Weekly poll: are Motorola's new mid-range and entry level phones hot or not?

29 January 2023
Motorola unveiled five new models: Moto G73, G53, G23, G13 and E13. The first two are 5G phones, the others are 4G. Their prices vary between €300 and €120.

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Moto G51 5G is still best among all these.
Beautiful IPS display (good for not flickering issue) with buttery smooth 120hz display.
6.8" absolutely wonderful for reading books and PDFs (at least for me)
Battery is good, get me through whole day.
Having NFC and 5g is a bonus.

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    • Anonymous
    • vI1
    • 29 Jan 2023

    personally, I find moto phones to be better than others in the same price range, their phones have punch hole, stereo speakers and a basic IP rating or at least, some splash protection, these are some features missing on almost all other budget phones. The UI is mostly stock altho that's a matter of preference, but it's free of bloat or annoying ads which is appreciated

    Moto lately has been putting out good phones across the price range. Currently using about 2 moto phones, as primary and secondary and have used several else in the past. Can recommend it if stock android is your priority

      any phone that in the trending is the real hot phone...

      this is top 70 most popular phone

      90% of this popular phone are big, no microSD, no headphone jack..

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        • 3SI
        • 29 Jan 2023

        Oohhh I didn’t see the E13 only had 2GB of RAM. That’s definitely a bit lackluster in 2023, it would even be for an iPhone. So that’s why it runs Go edition.