like Apple, fair enough nobody is asking you too. But to say those that do lack sense is arrogant on your part.

                            People will find their own way to whatever they consider good value, they do not need to share your ideas on that front. I certainly do not regret my purchase of an iPhone 14 Pro. It serves me well in any capacity I need to use it, and I make good use of the services Apple offer.

                            You blabbering on about RoG phones and what not means nothing to me though, I have no need for 18gb of ram, cooling fans, 240hz 4k screens or over designed, poorly engineered (considering how easy it is to break the thing) gaming specific smartphones. Plus I'm not 12 years old so not every waking second of my life is spent thinking about 'gaming', I have a game console and that is more than enough,

                            There is more variety of hardware available in the Android market sure, that has always been the case, and to those who prefer that wide range of choice good on them, I hope they are happy with their choices. So long as they don't then turn around and accuse me of lacking sense for making different choices.

                            So you do you pal, and let others decide for themselves. You wouldn't buy the iPhone I have and I wouldn't pick up a RoG phone with someone else's money, let alone my own. So long as we are happy with our own choices though, then I guess we both had enough sense to make the right decision for ourselves.

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                              • 10 Nov 2022

                              DaFink, 10 Nov 2022Look dude, you kind of all over the place on this. Making a... moreYeah that's why I said iPhone se 2022
                              If you're stuck with iPhone

                              yeah a lot of people just want a iPhone for it's services and social media and battery life too last all day & camera

                              Longest iOS support lowest price
                              Same processor basically

                              This use case the iPhone se 2022 is suitable

                              Paying the extra just not worth it barely any benefit for 3x or 4x the price for a iPhone 14 pro max

                              iPhone 14 pro max for only basic use case seriously

                              The only thing it's good for is bragging rights too claim your iPhone is the best or too show off

                              My point is the iPhone se 2022 is 90% as good as it

                              The power bank very easy way too even the playing field if needed

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                                • 10 Nov 2022

                                DaFink, 10 Nov 2022So basically it make sense to you to buy as cheap a smartph... moreIn the case of apple yes if apple short comings are a problem for u

                                As apple holds everything behind huge paywalls like storage & and stuff
                                And wants premium pricing for what should just all be mid range smartphone

                                The iPhone are very unbalanced in general and overpriced
                                so it's much more you need too re engineering stuff like cooling system for the processor on iPhone
                                Or trying too find a way around the paywall with storage

                                For Android

                                In the case of Android you can specialized devices built for your use

                                You buy a phone for your needs and wants and try get that without over paying for it or breaking the bank

                                It's more worth it too pay the extra money with Android as unlike apple you don't get ripped off on the hardware and software

                                Specs like 6000mah batterys or greater
                                18gb ram fans active cooling system
                                SD card slot headphone jack removable battery etc just never made there way onto a iPhone

                                Android opinion on hardware & software and pricing is very flexible and screen panel also have opinions like 120hz 144hz 165hz even 240hz and opinions for Res like 1080p 1440p 4k on smartphones

                                Normally the best overall smartphone are the gaming smartphone from Nubia or Lenovo legion or Asus Rog as they add more too the box that the gaming smartphone comes in and you do get greater than flagship hardware as well on top

                                You also get the bonus of picking your favourite flagship processors with Asus Rog out of Snapdragon or mediatek processors

                                instead of take everything away from us like mainstream brands such as Google or Samsung that don't even have Snapdragon processors

                                  Sin, 10 Nov 2022In the case of the Android would it's a it is more com... moreLook dude, you kind of all over the place on this. Making a smartphone purchase isn’t this complicated and not all people are care about gaming!

                                  Some people just want to buy a phone and have it last and be supported as long as possible, they may also like the service’s exclusive to iOS but they want the best phone they can get. To these people an iPhone even the more expensive type like the Pro series is to way to go, now that may not make sense to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense at all though. I know this because I am one of them.

                                  You talking about all this gaming hardware and performance to people who care nothing at all for gaming, especially on a smartphone will make no sense to them.

                                    Sin, 10 Nov 2022My smartphone is only the Nokia 3.1 so The add ons are ... moreSo basically it make sense to you to buy as cheap a smartphone as possible, and then make additional purchases of supporting items to make up for the shortcomings of the cheap smartphone, and you apply this logic to either iOS or Android?

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                                      • 10 Nov 2022

                                      DaFink, 08 Nov 2022Let me get this straight, you think people should buy an SE... moreIn the case of the Android would it's a it is more complex as ram & storage play a bigger role
                                      But you still want flagship processors there also far more opinions in the Android would so clear winner best opinion is less easy too find for best smartphone

                                      So one could just buy budget Android smartphones with removable battery's avoid the none removable battery crap but put up with sluggish performance
                                      or find a huge battery phone or mini smartphone use power bank

                                      Realistically just buying a gaming smartphone your best deal on good hardware as you get flagship processors at about 600 pound starting price if you're paying this much for a smartphone too have a flagship processor you are going too need active fans too be able too fully benefit from the maximum performance of the processor
                                      but poor storage & ram on base versions of the gaming smartphone 128gb & 8gb ram might be the neck in the near future
                                      so max out your specs you can get 18gb ram & 1tb of storage a real monster of a smartphone but it's expensive 1500 pound roughly kinda cost a lot but is much better hardware than your standard flagship will give you without the drawbacks of overheating no changer in box notch or hole punch screen and other bothersome stuff mainstream brands do too us

                                      Alternatively if you don't need the portability
                                      All the money for a gaming smartphone could be used for a gaming pc / workstation

                                      build a Android x86 pc with higher specs then even the maximum spec version of a gaming smartphone
                                      One could easily just put a 1tb or 2tb i7 or i9
                                      nvme SSD & 32gb ddr4 system ram rtx 3060 with another 12gbvram extreme specs for Android pc but same kinda price as flagship gaming smartphone

                                      Then just buy a touch screen monitor and pair it with the extreme monster of a Android pc

                                      This is Android game plan for best value for money
                                      Not as straight forward as it is with apple

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                                        • 10 Nov 2022

                                        DaFink, 09 Nov 2022Specs are sometimes only important on paper, it’s how those... moreMan half baked android comes with better screen, more battery, SD card slot, jack, faster charging, more megapixels front and back, 4 or even 8k recrding and many else apples will never have. And the most important android devices are compatible with everything compared to apple which doe not work or refuse to work with anything which dont have apple sticker on it. And even if they work bloatware called Itunes needs to be present. In case of android i just connect one device to another thats it.
                                        And finaly even a half baked android have 8-12GB ram and does not throttling compared to Apple.
                                        So its not they cant match but they always prevailed. Apple users dont see that because they never had anything better than Apple.
                                        even a low end android device comes with 5000 mAh and 33W charging along with jack and SD slot and at least 50 Mpix camera.