Samsung Galaxy A54 and A34 specs leak

22 February 2023
The Galaxy A54 is rumored to feature an upgraded Exynos 1380 SoC.

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Good to hear that A54 has 3.5mm audio jack.

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    • Xyz
    • 8p0
    • 22 Feb 2023

    Aha "retained 3.5mm audio jack" I guess Samsung finnaly learn their lesson. All they have to do is to listen the voice of the consumers, it's not that much complicated. Aleluja.

      At this point, no one cares for that 2 MP 'macro' bull$%it so why bother? They could've gone for a cheap telephoto lens for some decently usable 2x lossless portrait shots.
      "A52s" users (incl. me) would be more than happy with what they have.

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        • Shahar
        • Hxr
        • 22 Feb 2023

        With exynos chipset in is the least anticipated phone of the year.. Such a disappointment

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          • Lonteku
          • xjH
          • 22 Feb 2023

          First, with a34 minus ultra wide camera for +$300 phone and for a54 need telephoto rather 5mp macro for +$400 phone.

            chocowii, 22 Feb 2023Samsung still can't beat the success of A52s. Oh yes they can. It is called S21 fe. Its price has dropped to midrange levels but its performance is flagship grade. As an owner I am extremely satisfied. Ultra fast and smooth, amazing display, very capable camera with 3x optical zoom instead of a useless macro like the A series, comfortable size and weight, durable design (thank the plastic back for the last two pros).

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              • 22 Feb 2023

              A52s only

                chocowii, 22 Feb 2023Samsung still can't beat the success of A52s. This.
                Samsung released that phone and realised they made a mistake, and tried to discontinue it much faster than other models. Just think, it had a flagship screen, battery, software, design, Selfie, and processor. All of that for 30% cost of a flagship. And it had extras not seen in flagships such as Headphone Jack, microSD, Flat Display, and non-cracking backplate. It's few shortcomings was the midrange rear camera, Non-DeX USB 2.0 port, and less options for Storage and Memory.

                I pitted the Samsung A52-S against the Samsung S22+ in a hands-on comparison, honestly there wasn't much in it. Nothing besides the camera. It had slower charging, but this didn't affect me and it was a balance when thinking of Battery Health. The flagship was faster initially, but it used more battery, got hot, and then slowed down to the point the A52-S was competitively speedy.

                The same could be said about the Samsung S20fe-5G which is everso slightly faster, slightly sharper rear camera, DeX USB 3.2 port, etc etc. But it costs more, is more fragile design, and it lacks the super useful Headphone Jack. Samsung did discontinue that model too, and replaced it with a worse successor.

                Right now, the most consumer-friendly phone that Samsung makes us the Xcover6 Pro... although it's not discontinued, it is somewhat limited quantity and harder to get compared to the likes of the S21 and successors.

                  "It appears then that the A54 will be a minor upgrade over last year's A53..." Errr... what? New main camera, new display, new chipset, completely redesigned...

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                    • Flip
                    • xBx
                    • 22 Feb 2023

                    Give me back the 3x optical zoom of the A72 then I'll be interested.

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                      • Kaki
                      • XQh
                      • 22 Feb 2023

                      chocowii, 22 Feb 2023Samsung still can't beat the success of A52s. Nope, they just can't.
                      Definitely the Galaxy A52s was the peak of Samsung mid rangers

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                        • Anonymous
                        • Lkg
                        • 22 Feb 2023

                        If s23 uses gn3, obviously no way it has gn5 . Sensor of same specs.
                        Surely crap jn1.

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                          • Lkg
                          • 22 Feb 2023

                          Except SoC, both are way better than upcoming redmi k70 pro by miles.
                          Pointless to have 8g2 if rest is lame.

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                            • joe mama
                            • pTg
                            • 22 Feb 2023

                            Smaller phones are always appreciated.

                              Samsung still can't beat the success of A52s.