Black Friday PC gaming peripherals deals

24 November 2022
Here are some of the best Amazon deals on PC peripherals we found in the US and Germany.

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Having Razor Naga Hex League of Legends edition bought on discount from 160 euros for 95 back in 2014 and still in top perfect condition working like a brand new device.

    Gaming mice are always money hogs.
    Take a good mouse, add a high dpi sensor, even that is not needed, even 2000 dpi is enough.
    Add some sort of dpi scaling buttons, add a few more buttons, and there...

    You changed a mouse available in $2 to something around $50 or even $100.

    Although to be honest I myself use a gaming mouse for my online games. But recently I got a gaming mouse for $4 and I'm thinking how different are $4 and $40 mice?