Take a look at Samsung's official promo videos for the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra

01 February 2023
The Galaxy Book3 line is featured as well.

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  • 03 Feb 2023

out of the phone itself, i hate when company use sustainability as parts of their marketing effort to justify premium price.
and it's not just aim to samsung but all brand.
if company wanna brag about sustainability well keep it off from the price part.

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    • swf
    • 03 Feb 2023

    Jango5, 01 Feb 2023The bas s23 - 256gb storage looks like the best compact exp... moreBtw, that's how marketing works. It makes people crazy. S23 is almost 150mm high. That's Note series height, you know, the first phablet series: phablet, as in phone-tablet.

    There is no compact android experience. None, zero, nil, nada. Nothing, they do not release phone sized phones. They do release devices from phablet Size to small tablet size (the ~7 inchers).

    Last phone to be compact and in wide circulation was the iPhone se series. One handed operation even if you had small hands. Compact phones are dead. They are either huge or humongous these days...

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      • 02 Feb 2023

      nooo thank you!
      what is new? 1300/1500 euro?
      you think we are stupid? pffff

        S23u intro is so cringe. They're practically admitting that their target audience has no idea what ExpertRAW,S Pen, Vision Booster are.
        Yet you can wake up an isheep at 3 am and he'll instantly know what FaceID, FaceTime and iMessage are.


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            • 02 Feb 2023

            They could've re-uploaded last year's promos as well

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              • 02 Feb 2023

              It was so effective:(
              What’s new Samsung????
              It’s s23 Ultra not s22 thanks

                The bas s23 - 256gb storage looks like the best compact experience android can offer and i'm all for that