Phil Schiller bashes the Galaxy S4, says it runs on dated OS

14 March, 2013
Apple's Phil Schiller mocks at Samsung for launching the Galaxy S IV with "a year-old operating system".

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  • Limbiscuit

If you're working with 'X' brand company then for sure you say the 'X' is the best. If you resign or out from the 'X' brand company then go to 'Y' company. You will definitely support 'Y' and say 'Y' is the champion in the market and say ''Bbbooooo loser' to the 'X' brand and it's company. You are sick! You're acting as a childish adult but nothing and graduated with just a bunch of papers. A year old? some other super software(s) are still 4 years old and have not much improvement. You wanna say the jelly bean old? Getting sloppy just because a year or couple years old? Well how about next gen android - cherry bean, strawberry bean, fruit cream bean, chocolate cream bean, red (droid) bean, sardine bean, sushi bean. Queuing up and waiting to stack upon your head. Everyone is updating and why don't you create something fresh / new to bash and slam in the future interview. If you can't get any new things then you will be fired soon enough! You're KaNaSai! You're just like Mr. Bean!

  • AnonD-64631

Hey . Your Apple iOS does not features ?
software upgrade details : iOS 6 (this update contains improve performance and bug fix) like (this update contains lowered performance and bug)

  • AnonD-23378

AnonD-23378, 16 Mar 2013Dear Phil, how can you over come your problams against the Samsu... moreDear Phil / Apple - If Apple is not marketing orientd Indian player of Micromax will beat Apple in no doubt. Please be innovative and announce, new release of Smart phone at least every 6 months. You need to have multitude of new ideas to implemet. Future Market is for Dual sim phones. Not the single SIM phones and Tabs. Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy Grand. still you have a chace to create a big market. Focus is the key to success.

  • AnonD-23378

Dear Phil, how can you over come your problams against the Samsung and What will be the strategy Apple should pursue to win the market back. This is the time for you to release a Dual sim phone with more features than to the Samsung S4 specification. Please more pertucular about screen size. Samsung is profectionelly managing the customer needs and wants. You need to forseen the market. Usually apple don't release the consumer needs and release what Apple needs only. That is what always behave as faliures and loosing the Smart phone share to Samsung.

  • AnonD-23378

Dear Phil, how can you over come your problams againest Samsung and What will be the strategy should persue.This is the time for you to releaze a Duel sim phone near to the Samsung S4 specification. You need to forseen the market. usually apple don't do that and act as faliures.

  • AnonD-8542

Well, if we really think about it, the > 1 year old Jelly Bean still has more features than Apple's latest and newest iteration of iOS no?

  • AnonD-87800

Its an act unbecoming of an executive from a well known company. He is obviously panicking because every Samsung Galaxy launch would mean another erosion of iphone popularity for he knows very well that Samsung had been eating lots of their market share.

  • AnonD-97759

lol at Phil Schiller. This coming from a company, where if you looking at the previous iterations of their iphones, you would think that, apart from design change, the UI still looks the same. Actually, the UI is still the same. I know i know, the iPhone 5 now has an extra set of rows lol

and yes, if Jelly Bean wasnt the latest, then perhaps Samsung should have just not added any OS to the S4.

  • Android Man

apple are just panicking. well Samsung will be top dog, again with the S4. and nothing anyone can do about it. because the software and hardware are the perfect match. they just work. If apple put android on the iphone, well it would be the best selling phone worldwide. 75% of the worlds smartphone are powered by Android OS. so what does that tell you. the figures dont lie.

  • AnonD-43357

who is phil schiller?

  • AnonD-45461

@Phil Schiller - You should know about dated OSs, the iOS 6 looks exactly iPhone OS 1 + backgrounds, so yeah, you're the one to talk. And please, don't embarrass yourself, take the time and read a bit, find out the release date of Android 4.2.2.

  • AnonD-90736

PHIL SCHILLER - SIGNS OF A DESPERATE MAN. When a person knows he's losing a battle he then tries all sorts of desperate tricks to win back support, it just will not happen. Apple are nothing and always have been and always will be. The fact is all the quad core phones since last year absolutely hammer the boring iphone5.

  • AnonD-124264

And one thing for you all, who are chanting together
You can hardly find an iOS fan trying this hard, convincing the other people that, "I'm the best, believe me".
My android fan friends need therapy, sometimes they scream they beliefs and still feel unheard
I suggest you to form a support group, then you can release all the emotions you have

  • hare

Someone go and ask Phill Schiller how old is android 4.2.2

  • AnonD-124244

Bash all you want . . . fact of the matter is, android still owns majority of the smartphone population worldwide . . . oh, and losing your way has never been easier nowadays, all thanks to the almighty iOS . . .

  • AnonD-124201

This guy is just jealous because he's probably legally not allowed to own a samsung.. Apple goes on like little girls crying for attention. My vote is samsung and android.... Just a simple point, IOS cant even send a photo over bluetooth.. I mean wtf.. Android is way more versitile than IOS will ever be.

  • AnonD-71308

And iphone 5s will have a 5 year old OS.

  • Anonymous

wow you apple fans are funny no one cares about apple . you people are so afraid of change you would diss a phone that out features your phone in every aspect. iphone is dead cause of itunes i cant even download movies from my phone and watch them lol . no widgets same old ass ugly crapple one thing you did improve was durability thats it thats why i moved to sony and sammy well they still have some fixing for me but when people defend iphone ilaugh garbage until i see better. Yah your one phone company is the best name one thing that a flagship android cant do and iphone can .

  • Anonymous

Hahaha..This dude is funny...Pot call the Kettle that the best this crapple dude got?

  • AnonD-119183

Apple launch only 1 phone per year so its easy to update. games & apps are optimize for only for 3GS ,4,4s,5 only 4 phone. in android there are more than 100 different phone low end high end so its kinda difficult to update the phone which are low. end apps & games are optimize for different screen size different processor.