Hands-on: Ulefone Armor 23 Ultra at MWC 2023

01 March 2023
The first fully rugged phone with an under-display camera.

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  • 21 Sep 2023

funkyblue, 14 Sep 2023It's clear Ulefone is vapourware. They still do not ha... moreWith snapdragon 695, that will struggle playing videos on youtube :P

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    • funkyblue
    • va4
    • 14 Sep 2023

    tomzkey, 31 Aug 2023is not release this phoneIt's clear Ulefone is vapourware. They still do not have a release date and would not confirm if the Ulefone Armor 23 Ultra would get Android 14. Stick with Nokia XR21 if you want a proper ruggered phone....

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      • tomzkey
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      • 31 Aug 2023

      is not release this phone

        Scott, 15 Apr 2023Seems to be vapourware. Nothing on anything official. Only ... moreApparently it is to much to ask for, because when we need a durable phone with a 22000mAh battery, we aren't buying that for the speaker's, the screen aka thin Bessels, the camera's, the chip, apparently we want a dump brick that has a really big battery, like can't we have all the good things of the Galaxy s23 ultra on a unihertz tank type of phone!?
        And don't get me started on 3rd party case support on these kind of phone's, the galaxy s active line up even had UNICORN BEETLE PRO case's for those phones, and these phone don't have any of that!
        I'd be willing to pay $2000 on a phone like tha,
        And 100 on a dual layer case like ub pro for these phones, especially for my ulefone armor 9!

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          • XVc
          • 18 May 2023

          The soc of this phone seems to have changed to a more efficient one i.e a mediatek 8 series. Wondering when it will be released though

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            • Scott
            • uKe
            • 15 Apr 2023

            Seems to be vapourware. Nothing on anything official. Only GSMArena and Gizchina articles about MWC 2023. I want a very rugged phone with top specs. Is that so much to ask for?

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              • JiI
              • 09 Apr 2023

              Anonymous, 12 Mar 2023Hi. Please, I don't understand if it's a concept ... moreIt will be on sale soon, not sure when? But there's a number of videos on YouTube. I've had a number of Ulefone handsets and they're really good! Hope this is a little bit helpful to you?

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                • Luck lou
                • Ibx
                • 13 Mar 2023

                What the service on the east side of USA T-Mobile sprint, Verizon, AT&T, etc. etc. can anybody tell me before I buy

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                  • XVc
                  • 12 Mar 2023

                  Hi. Please, I don't understand if it's a concept phone or not.
                  Can it be purchased right now? If not Is there a release date? Thanks

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                    • N@4
                    • 08 Mar 2023

                    hitanshu, 02 Mar 2023I've got armour 18t and the only good things are batte... moreGoogle Assistant is used on the mobile phone lock screen interface, and the default is closed. You need to enter the Google Assistant Settings Manually open it (Google Assistant Apply All Android phones are used by default)

                      Anonymous, 03 Mar 2023You are only a minority, and also made false statement. ... moreI know OS upgrades make differences in the OS, that's what they are for. On an underpowered phone they still aren't gonna be any good.

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                        • 03 Mar 2023

                        Zero, 03 Mar 2023And then the iPhone comes with 7 years....Iphone 6s was the LAST iphone with 7 years of software support.

                        Iphone 7 and after ONLY get support fewer than 6 years. Last update for iphone 7 was on June 2022, that was only 5 years 9 months after launch.

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                          • 03 Mar 2023

                          Anonymous, 03 Mar 2023You are only a minority, and also made false statement. ... moreAnd then the iPhone comes with 7 years....

                            This looks beautiful. Wish i can get my hands on smaller screen ones like 6" to 6.2". Any rugged phone with such screen size?

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                              • 03 Mar 2023

                              DarlingYext, 02 Mar 2023You do whatever, I'm not gonna buy an underpowered pho... moreYou are only a minority, and also made false statement.

                              Samsung literally gives different feature, animation, and interface on every OS upgrades.

                              So a 500 USD midrange Samsung with 5 years software supports is far better than any 500USD random brand phones.👍

                                I will wait for the full specification to be out here. By now, #Ulefone should have include eSim to this new release, with headphone jack, with SD card, with radio. I will buy this and help them promote it.

                                  Jesus, 7k mAh with 120w charging, that's pretty awesome, finally the ROG Phone 5 and 6 is getting actual competition for their batteries and charging speeds lol

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                                    • Electric JohnnyLand
                                    • 4Ag
                                    • 02 Mar 2023

                                    Have an Armor 13, about a year old now; excellent phone. Just got the Oukitel, no 4G, although it should be, won't text images, and the fingerprint scanner stopped working within a month. Choose wisely, folks.

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                                      • gWn
                                      • 02 Mar 2023

                                      3 ago years ago i bought armor phone in Amazon what i like armor phone is dropped resistant heavy water proof because my Job is handyman like it now i change to armor 12 Best phone I had compare previous one

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                                        • IQ200
                                        • 3LT
                                        • 02 Mar 2023

                                        DarlingYext, 02 Mar 2023Fair enough, but I do own a Snapdragon 888 powered phone, t... more888 and S8 Gen 1 will not lag easily. The issue is when you compare chipset efficiency on Samsung made chipset with TSMC made chipsets. For example; look for the endurance rating for any Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 phone and compare it with endurance rating of phones with S8+ Gen 1. Both are made in same 4nm with the latter having overclocked cores meaning they're slightly faster, but look at the battery endurance. Phones with S8+ Gen 1 are faster and way way more efficient.

                                        If you're forcing your phone in games or shooting videos and taking pictures for longer periods od time (for example shooting a 4k video) everything beyond 5 minutes is enough for your Samsung made chipset to throttle and it's doing way quicker then TSMC made chipset. Throttling is not something new, every processor has it, literally, not just proccesors in phones but any processor is meant to throttle. Throttling is sometimes the only way for phone (or any device) to get cool down from the heat which can damage the phone or his internal components. So throttling is a good thing, but Samsung's made chipsets are always throttle way faster then for example TSMC made one. When the phone becomes really hot it will throttle the chipsets performance so you will get a slower phone until it cools down.

                                        People don't like Samsung made chipsets for a very good reason. Samsung was making Exynos and Snapdragon for high-end and mid-range devices, but it really doesn't matter as all TSMC made chipsets are simply better in efficiency then any Samsung made chipsets. Samsung is aware of that fact so that's why thet opt to use Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 made by TSMC for their new Galaxy S23 series instead of their own Samsung made Exynos.