Google Pixel Fold shown in detailed renders, price leaks

14 November 2022
It will be arriving in May 2023 alongside the Pixel Tablet.

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  • 30 Nov 2022

paul newmann, 15 Nov 2022You must be joking... Just because they were first to launc... moreand they weren't even the first..

    Compared with Pixel Fold, I prefer Google to produce a new Pixelbook.

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      • Bailey
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      • 21 Nov 2022

      Mik3, 20 Nov 2022Do I have to be watched when I don't wanna? Then I don... moreyou actually need to start reading the small print as you clearly don't

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        • 20 Nov 2022

        Do I have to be watched when I don't wanna? Then I don't wanna.

          Sam, 15 Nov 2022Okay google Nice try but your hardware lacks reliabilityit really doesn't, and even if it did, its far more reliable when compared to Samsung

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            • 17 Nov 2022

            kammem2, 15 Nov 2022Please listen to me...if you are going to buy foldable phon... moreAt this point I'm wondering what kind of Samsung galaxy note 7 fume are you inhaling

              Anonymous, 15 Nov 2022I will buy Google foldable IFFFFF!!! It provides 4 years... morepixel already has 4 years of software updates,
              google absolutely kills the competition with software, thats the main sellling point of pixels
              the pixels will never outperform the competition with processing power, because they aren't made to do that. they're meant to excel in machine learning, and absolutely smoke the competition in those areas. and even if they aren't as powerful, they still pack plenty of power for games and stuff.
              quit whining about a device's specs when you're not the consumer it was made for. if you need all that power, buy a laptop for a fraction of the price.

                Anders, 15 Nov 2022Google's smartphone division must be absolutely haemor... moregoogle and overpriced don't belong in the same sentence at all. in a world where the iPhone 14 pro max is 1099 and the s22 ultra is 1199, the pixel 7 pro is only 899. if anything, their devices are under priced.

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                  • 17 Nov 2022

                  Foldable Display still not reliable after all, and the logic thinking is easy: what happened when you fold a plastic sheet for several times? It will get plastic mark at the folded place permanently, so the display too, that’s why we have seen many 1st gen z Fold and Z Flip inner screen damaged under 2-3 years

                  Or the other hand, since foldable phone is not truly 100% folded like ordinary feature phone, there will be a gap even the smallest micro gap which dust can enter easily through the gap and causing trouble like electrostatic and short circuit or damage the hinge

                  Like why the newest Samsung Flip only rated at X4? X means not rated for dust protection, and dust particle is so tiny even micro size which smaller than water particle which easily to enter through the hinge gap

                  The conclusion is people tend to buy this things just for their luxury image besides the expensive price like iPhone, rather than google makes electronic waste like this, they should work together with samsung to have S Pen compatible Display on Pixel Phone or tablet since google may buy foldable amoled from samsung display right?

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                    • 16 Nov 2022

                    Today's foldables offer nothing compelling to me that justifies the bulk and the poorer ergonomics. I use my phone to check correspondence, to take photos, to consume media (mostly listen) and for the occasional call. Moat of the time I prefer to use it with one hand. I use much larger screen for work, or to watch video. The current foldable don't serve my purposes well and I think Google is making another business error by wasting resources on a conventional foldable design.

                      Mimix2 is much sexy slick stylish and trendy than this looks ugly curved design and screen. Prefer tge boxy rectangular looks off mimix2

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                        • 16 Nov 2022

                        Pixel and Samsung main competitior funny.
                        When comes to foldables most specs compared to price on any fold phone had Xiaomi Fold .
                        Compared to that Samsung and Google will be nothing just average but a very costly devices which not many will buy due to pandemic and big econony crisis.
                        And since no foldable phone can use tempered glass screen protector for inner screena dn inner screen is scratchable by nail they wont sells very well.
                        Classical bar phone will always wins over a very costly and very fragile foldable.

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                          • 16 Nov 2022

                          Anonymous, 16 Nov 2022but... but.... its innovation~!If done right it is innovation. Huawei was on the right path and constantly improving. Then got banned and the rest of the world instead created way worse alternative that are the worst of both worlds.

                          If Huawei was allowed to use Google services, they'd prolly had perfected the foldable design of theirs and most of the rest would copy them ushering a world where foldables are *actually* usable. Instead Trump Banned them, Biden upheld the ban and all we get is foldables that are terrible tablets *and* terrible phones.


                          ThE fUturE is buyIng the sAme BasIc desIGn As tHe OriGiNal IpHonE, "God forbid that some Asians may have an input in our technical civilization. Let's ban them, lol!"

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                            • 16 Nov 2022

                            rush never fake it, 16 Nov 2022More of the same, yawn. Idk what psychopaths are paying alm... morebut... but.... its innovation~!

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                              • 16 Nov 2022

                              Anonymous, 15 Nov 2022Honestly, the Huawei foldables, look (way) better. Both use... more"Woke: Ban your competitor, flood the market with the same basic design for decades. Never improve and if someone tries to improve on your design, ban them too."
                              Don't foget about force-pushing unwanted UI changes onto Your customers, new (broken) features, while also removing the good old stuff everybody liked and got used to...

                                More of the same, yawn. Idk what psychopaths are paying almost 2000$ for these worst-of-both-worlds products.

                                  Anonymous, 15 Nov 2022Honestly, the Huawei foldables, look (way) better. Both use... moreWhen it comes to "Folding" electronics, the goal is to have a 2-in-1.
                                  The best concepts of this that I have seen was on the:
                                  - ASUS Zenbook Fold
                                  ...inward fold, huge desktop square into a big rectangle that fits into a backpack
                                  - Huawei Mate Fold
                                  ...outward fold, neat tablet square into a small rectangle that fits into a pocketable

                                  Again, maybe the execution isn't exactly optimal. But I want the end result to be similar to these. Because on a laptop, you're using it indoors and you have to handle it with care, so an inward fold is desired. Also the long rectangle shape means you get a separate area to view the screen and a separate area for the keyboard. The finger-laptop typing experience is great. When flat the big screen can be used like an external monitor for better multitasking and work. Whilst on a phone everything is compromised. So you have to maximise the screen area you get, while minimising the overall device size. That means a rectangle shape to fit into our standard denim pockets makes sense, over a clamshell-square style. And outward fold means the half-screen can be used like a regular phone, so you're not always wasting time to unfold it. It also means we can use the sharp rear cameras as front cameras as well. The thumb typing experience is also great.

                                    paul newmann, 15 Nov 2022You must be joking... Just because they were first to launc... moreand feel free to live with his lagging brick, lol!

                                      Anonymous, 15 Nov 2022Honestly, the Huawei foldables, look (way) better. Both use... moreAffirmative! This is no doubt
                                      I do phone repair for living almost a decade and I can confirm that I've seen and repaired many Hw phones in the past and their internal components/parts look much more quality and the structure is much more reliable and solid when comparing to Ss

                                        kammem2, 15 Nov 2022Please listen to me...if you are going to buy foldable phon... moreYou must be joking... Just because they were first to launch a foldable it doesn't mean they are the only ones doing actual R&D. Since 2013 when they showcased a foldable prototype they didn't seem to hurry launching one. Feel free to live in your bubble.