Samsung Galaxy S23 series hot take

05 February 2023
Samsung's new phones are here, do we like them, what else is notable?

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Android phones are getting surpassed on the photography side, which was one of major factors to buy them over an IPhone. Android phones releases are becoming gimmicks, nothing exciting. I would rather wait for the IPhone 16, really. Going to be my second purchase of an IPhone, the last one was an IPhone 5s

We need something like Huawei back into the market.

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    • 05 Feb 2023

    Narazumono, 05 Feb 2023The biggest upgrades were: S2 to S3 S5 to S6 S7 to S8 ... moreSo you only care about design, got it

      Correct me if I am wrong. I was looking for phones with high frequency n258 (26GHz) 5G band through GSMA phonefinder. Bcz major carriers are offering it in India.
      What surprised me that only iPhones and Pixels offer this band, but not even a single Samsung device. They don't have spec sheet for S23U on Indian website, but both S22U & Z flip don't have it. So, am I missing something or samsung has lost its mind by not offering all required 5G bands even after charging around 1.5 lakhs INR?

        Top many options actually makes it confusing for the buyers.
        If you really see A,M ,F or S series, you will find not much differences, except Timeline of release, updates policy and few things here and there.
        It seems decision makers are same as BBK people.
        Give options which are convincing rather than confusing.
        I went out to buy a phone for my DAD. Was thinking of A13 but then realised that M13 5g is a more better choice ( though A13 had nearly similar specs). Now shop owner tried to convince us to buy A13 or one of the BBK phones ( not realising that I needed it for my 70 years old father).
        M13 5g is good for my Dad usage pattern.

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          • 05 Feb 2023

          Samsung S23 here and Samsung S23 there.
          They litterary improved CPU and GPU and they definitely improved price by a huge number but thats it. 3 months from now it will cost 2/3 of its price now and samsung still generates at least 50% profit
          Added 200 Mpix main cam to ultra which does lot worse photos than S22 ultra proven by GSM Arena. Because those photos looks like improved by some software but apart from that they arent better.
          As usually they excluded charger from box and excluded many else thing.
          By the way starting ram is 8GB. S20 Ultra had 12GB and 512GB option had 16GB ram and cost way less. This S23 ultra even a 1TB option have only 12GB of ram and price over 2200.
          Its up to you but if anyone is willing to support this robbery on a customer he can expect even worse results next year with S24 lineup.

            Anonymous, 05 Feb 2023At this point, you cannot possibly expect a phone to be a s... moreThe biggest upgrades were:
            S2 to S3
            S5 to S6
            S7 to S8
            Every other time the upgrades have been minimal and in one case, even a downgrade (S20 to S21, non ultra)

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              • 05 Feb 2023

              Blablabla, i will go buy Vivo x90 Pro. 1300eur for S23U is just joke.

                Anonymous, 05 Feb 2023At this point, you cannot possibly expect a phone to be a s... moreI went from S9 to S22. It felt like the S22 is the immediate successor of the S9, although the S22 is 4 generation newer. At this point, there is no point in upgrading phones unless you broke your old one or you really get bored of it.

                  Red Magic 8 Pro (6000 mAh)
                  web browsing: 17:25h
                  video playback: 22:21h

                  Galaxy S22 Ultra (5000 mAh)
                  web browsing: 16:54h
                  video playback: 18:01h

                  iPhone 14 Pro Max (4323 mAh)
                  web browsing: 23:39h
                  video playback: 24:38h

                  iPhone 13 Pro Max (4352 mAh)
                  web browsing: 20:10h
                  video playback: 24:12h

                  S23 Ultra is looking like the GOAT, folks. At least Samsung's GOAT. S23U = MJ23? Think NBA 2K11. Rarely do I praise phones since they rarely excite me these days but this one deserves the hype thanks to the one thing most people want from their phones: GREAT BATTERY LIFE!! I don't see Fold 5 matching the S23U's stamina because it will always have a smaller battery while packing a larger internal display to keep the thickness slim.

                  Who doesn't want excellent battery life from these large, heavy slabs that I was against for years? I doubt you will get that on a Fold 5 and Flip 5 this August. Fold 5 may still feature a crease and you can't draw straight lines using an S-Pen once you write over that crease. Samsung will give you the software and customer support that these Chinese OEMs like ZTE and Oppo won't. Good luck getting battery replaced on a Find N2 from UbreakiFix/Assurion in 2-3 years.

                  The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is already your 2023 Phone of the Year and it's not even publicly released yet until Michael Jordan's 60th birthday. Coincidence?

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                    • 05 Feb 2023

                    At this point, you cannot possibly expect a phone to be a substantial upgrade from the previous edition.

                    These new phones are not for the previous iteration users to buy, but for the ones who have been holding onto an older phone from 3 years ago.

                    But if you just compare the S22 and S23, ofcourse it is just a step up. (iPhone 14 hiding in the corner)

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                      • 05 Feb 2023

                      Seriously, what's the point in having a flagship chipset anymore? I own a Nothing Phone and a Pixel 6 Pro and even though Google Tensor runs laps around the 778G+, there's almost no difference under real-world use. The power of these flagship chipsets is only ever taken advantage of for camera features and nothing else, all while consuming more power and making the phone more expensive. Pull an Oppo and throw a custom ISP in a phone with a midrange chipset, leave everything else flagship-grade and call it a day and I'm sure nobody would tell the difference.