Netflix details how it plans to stop password sharing outside family

01 February 2023
The service is implementing the changes to the United States and Canada.

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Since i am not using netflix i honestly dont care.
As i hear its always the same thing on netflix like on any casual TV channel.
So no need to pay extra for something not needed.

    What if they're losing revenue because their content mostly sucks and good content gets cancelled quicker than the bat of an eyelid?

      I watch my movies ans tv shows for free. Google play store has the app. If its free im taking it. Idc.

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        • Anonymous
        • X$k
        • 01 Feb 2023

        The are better streaming services out there.

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          • Lilian
          • Iks
          • 01 Feb 2023

          They should also make it illegal to use between different US states, since they make it unusable between different EU countries, as if people don't move around in EU and don't stay in the same house as their parents.

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            • JG01
            • j$q
            • 01 Feb 2023

            They should be more concerned with how many customers they are losing. I cancelled my subscription last month...was not sharing passwords...if I was , that might have been a reason to keep the subscription!

              😂 😂 Good lock netflix with this, in EU deffinetely against GPDR and even that I always all my house is under vpn pernamently with different locations
              So even 31 days is sucks I won't be change vpn because of netflix, I use vpn because of them, FB, Google etc.

                Lol, they think I still even watch anything on their service. Haven't done so for years at this point and it's unlikely I'll return.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • Ke1
                  • 01 Feb 2023

                  dobby, 01 Feb 2023Are homeless people required to add a household WiFi as wellI would assume those restrictions only apply to accounts with more than 1 device, it be super dumb if they restricts those people with just 1 device.

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                    • Supus
                    • 0x%
                    • 01 Feb 2023

                    The capitalism strikes again. The profit over everything. 💩

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                      • Alexvip
                      • xIP
                      • 01 Feb 2023

                      Manchito, 01 Feb 2023in EU will be a violation of our privacy by scanning our IP... moreYep, such a greedy company need to stay away. I’m planning to cancel the subscription as well.

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                        • Mack
                        • mxB
                        • 01 Feb 2023

                        Cheers thepiratebay!

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                          • k0s
                          • 01 Feb 2023

                          Anonymous, 01 Feb 2023They going to lose more customers, you only really can use ... moreHow will they lose customers? The people using other people’s log in are not paying customers.

                          This will increase their overall subscriber numbers. There are millions of people who share passwords.

                            So no more netflix and chill? No problemo.

                              Gol D Roger, 01 Feb 2023Time to set sail, mateys!Aye!

                                in EU will be a violation of our privacy by scanning our IP without my permission. I wonder how much will last this restrictions and how many users will loose? I already canceled my suscription with them.

                                  My respect for torrents is now many folds higher. Thank you NETFLIX for that.

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                                    • dobby
                                    • s8e
                                    • 01 Feb 2023

                                    Are homeless people required to add a household WiFi as well

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                                      • Homelander
                                      • t5U
                                      • 01 Feb 2023

                                      Netflix is more focused on stopping password sharing rather than on creating good content for past two years. I believe this is the end of........... not password sharing, but Netflix

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                                        • Nikojas
                                        • 8st
                                        • 01 Feb 2023

                                        So when we travel more than 31 days we need a new log in code every 7 days? Or we get locked out? They will need plane tickets receipts to let us use our own account?