New nubia Red Magic 8 Pro rumors again suggest 165W fast charging

05 December 2022
The phone will run on Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

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Take all the cameras out. We don't need more vain selfies or pictures of people's dang coffee. Who's with me?
(Chanting) Destroy the cameras! Destroy the cameras! Destroy the cameras!

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    • Sin
    • 3aP
    • 09 Dec 2022

    Instead of focusing too heavily on increasing fast changing speeds
    65w already enough and sometimes slow changing is better as is more healther for battery and internals hardware of smartphones in the long run
    Because less heat and so on

    What Nubia should focus on improving is the overall size and quality the battery's

    A bigger battery like 6000mah 7000mah or 8000mah is path we should be going down as games can last a really long time in a match better power efficiency is beneficial also hoping the Snapdragon 8 gen 2 will offer this

    Also I much prefer gaming smartphones had user replaceable battery's & SD cards for portable external storage too be able too easily transfer games and so on

    Anyway best of luck be careful what you wish for

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      • Anonymous
      • mZx
      • 07 Dec 2022

      SupaFly, 06 Dec 2022Yeah LMAO You'd need bigger and more plentiful to ... moreWhat the hell are you talking about? It wasn't 20 years ago the last phone that had a swappable battery.

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        • 06 Dec 2022

        Anonymous, 06 Dec 2022if cellphone companies design their phone to allow us to ta... moreYeah LMAO

        You'd need bigger and more plentiful to hold those 5200-6000mAh batteries!

        those older feature phones that you could swat the battery out was closer to 620mAh or 780mAh; meaning they were super TINY.

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          • 06 Dec 2022

          if cellphone companies design their phone to allow us to take off the cover and change the batteries like it was 10 years ago, we wouldn't need fast charging.

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            • 05 Dec 2022

            Anonymous, 05 Dec 20222mp macro here we goWho cares, it's a gaming phone....

              Nubia redmagic smartphones are like the only phones that can compete with the beast Asus Rog gaming phones but the problem is their software compared to Asus it needs serious polishing and also international availability

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                • Malamute
                • L67
                • 05 Dec 2022

                So is it a camera upgrade or downgrade? Smaller 50 MP sensor but better quality for example. Since 5G they were using the same 64/8/2 setup in every main camera. Clearly the weakest aspect of this brand so far. And instead of upgrading the main camera in 7s Pro they focused on the under display gimmick. At this rate I can upgrade from 6s pro... in a few years.

                  I wish they would drop 2MP meme sensor and would invest that money into better ultrawide. This would make for a MUCH better phone

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                    • u7V
                    • 05 Dec 2022

                    2mp macro here we go