Google releases its biggest Pixel feature drop yet, and it includes the Pixel Watch

05 December 2022
It's not just the phones getting some new toys to play with.

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  • 10 Dec 2022

Help, i installed the update on my 7 pro and my clock app keeps crashing when I try to open it. I dont find solutions in reddit as well. I need my clock app mainly for alarm to work

    Anonymous, 06 Dec 2022ah yes a google vpn safe from everyone... except themgoogle has no info of your data through the vpn, clearly you dont know how they work

      Tomy159, 06 Dec 2022Ok got it not seen any significant features, vpn got own in... morethe watch not working on the 7 pro is because the watch was designed for huawei devices, not android devices with google services. youre the only one experiencing these bugs, which are huawei's problem, not googles.

        MihaiRo, 06 Dec 2022Where is the "magic" Face Unlock for Pixel 6 Pro?... morenice, google losing you is going to be like dropping a penny.
        Also, its because the 7 and 7 pro have better AI than the 6 and 6 pro. google doesn't even trust it enough to authenticate purchases.

          Anonymous, 06 Dec 202277 bug fixes, pure junk.Soo

          I just bought the 7 pro and it's working perfectly fine

            BlahBlah, 07 Dec 2022You mentioned 4 hours of charging the Pixel 6 or 6 Pro. I&#... moreI didn't have adaptive charge on, I'm talking about middle of the day and it literally not charging with the cable in on a 66w charger, my partners iPhone 11 and then iPhone 13 work perfectly well on the same charger (obviously using lightning cable). I also have 3 others with 1 being 40w and it was the exact. Same. Outcome. It either wouldn't charge and actually starts discharging (literally saying on the phone its charging) or take a minimum of 4 hours and that's just not acceptable even for £50 phone nevermind Googles flagship.

            My P40 pro ran on 40w wired and 28w wireless, in a year in lost about 2% of its total battery. I got rid of the pixel 6 pro for an Oppo Find X5 (far superior device except the main camera, the X5 pro DESTROYS the pixel), it came with the 80w charger and I've seen no battery issues, it's actually better for your phone to be able to do quick, short charges so less heat builds up and it's actually worse charging your device for prolonged times. Also not letting your phone go below 20% (pushing 15%) and above 85% is the ideal level of charge for your battery, 0%/100% WILL damage it.

            Im glad you haven't received one of the most broken devices ever and your 6 pro sort of works, if you enjoy the phone then that's a good thing but I mean you shouldn't accept bugs or any inconveniences really especially from the poster child of android plus way too many 6 pros have hardware level issues. For me it was a mess and I essentially hated having it from almost day 1 till the day I purposely planned to get rid of it.

            It was built up to be best camera phone when it overall got beaten by the Huawei P40 pro in cameras, camera features and camera quality, actually the P40 pro beat it in almost every single area, was such a downgrade, not worth swapping to the pixel 6 pro just for the cameras and bad knock off iPhone like Pixel launcher (not saying ios is bad just Google is trying and failing to copy it) just get an iPhone and be done with it. (stock android is just bad and pointless unless on a budget android phone, end of).

            I used to have a phone with actual face unlock (P40 pro) and yeah true biometric unlock is better but it doesn't mean it's right Google have lied on multiple occasions about including it on the 6 pro (a feature basically every phone has even £150 phones). It's also useful being able to unlock your phone without having to touch it or pick it up specially when dealing with kids/hands full/messy hands (for example bath time or cooking in the kitchen) , even if its not true secure unlock. Plus it still has the password option turned on which is automatic anyway. The 6 pros fingerprint unlock is beyond awful, slow and unresponsive, its a joke just like the device and the SoC sitting in it (that constantly runs the X1 cores by the way, so it can keep up with the SD 888 in benchmarks)

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              • 08 Dec 2022

              BlahBlah, 07 Dec 2022You mentioned 4 hours of charging the Pixel 6 or 6 Pro. I&#... moreTotally worthless so far. “ pixel drop” means what ? And why to drop something ? ( pixel drop ?
              Without the basics, it’s useless to read such lengthy nonsense.

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                • 08 Dec 2022

                Yu, 08 Dec 2022Let's not forget that apple used the same chipset from... moreI have a bunch of android phones and an iphone.

                None of them are 120hz or more, and i must say that i do not feel like i'm missing something. It just works. Surely i have yet to see how 120hz looks, and MAYBE i will like it, but it sounds like a battery drain to me, so i would most likely fall back to 60hz anyway.

                Now about charging: android phones support 30W charging, but i charge them with 1,5A port (which is 7,5W) on purpose. I don't like when phones get hot while charging and i wish to prolong life of my batteries, so 99% of the time i choose not to do a quick charge.
                Same goes for iphone. It supports 18W or so, which i'm not even using. I am glad it had no charger in the box when i purchased it, because i would never use it anyway.

