The Tecno MegaBook S1 is a super thin and light 15.6" laptop (120Hz) with 12th gen Core i7 CPU

07 December 2022
This is much more premium than its first laptop, the MegaBook T1. It's made out of a magnesium alloy and is equipped with a rich selection of ports.

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  • sam smith
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  • 08 Mar 2023

when will you post about blogging computers or ipads by:

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    • Uka
    • XBA
    • 29 Jan 2023

    wow TECNO is aggressively innovating and taking over

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      • Anonymous
      • L1b
      • 08 Dec 2022

      When would 14inch come?

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        • Minu
        • ter
        • 08 Dec 2022

        I find the LG Gram 17 a lot more tempting, despite the lower screen refresh rate. Sorry Transsion.

          Tecno going aggressive.

            As thin and light as a 15.6" laptop can be. Personally, I refuse to buy any laptop larger than 13.3".

              I think it will be DOA, who the hell will pay north of 1000$ for a new brand in PC market....... They should have gone the infinix way, before launching such a pricey product......... Btw all the best to tecno....

                It is too expensive for what it offers.
                I prefer to wait for AMD's APUS, they have always managed energy and power much better than Intel and their prices have always been cheaper.
                I think all of us who are waiting to buy a laptop are waiting for the new generation of AMD Phoenix with LPDDR5, DDR5 and PCIe 5.0 + RDNA 3 + USB 4.0 + HDMI 2.1 + artificial intelligence, the first APU with artificial intelligence from Xilinx.
                It only remains to wait for January at CES all built at 5nm vs intel at 10nm

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                  • GwM
                  • 07 Dec 2022

                  Thanks for including the info about pwm in the article.

                  Wish you guys did it for phones as well. PWM checking makes Notebookcheck the place to go for phone and laptop reviews.

                    Pretty solid device

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                      • Anonymous
                      • xjH
                      • 07 Dec 2022

                      Very expensive, like A-brand.