Google Pixel 7a leaked renders showcase a Pixel 7-like design

30 November 2022
It's no surprise really, given that they're theoretically part of the same generation.

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relax guys this is just prototype leek and not the finale version of device. will probably be as cool like pixel 6a :)

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    • 04 Jan 2023

    Russel, 03 Dec 2022Exactly! I don't understand why most people don'... moreif that is the case

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      • 28 Dec 2022

      This looks suprisingly worse than the google pixel 6a because the google pixel 6a had the same chin as the google pixel 6

        Russel, 03 Dec 2022Exactly! I don't understand why most people don'... moreHaving zero knowledge on the topic but after a quick Google search, wouldn't carpal tunnel syndrome make you prefer to stay away from compact phones?

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          • 03 Dec 2022

          Bob, 30 Nov 2022The height is secondary. WIDTH defines the compactness of a... moreExactly!
          I don't understand why most people don't understand this.
          The mini iphone is easy to use just because of it's width.
          Sadly zenfone 9 is the only android option, and that too is hard to use for someone with carpal tunnel syndrome.

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            • 02 Dec 2022

            bad color choices, terrible size, no headphone jack

            I'll just get a 3a. it's the closest thing to an actual smartphone I've seen in years

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              • 02 Dec 2022

              Anonymous, 30 Nov 2022Unless you have Linus hands, this is very much compact and ... moreIt is not compact. You need both hands to use it. The real answer is that people hate phones , Steve Jobs was wrong, one handed use is overrated. What they like is the biggest screen real estate that is pocketable. So 6 to 7 inch screens which is absolutely not usable with one hand (the thumb only reaches certain part of the screen), I.e. what used to be called mini tablets or phablets.

              IMO it's a stop gap, like those tiny TV our ancestors had before the giant flat screens of current, because of technical limitations.

              Once you can 3fold an 8-12 inch screens and pocket them, people would prefer those. See Westworld for reference. After it retinal implants I'd assume which would basically be an ever bigger (AR) screen.

              So yeah, we're trending towards an imformation heavy world, the bigger the screen the greater the bandwidth between our environment and brain. That's why we have giant screened "phones" (they are mini tablets in fact).

                M, 01 Dec 2022??? You're probably still too young to remember auxili... moreif you're an audiophile, its extremely unlikely that you're going to be listening directly through the audio jack on your phone, since most headsets an audiophile would daily drive requires more power to get to a normal volume.

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                  • 01 Dec 2022

                  Sad, it's bigger than 6a and definitely far from compact size.

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                    • 01 Dec 2022

                    Anonymous, 30 Nov 2022Why tf would it have a headphone jack ??? You're probably still too young to remember auxiliary outputs, but a lot of people have splurged a pretty penny on aux wired headphones. Not everyone has or wants a wireless headphone that you have to keep charged, and audiophiles know you get better sound quality wired through aux vs wired through usb or wireless. Also if you want to charge your phone while listening wired you're out of luck, unless you buy an usb to split usb/aux, but the dac/quality on those are worse than the phone's, especially with power running so close to the audio output.The main reason Google did this was to copy Apple an optain a higher waterproof rating, even after mocking them for dropping the aux.

                      Anonymous, 30 Nov 2022Compact phone is under 140 mm tall. This is over 150 so not... moreBruh. There is no phone that exists that is 140mm tall anymore lol, not in the past 4 years. That's like Nexus 5 size, which is 5 inch display and under.

                        Sebstin, 30 Nov 2022yes. Width also matters.. anything more than 70mm is too bi... moreI thought so too. Till I got A52s. Yes, it's not the most convenient size for a phone, but I don't want to go back to smaller screens. I prefer settling with a larger device than having to use a smaller screen.
                        Although I'd never say no to a 16:9 screen (classic screen) instead of currently-trending "sausage screen".

                          0odle-noodle, 30 Nov 2022No? with wireless charging, you can just put it there. set ... moreI guess. I'm no climate activist but even other than the decreased efficiency, batteries will degrade faster if you always charge wirelessly. The biggest factor in battery degradation is heat while charging, not power input. So wireless charging is not very good for batteries.

                            PhoneFreak45, 30 Nov 2022In that case just use a cable? It's more efficient and... moreNo? with wireless charging, you can just put it there. set your phone down and get to work, or bed. In the middle of the night, you wake up and check your phone. you take it off the charger then put it back. no need to search in the dark for a cable to plug it back in. the point of wireless charging is convenience, not functionality.

                              Anonymous, 30 Nov 2022About time Google give their "a" series 8GB RAM. the a series doesnt even need that much, the ones with 6 run just fine

                                Sebstin, 30 Nov 2022This is also not a compact phone!!? Why all phones are so b... moreleaks are saying there will be two models again, a 7a and 7a pro, or 7a and 7a XL. and we still got 4 or 5 months till announcement

                                  0odle-noodle, 30 Nov 2022probably for something like overnight charging or charging ... moreIn that case just use a cable? It's more efficient and if you don't need it to charge quickly then convenience isn't an issue.

                                    PhoneFreak45, 30 Nov 2022So I'm not usually one to gripe about charging speed. ... moreprobably for something like overnight charging or charging while at your desk. just any time you dont actually need your phone to be charging quickly

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                                      • 30 Nov 2022

                                      Anonymous, 30 Nov 2022Yep. Even 152 mm isn't compact. Has to be under 140 or... moreI would say 152mm is "normal".

                                      Not compact, but at least is manageable compared to those 170mm monsters others are putting out.

                                        Adviser, 30 Nov 2022Pixel phones run Android.Clearly you did not bother to read what that anon was replying to