Sony solves PlayStation 5 supply issues ahead of PSVR2 launch

31 January 2023
The company starts a new ad campaign for the PS5 and is building up to the launch of the PlayStation VR2 headset next month.

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  • 31 Jan 2023

Maybe they could warn stores to about selling the PS5 at high prices. It's double the official price in some countries...

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    • 31 Jan 2023

    I have a PS5 and don’t buy the supply stories. Every company now peddles the same song. “Supple issues” and they hack the price. Everyone laps it up.

    It’s the biggest marketing con of the century.

      Sony needs a new PS5 pro as Ps5 has already started to show it's age with recent games like forspoken, it looks bad as there is no anti aliasing and jaggery texture on my 4k Oled TV.

        So you can play thousands of games with PS5 for 500 euros but you can only play 30 games in VR for 600? That's a really bad deal.