MIUI 14 announced with improved system architecture and refined design

12 December 2022
A lighter and visually refined rendition of MIUI.

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  • Michael Arioldi urba
  • gvs
  • 18 Mar 2023

MIUI 14 must Put the RAM Functions of 6 of 8 In the Global version in the Redmi note 9 9 Pro 9S and they must put the animations in the applications and the video quality and the camera and the center

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    • Extravaganza
    • fuZ
    • 14 Mar 2023

    Sin, 13 Dec 2022I have heard it is possible too go into settings and turn o... moreFirst of all it's not ximomi, it is Xiaomi you have asked which features do Xiaomi have. Well these are interesting features on Xiaomi phones that you should know
    1. Hypercharging Ability
    2. App Lock (more advanced than ever)
    3. Horizontal/Vertical Recent Apps
    4. Back tap
    5. App Volume control
    6. Super Macro shots
    7. Clone Mode on camera
    8. Three-finger slide screenshots
    9. Second space
    10. Wild Notification Alerts
    11. Tons of Animated Wallpapers
    12. Sound Assistant
    13. Reading mode
    14. Dual Apps
    15. Video Toolbox
    16. Floating Windows
    17. Split Notification Shade
    18. Themes and Always on display
    19. Xiaomi Security app
    20. Game Turbo
    21. Side bar
    22. Disabling Ads
    23. Faster updates
    24. Quick Ball
    25. Xiaomi Miracast
    26. Clean Speakers
    27. Snap Mode & camera enhancement
    28. Mi Health App
    29. Optical Character Recognition
    30. Calamity Warning, etc.
    I have mentioned few features found on Xiaomi phones and that's the reason we like MIUI and most features appear to be missing on the ugly Stock Android

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      • Extravaganza
      • fuZ
      • 14 Mar 2023

      Sin, 13 Dec 2022I did notice that on display modals I looked at 3 button na... moreHey, it's Xiaomi, not ximomi

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        • Samesung
        • M8r
        • 06 Mar 2023

        dbjungle, 12 Dec 2022It always was.Do they have more bloatware than my Samsung?

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          • andrianfitra
          • 61f
          • 09 Feb 2023

          Fun with this ui, move from one.ui to this one, I am very very very happy...

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            • xiaomi12lite
            • uSV
            • 06 Feb 2023

            what about the xiaomi 12 lite?? do you know if it will get miui 14?

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              • Dipto
              • XWB
              • 29 Jan 2023

              Please remove google contact, dialler, message calling interface.

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                • Anonymous
                • y5i
                • 01 Jan 2023

                I have pad 5, cant wait!

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                  • Jaff
                  • XNt
                  • 26 Dec 2022

                  Is this update going to help to improve the performance of 11i. As everyone know 11i hangs while playing YouTube

                    Lllll, 14 Dec 2022True, have to wait 3 to 6 month for global flagship to get ... moreBecause like many things, they don't want to spend the money on updating phones when they don't think they're getting anything out of it in return. Xiaomi do it, as do all the android phone manufacturers who release 10s,100s of phones a year

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                      • Furkan
                      • pT4
                      • 17 Dec 2022

                      Mixkhata, 14 Dec 2022Will Redmi Note 10 and Note 10 Pro get MIUI 14?yes

                        Sin, 15 Dec 2022Ximomi phones ain't even cheap though Rather expensive Redmi and Poco are their cheap sub brands.

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                          • Sin
                          • 3aP
                          • 15 Dec 2022

                          bulbulito.bayagbag, 14 Dec 2022Those are the companies who paid to have their bloatware on... moreXimomi phones ain't even cheap though
                          Rather expensive

                            bulbulito.bayagbag, 14 Dec 2022If you are a company who paid whoever chinese oem the phone... moreThere was bunch of apps that you could just uninstall easily. A lot of people just use whatever comes preinstalled, even if it can be still removed.

                              Sin, 13 Dec 2022Can all the blootware be removed? And anti virus be disab... moreThose are the companies who paid to have their bloatware on the phone, so that yo ucan buy the phone cheap. The downside of buying a cheap phone.

                                SShock, 13 Dec 2022Most apps can be removed or disabled. Space these apps take... moreIf you are a company who paid whoever chinese oem the phone comes from, to have your app installed, would it be okay for you if the user can just uninstall your app? what's the point then? of course you cannot uninstall it, its baked into the ui of the phone.

                                  SuperSpruce, 14 Dec 2022I say that honor goes to Infinix.Yup, getting a cheap phone tsk tsk, there's a reason its cheap. Its full of bloatware and ads, paid for those companies who have apps installled on the phone, of which of course, you cannot uninstall.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • wd8
                                    • 14 Dec 2022

                                    Does it gets to Redmi 10 prime also ??

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • tRg
                                      • 14 Dec 2022

                                      will poco f4 gt get miui 14?

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                                        • Llllll
                                        • bxd
                                        • 14 Dec 2022

                                        Mixkhata, 14 Dec 2022Will Redmi Note 10 and Note 10 Pro get MIUI 14?Maybe, but don't expect full miui14 feature. Long live plan obsolescence