Nokia X30 is 'coming soon' to India

09 February 2023
It was unveiled last September.

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  • 09 Feb 2023

Carol, 09 Feb 2023If i were to be at hmd lead, i would'nt bother to figh... moreIt's almost impossible to fight Chinese spec wise.

Nokia needs to think about something unique & better software thab Chinese.only then Nokia might have a chance to succeed.

Just look at Samsung, despite being much expensive than Chinese,Samsung manages to sell really well here in india because of Brand status & their reliable,long software support.
Similar strategy placed Nothing 1 best selling midrangers.

    Nokia phones are definitely Good.
    But the problem is , it's late ( very late) arrival to Indian market. None of the phones of Nokia are ' immediately ' available in India upon launch. While other makers launch in India immediately OR within a short time after the launch , for most of the time if not always.
    Result is - Others get an advantage of early market access Plus it also happens that they are in line for latest software updates. While Nokia seems lagging behind in terms of updates thing. Plus price with which they are launched late in India, becomes are absolutely non attractive option.
    This phone is a classic example. SD 695, with 3x3 updates policy and high asking price makes it insane to buy in price conscious market of India.

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      • 09 Feb 2023

      Launch nokia X30 5g with an affordable price. It is beautiful and very good one. If the price is lower than that of global price it would do wonders in terms of sales. Hoping for the same my lovable brand NOKIA all the time.

        no one says this phone is garbage because of SD 695 and still no Android 13?

        how cheap compared to Poco X5 with $200 and X30 $500.

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          • 09 Feb 2023

          Nokia will over price it again like all there devices

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            • 09 Feb 2023

            Of all the top brands that got wiped out, I feel sorry for Nokia the most.

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              • 09 Feb 2023

              TheLeftovers, 09 Feb 2023I'll wait for pricing, if it cost less than 30k($400) ... moreMy below comment is reply for your comment

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                • 09 Feb 2023

                Nokia x30 uses samsung s22 series sensor. Only drawback is absense of 3.5mm jack and 4K recording. G60 sells for 28500₹ now so this shoukd definitely cost 37000₹. Oppo sells same processor, normal camera and normal everything with no extra warranty/longer updates fir same 35-40K.

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                  • 09 Feb 2023

                  TheLeftovers, 09 Feb 2023I'll wait for pricing, if it cost less than 30k($400) ... moreThis is barely a mid-ranger. It has SD695. Can't compare it to flagships.

                    I'll wait for pricing, if it cost less than 30k($400) then it'll succeed, usually they release phones with higher price tag & gives discount 20-30% after 3-4 months, if they release this phone more than 40k ($500) then pixel 7 make more sense with usb 3.1 port, excellent cameras, overall best top notch Android experience.

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                      • 09 Feb 2023

                      If i were to be at hmd lead, i would'nt bother to fight chinese back, in India. Is not worth the money, more like loosing then gaining any.

                      And because we talk about india: 1.2.3 here comes the troll