Windows ends support for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 is getting the axe too

10 January 2023
It's time to upgrade to Windows 10 or 11.

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  • 10 Jan 2023

I'll just run 7 or 8.1 in a vm on Linux

Will never touch 10 or 11 or any other windows

and nor will anyone who is both technologically literate and has some measure of self-respect

    Meaningless. They should redevelope Windows XP which was the best version that Microsoft has ever released.

      Windows 7 is one of my favorite OSes, but to be honest I've been using 10 for a long while now and it's better (at least in my opinion). 11 is both just fine and a massive pain at the same time.
      7 still had a great run though - lasted longer than XP, even.

      We don't talk about 8.

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        • 10 Jan 2023

        Just bc they announced this does not mean one should quickly move over. As long as you are Safe and satisfied with the OS. Yes windows 11 is awesome

          Codedslam, 10 Jan 2023Support Or No Support Window 7 Remain My Very Best VersionWindows 11 better

            Support Or No Support Window 7 Remain My Very Best Version

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              • 10 Jan 2023

              What a bummer 🙄
              There goes one of my PC at home 🤦🏻‍♂️
              Need to install windows 10 🤦🏻‍♂️
              In case anyone asking. I have (at home):
              a) Window PC (Win 7 (general use) and Win 11 (work))
              b) iMac (work)
              c) Linux (work)
              d) Unix (server a.k.a storage)
              e) Haiku a.k.a BeOS and FreeBSD (for fun)


                I need to upgrade to windows 11 now

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                  • 10 Jan 2023

                  Farewell W7! We had a great run.

                  On the topic, is W11 fixed from all the issues? Is it worth upgrading from W10?

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                    • 10 Jan 2023

                    wait people actually use windows 8?