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                  • 08 Dec 2022

                  Timmy, 07 Dec 2022You’d have to be a little crazy to choose Android over Appl... moreLet's not forget that apple used the same chipset from the iPhone 13 on the iPhone 14 as well, oh wait, I've got more.....the $800-$1000 phone only supports 60hz and for some reason apple fans have decided to forget about that and also iPhone has never had charging speeds that exceeds 30w. Apple basically gave you the same phone from last year and bumped up the price and you'll are out here trolling another company that gives you more than what apple offers.... incredible

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                    • 07 Dec 2022

                    Biggest feature drop yet... if you own a Pixel 6 or newer.

                    On my 4a I got three new wallpapers.

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                      • 07 Dec 2022

                      Super Android 22, 06 Dec 2022They promised face unlock when releasing the devices last y... moreYou mentioned 4 hours of charging the Pixel 6 or 6 Pro. I'm charging it with a 45W charger from Samsung and the longest time I charged it was 7 hours but that was on adaptive charging options. Meaning it will charge it slowly through the night and top it up to 100% a few moments before my alarm clock rings and wakes me up to go to work. But if I turn off my alarms and the phone doesn't use his adaptive charging then 2 hours was the longest period to take me from totally empty device to a 100%. Yeah, I agree this is not comparable with Chinese OEM's and their Warp 9 fast chargings, but I personally don't care about that as I personaly believe the higher the wattage the more risk for your phone so I'm just fine with only 23W. And what about unlock with your selfie camera? I know people want it but just can't understand why. It's not like Apple Face ID where you have a 3D scanner, nope, nothing like that. It's just a stupid 2D picture which can be fooled pretty easily and I personally wouldn't turn it on even if the phone supports it. But that's me. Sure, everybody has their preferences. And I do understand people are different and have different experiences but that guy... I think he's just a troll so I gave him 10 points just for that. I'm not deffending Pixel 6 series. I am very aware of their problems they had and some of those problems are still here, but they are minor to me and I know why did I choose Pixel 6 and even with a few drawbacks I wouldn't change it for another phone.

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                        • 07 Dec 2022

                        Timmy, 07 Dec 2022You’d have to be a little crazy to choose Android over Appl... moreBeing crazy or not but what you talking about is I believe called preference. For example, I like Apple products and I believe many of them are better in many aspects then their counterparts running on Windows or Android, but I just can't stand their OS. I know Apple is in uniqe position with their eco system and that's great but I personally just don't like their OS and I doubt something's gonna change in the future. I've tried to use it but it's just not for me and I don't like it. I asume there is a lot of people thinking like this. Android is not perfect either but it suits me better then iOS so I will never think about giving a chance to any Apple product even I do think many of them are really good if not better then on Android or Windows.

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                          • 07 Dec 2022

                          Super Android 22, 06 Dec 2022They promised face unlock when releasing the devices last y... moreYou’d have to be a little crazy to choose Android over Apple.....i still can not believe they threw a 2018 SOC in the Pixel Watch and no battery life with the largest ugly bezels I ever seen. It’s like throwing away your money when you buy this garbage...

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                            • 07 Dec 2022

                            Will there be a Pixel drop regarding the option to change the screen resolution of Pixel phones with 1440p panels to 1080p or Smart Switch like the 7 Pro.

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                              • 07 Dec 2022

                              Super Android 22, 06 Dec 2022They promised face unlock when releasing the devices last y... moreWell, my Pixel 6 isnt perfect by any means, but would I grudge over his specs? No, I was aware of them before buying a device. I was aware of lacking of fast charging 30 or 20 it doesn't matter to me and that phone unlock with his selfie camera whatever. Thise things are not important to me that's whu I bought it anyway. I know why I bought it and it has delivered pretty much and even more than that except a few software bugs from time to time. I don't need a call screening or whatever and my magic eraser works like it's intended. I don't have a flawless experience but looking at that guy comments I just can't resist the feeling he's not even using the phone. He is just there to troll on prodict made by gloriuos USA. That's why I gave him 10 points because that guy is making those comments EVERYWHERE... Lol ..
                              But thanks for 10 points from you. Those are my first 10 points in here.. yaay lol

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                                • 07 Dec 2022

                                Bought and returned pixel watch. Google forgot to put a battery inside the

                                  Anonymous, 06 Dec 2022If you think it‘s that easy to do, why don’t you just do it... moreCompanies didn't even give a single try . I don't remember any processor even supporting half as.sed version.
                                  At least start with a gimmick, so others follow.
                                  It's not that hard either. If it can be done online, why not offline. It's not like they keep super computers reserved for us just to translate websites or comments on insta and fb.
                                  Insta fb are really good in accuracy, guess all that data stealing showed something positive.
                                  Voice typing is there too. We just need hardware level support.

                                    I just want a nicer Pixel material you theme, its an oled screen why am I seeing greys all the time... aghhh
                                    And some more sound options would be nice like dolby atmos, but i've got wavelet too, so its not that bad.
                                    Point is though material you is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally bad. Please update it with fixes. Like fixing the hues etc.

                                      PLenty of hussle but litterary nothing new.
                                      Many of those so called features was here before clever people knew how to add them to their phones.
                                      For rest or majority of population they had to wait for something like this update.

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                                        • 06 Dec 2022

                                        ah yes a google vpn

                                        safe from everyone... except them