Telegram responds to WhatsApp allegations

15 February 2023
Telegram claims that the Wired article on the app's security contains multiple errors.

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Watsapp and Zukerburg have 0% credibility left. It's not even a case of the pot calling the kettle black. It's a thief chiding the police for not being too vigilant.

    I see a LOT of blogs posting stories about mundane WhatsApp details but barely a thing about other messenger type products that it is obvious WhatsApp is paying for headlines.

    I suppose they all do but not anywhere near the extent of WhatsApp. I often come away thinking - 'Is this a WhatsApp blog?'

      user, 15 Feb 2023Meanwhile, Threema laughs on the sidelinesFor me it's the same as telegram. I would only trust more my self-hosted matrix or xmpp server.

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        • 15 Feb 2023

        ithehappy, 15 Feb 2023when starting a secret chat, it is vital for the user to ch... moreTo verify encryption key with other participants in chat without using Telegram...

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          • 15 Feb 2023

          WhatsApp is loosing encryption war , so childish claims

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            • 15 Feb 2023

            Artem S. Tashkinov, 15 Feb 20231. Barely anyone knows or uses secret p2p chats 2. Everyth... moreremember, WA is part of facebook / meta, and you know already how facebook and data leak

              when starting a secret chat, it is vital for the user to check the fingerprint of the authentication keys through a safe external channel.

              Could someone decode this in layman term please? I mean what exactly does one need to do?

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                • 15 Feb 2023

                Everything except location is true

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                  • 15 Feb 2023

                  No idea why Whatsapp is arguing when Meta sells data and such. Telegram could run Whatsapp to the ground and maybe thats why Meta is making false claims

                    "Meta" feels the danger of Telegram which is becoming so popular.. I don't blame them. Just compare both apps feature-wise to see how far Telegram is advanced compared to stone-age whatsapp!

                    Channels feature alone makes me stay in the app for hours.

                      Coming from Whatapp the company with history of Data selling and breaches (linked to it's parent company META) ... I could say to Whatapp take care of your business before attacking someone else but it's understood since many users are swtiching from wtp to telegram .

                        Good on telegram responding with proof. But the way this whole thing played out seems so childish.

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                          • 15 Feb 2023

                          I wonder if WhatsApp will apologize now or not.

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                            • 15 Feb 2023

                            user, 15 Feb 2023Meanwhile, Threema laughs on the sidelinesPoor WhatsApp...

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                              • 15 Feb 2023

                              Dami Agunbiade, 15 Feb 2023Jeez they are all a joke. Jeez it's like millionaires ... moreDid you even read the article? If you don't have anything to contribute, don't post a comment.

                                1. Barely anyone knows or uses secret p2p chats
                                2. Everything else is stored in plain text on Telegram servers and no one knows how many people have access to it.

                                Telegram is basically wide open for snooping via its employees, contractors and companies which provide HW for Telegram.

                                Last but not least independent media has claimed that the Russian government can read any public chats (probably because lots of people in the country have directs ties to Pavel Durov, its owner/CEO/creator).

                                  The girls are fightinggg 👀

                                    Company claims their competitor is unreliable.
                                    The competitor claims otherwise.

                                    Meanwhile the sky is blue & the grass is green.

                                      Jeez they are all a joke. Jeez it's like millionaires arguing. Protect people's data. Period.

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                                        • 15 Feb 2023

                                        Meanwhile, Threema laughs on the sidelines