Google Pixel Fold shown in detailed renders, price leaks

14 November 2022
It will be arriving in May 2023 alongside the Pixel Tablet.

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Anonymous, 15 Nov 20224:3 ratio formexample is awful everything. Not at all.
For a tablet, it's preferable that you have a square shape. Like the iPad, compared to all these Windows Tablets (16:9) that disappeared from the market.

Content wise, a square-like aspect ratio is good for tablet browsing, social media, multi-tasking with side-by-side Apps. There's also ebooks, comic books, retro games, older movies and TV shows.

What is the alternative?
Have a square phone and a rectangle tablet.... no thanks.

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    • Ninty900
    • AZd
    • 15 Nov 2022

    Everyone competes end of day Apple wins ! always.

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      • Anonymous
      • 0}M
      • 15 Nov 2022

      Anonymous, 15 Nov 2022Honestly, the Huawei foldables, look (way) better. Both use... moreUnfortunately, that is the world we live in. Let's hope for the fall of the western bully, so that one day, we actually might have a free market.

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        • Anonymous
        • JF7
        • 15 Nov 2022

        kammem2, 15 Nov 2022Please listen to me...if you are going to buy foldable phon... moreHonestly, the Huawei foldables, look (way) better. Both use funds for R&D, but the Huawei solutions are light years ahead (no gap, way smaller when folded, way better cameras, etc).

        Too bad that the Americans banned them because they could not compete against the better tech of theirs. If only we'd live in actual free markets; companies would try to one up Huawei. Instead America banned them and now their competitors are content with creating terrible foldables for several years now.

        Broke: Create a better product than your competitor and move humanity forwards

        Woke: Ban your competitor, flood the market with the same basic design for decades. Never improve and if someone tries to improve on your design, ban them too.

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          • Anonymous
          • s7r
          • 15 Nov 2022

          I am enjoying my Pixel 7 Pro. The first Pixel that I didn't send back. But if this $1800.00 phone was the last phone available to buy on the planet...then I guess it's back to a land line for me! With tax it will be 2 GRAND for a cell phone??? ROTFLMAO!

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            • Sam
            • xYL
            • 15 Nov 2022

            Okay google Nice try but your hardware lacks reliability

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              • kammem2
              • 3WK
              • 15 Nov 2022

              Please listen to me...if you are going to buy foldable phones, please only buy samsung, why? Because they are the only company spend money on R&D (Research and Development), remember galaxy S8 when the phones had huge home buttons? They might be a copycat but they are the industry leaders, if they wouldnt release galaxy fold, flip..god knows how long we would be buying same shape iphones, xiaomis each year..

              My point: there is still long way to go in mobile industry, especially android OS itself lags behind the iOS in terms of optimisation, battery life, app/game sizes..Have you heard about rollable phones? i bet Samsung will be the first one to bring this trend and everyone will follow..any money you spend on samsung contributes to better technology unlike xiaomi, oppo, etc. Only thing they do just to put a new chipset each year on the shell and thats why prices are lower.

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                • Camera issue
                • MjB
                • 15 Nov 2022

                What would it be fine to buy any brand smartphone with a option to choose camera or no camera. For me the camera was great already 6 years ago, if need pro then buy Sony, it is the camera what makes prices rise sky high, if I buy a laptop then so much upgrades to choose from, if click all it almost double the price, why not same way with smartphones?

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                  • Jojo
                  • M6@
                  • 15 Nov 2022

                  It is so fat you might as well carry two phones. Rollable phones are the correct form factor for expanding pones.

                    Anonymous, 15 Nov 2022I‘d rather have a 5.6 inch Pixel than a folding Pixel.True!

                      The square aspect ratio is a bad idea. It's a disadvantage for most things.
                      That's why the Z Fold 3 is better than the Fold 4

                        you will love or hate this foldable phone, OPPO Find N2 still may be good for me

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 3SI
                          • 15 Nov 2022

                          I‘d rather have a 5.6 inch Pixel than a folding Pixel.

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                            • neo
                            • XDv
                            • 15 Nov 2022

                            How is foldable phone a thing!!?? It is kinda stupid to be honest.

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                              • tommy
                              • pmK
                              • 15 Nov 2022

                              I like slim design but those fat bezels...

                                where are people asking for symmetrical bezel on S22 Ultra or S23 Ultra device.

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                                  • Ggfh
                                  • tRC
                                  • 15 Nov 2022

                                  Still the same stupid design lol. Wake me up when there is one with the same form factor of a tablet unfolded and no crease

                                    I don't think the inside bezels look terrible, but honestly for a device that'll cost nearly 2 grand you at least need a punch-hole instead of S8 style bezels from 2017.

                                    Then again they might think that the punch-hole looks ugly with it in the middle of one side like on almost every other foldable. Wouldn't blame them too much, honestly.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • vGW
                                      • 15 Nov 2022

                                      I will buy Google foldable IFFFFF!!!

                                      It provides 4 years OS updates like Samsung

                                      Provides Ton of Foldable specific software like Samsung

                                      Stop using Samsung Tensynos crap chips with mediocre performance.

                                        Daemon Targaryen, 15 Nov 2022The camera hump reminds me of the Surface Duo 2 which a lot... moreit would be so complex in order to cram into the similar form factor to the find N2.
                                        and it would be harder to repair once the unit is broken. components like display. which you would fold more often in daily use.