Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition hands-on review

04 December 2022
A project that is supposed to make the device a sculpture in 20 years' time.

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  • 21 May 2023

Agk, 22 Jan 2023Yes 5g supportedNo 6 g support

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    • new user
    • I@H
    • 19 Mar 2023

    Anyone who is experiencing Heating issue? The phone easily goes up its temperature to 43 while playing ML at high graphic

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      • Agk
      • PTp
      • 22 Jan 2023

      ABC, 03 Jan 2023Is this phone a 5G phone? Yes 5g supported

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        • Himanshu
        • rKg
        • 19 Jan 2023

        Kusuma premanandam, 19 Jan 2023My heart touched mobile Love you model Nice colour Beaut... moreSo beautiful colors

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          • Kusuma premanandam
          • rJh
          • 19 Jan 2023

          My heart touched mobile
          Love you model
          Nice colour
          Beautiful looks cover

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            • ABC
            • Nu7
            • 03 Jan 2023

            Is this phone a 5G phone?

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              • MSJ
              • 10 Dec 2022

              Funny this thread even lived that long. In Xiaomi cheap chasing world, the phone itself will be forgotten pretty soon. It speaks for itself, doesn't it.

                Rosso, 08 Dec 2022"nobody in their right mind would pay for 1000 dollar ... moreLook at Xiaomi's sales numbers. Their biggest sellers are those cheap low end redmis. Hardly anybody is buying their $1000 phones. Even the Chinese would rather buy iPhones or Huawei if they have that much money.

                Xiaomi made these expensive phones as a showcase model, marketing. Xiaomi themselves know they won't sell a lot, if any. They just made these to try to upmarket their brand. Nice try. But they have a long way to go to even surpass Oppo/Honor in terms of brand mindset.

                Simple test. What's the first thing your mind come up with when you hear Xiaomi brand? Probably value, cheap, spec on the cheap, etc. Premium/luxury will never be in the vocabulary. Just look at how many people here in the comments not even recognizing the artist's name. That shows you the general segment of Xiaomi buyers.

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                  • Rosso
                  • g8$
                  • 08 Dec 2022

                  potato4k, 07 Dec 2022No they won't. Just try. Brands like BMW, Apple, etc ... more"nobody in their right mind would pay for 1000 dollar Xiaomi phone"

                  So millions aren't okay in their head? Yeah makes sense.......

                  Reason why companies like Apple and BMW are known as luxury brands is because they got there with their products, but if a company makes enough products that are on par or better to compete in a segment, they become members of it as well, Xiaomi has already done that, they wouldn't be making stupid expensive phones if there wasn't profit in them.

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                    • p7Y
                    • 07 Dec 2022

                    Whatever. This phone deserves getting flushed down the drain.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • skF
                      • 07 Dec 2022

                      How does this work? What if I order one now? Apperently I can but on the Mi website it says it's limited to 100 pieces (maybe in my country it's only 100?) . Is this like a lottery or something but what if you don't get chosen? Do I get my money back then (50 euros)?

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                        • mip
                        • 07 Dec 2022

                        Phones, for many people, last 2 years. I always wondered who is willing to pay for "special design editions" rathere than buying a black or white phone which is much more likely to be sold in the backmarket.
                        Also: Most people use cases that hide any design.

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                          • SUBBHI SAARO
                          • g3E
                          • 07 Dec 2022

                          love these fons but need to be now to enhance your design.

                            Rosso, 06 Dec 2022Yet if I went to a person with a BMW and told them "he... moreNo they won't. Just try.
                            Brands like BMW, Apple, etc are premium and highly sought after for a reason. People wouldn't mind paying $1000 for an Apple iPhone, but nobody in their right mind would pay $1000 for a Xiaomi.

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                              • Minu
                              • ter
                              • 07 Dec 2022

                              rizki1, 06 Dec 2022their Galaxy Buds2 and Watch 4 limited edition are also same.Exactly. Looks pointless for that atrocious premium price imho. Makes Vertu phones look like they are perfect value for money

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                                • Rosso
                                • g8$
                                • 06 Dec 2022

                                potato4k, 06 Dec 2022Go ask any people having BMW if they would pay the same amo... moreYet if I went to a person with a BMW and told them "hey, this KIA car has better everything for same price, would you take it over your BMW" they would say most of the time yeah unless they got brand loyalty, they are emotionally connected to their car or are buying because of the fact it's a BMW and nothing else, so most people would take a better car for same cash.

                                Fact is, while people with cars for example don't know much about detailed stuff, they look for fuel economy, comfort, practicality, they buy based on these decisions, not brand name, maybe they will think that one brand is better then other because of previous cars, but if they see the specs they realise what's better and pick that.

                                  Rosso, 06 Dec 2022No, people who don't care about brand do that. If p... moreGo ask any people having BMW if they would pay the same amount of money for a Kia branded car. People buy those brands for a reason. Just like how people buy iPhones. It’s because of the brand. Majority of people have no clue about spec, engine, etc. They rely on brands for their purchasing decision.

                                    Rosso, 06 Dec 2022Oh I absolutely agree that most people buy things because t... moreIn a wide scale of things but of you are right

                                      I could make another 12T look like this edition, using garskin.

                                        Minu, 06 Dec 2022Reminded me of how expensive the Galaxy S7 olympic edition ... moretheir Galaxy Buds2 and Watch 4 limited edition are also same.