Phil Schiller bashes the Galaxy S4, says it runs on dated OS

14 March, 2013

Apple's senior vice president of marketing - Phil Schiller - bashed Samsung and Google in an interview, hours before the Galaxy S IV announcement.

Schiller claims Samsung is launching the Galaxy S IV "with a year-old operating system" and the device will need to be updated soon. He even slams the whole Android gang and its fragmentation which causes "only 16 percent of Android users" to be on "a year-old version of the operating system" and "over 50 percent" to use "software that is two years old".

Phil Schiller also claimed Apple is doing much better with regular and on-time updates and that more than 50% of its users are running on the latest version of the OS. He also points out to multiple research who concludes people with iOS devices use them more than people with Android gadgets.

Now what Mr. Schiller might have forgotten is that while the latest Android version is still called Jelly Bean, but its 4.2 iteration (which the Galaxy S IV is expected to run) has been introduced at the very end of October last year. We don't know what calendars they have in Cupertino, but that's certainly not over a year.

It seems Schiller doesn't like the hype that the Samsung latest flagship is generating, which may soon reach (if it hasn't already) Apple proportions. It surely hurts Apple that the US market (which has been its stronghold so far) is as interested in the Galaxy S IV as the rest of the world.

And while we do agree with Phil Schiller that many Android OEMs take too long with the updates we must also remind him that iOS has what is now a four-years old user interface. And while Android smartphones don't always get the latest possible release of the underlying platform, at least they get updates to the key system apps without needing to wait for a major OS upgrade, which is equally important.

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  • Limbiscuit

If you're working with 'X' brand company then for sure you say the 'X' is the best. If you resign or out from the 'X' brand company then go to 'Y' company. You will definitely support 'Y' and say 'Y' is the champion in the market and say ''Bbbooooo l...

  • AnonD-64631

Hey . Your Apple iOS does not features ? software upgrade details : iOS 6 (this update contains improve performance and bug fix) like (this update contains lowered performance and bug)

  • AnonD-23378

Dear Phil / Apple - If Apple is not marketing orientd Indian player of Micromax will beat Apple in no doubt. Please be innovative and announce, new release of Smart phone at least every 6 months. You need to have multitude of new ideas to implemet. ...