Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra undergoes durability test and teardown

09 February 2023
The S23 Ultra is more durable and easier to repair than its predecessor.

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Congrats Samsung for getting a 9 out of 10 repairability.
Rare these days

    Even if it's indestructible, still doesn't justify its rocket-high price.

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      • Anonymous
      • PZs
      • 09 Feb 2023

      the rich will most likely buy those high ends ... the ultras, the pro max, the folds ... why bother to repair ??? just buy another

      the repair and user removable battery are needed for mid to low ends

      the industries ... never care

        Scratches at level 8 is a minor improvement?! This is the first phone with that kind of scratch protection, I'd say it's a huge improvement.

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          • KA9
          • 09 Feb 2023

          And like always, samsung selling a garbage build quality on their flagships

          The S22 series broke on the very first drop, and this S23 Ultra is the same

          Corning and Samsung must be sued for misleading customers