Galaxy S23 pre-booking campaign in the US closes in 2 days, last chance for up to $100 credit

30 January 2023
This is just a reservation, not a pre-order, meaning that you don't need to put down any deposit - just to set up an email reminder.

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  • Anonymous
  • xq5
  • 30 Jan 2023

Using A52 and Mi Band 6. Looking forward to buy a flagship and a serious smartwatch.

    Most underwhelming phones ever? Possibly.

      Why people rush to be "the first" for a new model...never understand it.
      You have to pay the top dollar usually, and in MOST cases, put up with the 1.0
      hardware/software bugs. Wait a couple months!

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        • AnonD-731363
        • Lfw
        • 30 Jan 2023

        Paying overpriced samsung thing with charging tech from dark age and excluding propper 200W + charger, also excluding 1 inch camera sensor which does miracles like nowdays some chinese brand uses no thanks.
        Xiaomi Mi 13 ultra with Leica partnership will do miracles compared to inferior samsung camera. Just saying.
        Also asking 200 more for S23 plus compared to regular S23 for just little bigger battery and screen. Samsugn making wonders to make customer real donkies to think its worth.
        S23 ultra could be great device but for 500 less price.
        No charger in the box and no support for real fast charging made this thing inferior.

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          • Nameless
          • 0xQ
          • 30 Jan 2023

          So, soon closes the pre-booking the pre-order... Ok..

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            • Cosmicus
            • nDC
            • 30 Jan 2023

            Hahaahahahhaha what a joke is this phone.. Hahahahh

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              • Anonymous
              • pwv
              • 30 Jan 2023

              Last chance to get ripped off.

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                • LkB
                • 30 Jan 2023

                At AT&T , base versions of each will be costing $799, $999 and $1.199

                  • k
                  • kek
                  • GBh
                  • 30 Jan 2023

                  Samsung should instead lower their prices for such underwhelming devices.