Weekly poll: if you're looking for a mid-ranger, will you buy the Realme 10?

13 November 2022
The phone tries to appeal to mobile gamers, but in the process it turned its back on people shooting photos and videos. Was that the right move?

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Waiting for the Realme 10 pro+ or Oppo reno9 pro+ both curved screens.

I hate flat screens & the chipset is a letdown. I will only buy a phone with SD 8+ Gen1 or Dimensity 8100 & above. Anything else NEVER

    • J
    • James
    • d%w
    • 13 Nov 2022

    It should be 150$ only. Due to chipset shortage,they keep releasing old tech. I wonder why.

      • L
      • Lonteku
      • xjH
      • 13 Nov 2022

      Finally realme show off it's true skin. Realme now make shitty phone with high price like other bbk (oppo and vivo).

        • D
        • AnonD-731363
        • SH3
        • 13 Nov 2022

        Well if i have to buy a midranger my best shot will be Xiaomi Note 12 explorer.
        For a 330 price there is nothing better.

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • MFI
          • 13 Nov 2022

          Uncompetitive offer from brand already in worse position as others I guess. Wouldn't buy.

            there is nothing interesting about this phone at all

              There was a time when realme had great value for money budget smartphones, no all it's offering is great garbage for money.

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • vGY
                • 13 Nov 2022

                Anders, 13 Nov 2022It's not a "mid-ranger" it's an overpri... moreYep. The specs are especially entry level this time. The bottom bezels are thick, they also removed a few main feature of the previous phone, like the 108 MP camera, under display-fingerprint scan, also the ultra-wide cam from previous model. The overall battery endurance is also much less this time. And they asking $230 for all this 🤣

                  • Glen
                  • KZK
                  • 13 Nov 2022

                  I'm a part time photographer, if there's a need for me to buy a new phone, I'll be looking at the camera specs first.

                  Pixel binning 48,50,64,100,200 megapixel main camera? Sure, why not.

                  I don't mind the depth sensor whatever megapixel camera. It serves the purpose for creating the nice bokeh effects. Although still can't match my Canon f/1.2 lens 🤭.

                  2 megapickle macro? Really? 🙄

                  Next is the ultra-wide 8 or 12 megapixel at least. Ultra-wide landscapes using GCam is awesome. What? The Realme 10 doesn't have it? Instant NO. Nope nope nope.

                  Sigh... I missed those few years ago where even entry level phones have all the camera capabilities 😑.

                    It's not a "mid-ranger" it's an overpriced budget phone trying to pretend to be mid-range. The Realme 6 was a better phone. Realme had gone backwards since the 6 series. Realme 6 Pro the best one they've ever released

                      • o
                      • omzig
                      • GX3
                      • 13 Nov 2022

                      realme 9 pro plus is the proper reasonable midranger: dimensity 920 + amoled + imx766 + 3'5 jack

                      realme 10 is more of a lower tier

                        • O
                        • OnlySD
                        • iKL
                        • 13 Nov 2022

                        why do companies keep using that helio G99? its a really shitty chipset and yet they use it on their "flagship" phones???

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • YUU
                          • 13 Nov 2022

                          Realme 10 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
                          Typing this with my Realme 7 Pro

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • vGY
                            • 13 Nov 2022

                            rizki1, 13 Nov 2022This isn't Realme anymore, they've approached Opp... moreThey named it realme 10 for the 10 gullible customers that will buy it

                              A52s and nova 9 are peak midrange phone

                                This isn't Realme anymore, they've approached Oppo like Oneplus.

                                  • D
                                  • Doo
                                  • I@H
                                  • 13 Nov 2022

                                  Entry level with a bit of sprinkles

                                    Mills, 13 Nov 2022As most people say no and I agree, the Helio G99 doesn'... moreStop, the screen of this garbage of realme 10 is too dim with dull colours, realme 8i with ips panel do more better why you laugh on fidels customers Realme and you sabord your prinicipal smartphone 👎🗑️

                                      Definitely this 10 series is a total fiasco and Realme if he is clever must admit it and correct his wrong marketing strategy and has another chance with next 11 series hope that seriously elsewhere Realme will definitely terns his reputation in market of smartphone and concurance is rude.

                                        • R
                                        • Ren
                                        • M@p
                                        • 13 Nov 2022

                                        I rather get a older used phone instead.

                                        LG G8S goes in my country for around 80 euro in good shape, that phone got recently Android 12, had solid audio via 3.5mm jack, OLED, good stereo speakers, microsd expansion, main/ telephoto and a ultrawide camera, faceid and a physical fingerprint scanner and a Snapdragon 855.

                                        Is it old? Yes, but a much better buy than the current new midrangers.

                                        And that LG is not a exception to the rule, there are plenty of older ex flagships that run faster and still got some updates, while being cheaper too than this.

                                        So no, I would never advice anybody to buy this Realme.