Hands-on: Ulefone Armor 23 Ultra at MWC 2023

01 March 2023
The first fully rugged phone with an under-display camera.

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perfect ultrawide and periscope camera doesn't exi-

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    • Anonymous
    • 6m1
    • 02 Mar 2023

    I have armour 9 and I love the flir camera as I use it for work alot.
    This new one doesn't have a flir camera so I'll give it a miss and wait.

      Hahaha 🤣🤣

        I've got armour 18t and the only good things are battery and it being rugged. That's it.

        Too many bugs, instable OS, custom OS installation not supported, rooted device cannot update OS, OTA files not available for download, google assistant does not work on locked screen, call recording not supported even by 3rd party apps.

        The phone's a pos. Do not but their phones. They're just nighmares.

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          • Dj Mercury Rizing
          • PHu
          • 02 Mar 2023

          I purchased the Ulefone Amor 12 and this phone screen broke with a simple fall ,I called the company now they want me send back this fone with all my info . ... So anyone knowing a better Rugged phone please let me know.... The hurtful part I'm from Trinidad and I have some friends with same issues

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            • Hitanshu
            • HXd
            • 02 Mar 2023

            Ulefone is just rugged and that is it. I have 18t and believe me it is one of the stupidest OS ever. No customisation at all whatsoever, so many bugs, restarts randomly, default OS shows battery capacity at 8640mah against the claimed 9000mah
            No updates whatsoever, Google assistant doesn't work on locked screen, custom ROM installation is a nightmare too as they don't work on the device but the stock ROM is a P.I.A.
            No option to enable and disable call recording. It is permanently disabled. 3rd party call recorders don't work either.
            Tha phone is a fcuking horror. The only good thing is battery life and it being rugged and that is it.

            I don't recommend this P.O.S. to anyone..

              IQ200, 02 Mar 2023People are just saying their opinions. Ulefone is not a tru... moreFair enough, but I do own a Snapdragon 888 powered phone, the Oppo Find X5 and I never saw it lag or overheat, I have no issues with the phone or the chipset.

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                • IQ200
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                • 02 Mar 2023

                DarlingYext, 01 Mar 2023Holy.. I am very very impressed. Perfect phone. But.. no d... morePeople are just saying their opinions. Ulefone is not a trusty brand for most of people. In fact most of people never heard for them. It's pretty obvious that you like this phone, but I don't think that's good enough to silence everyone opinions about it?

                There are A LOT of people buying phones like they're buying a PC, looking only at the paper specs and neglecting all other aspects. Fair enough. But on PC we all have the same software, Windows or Linux, and of course iOS with the only difference in hardware while on phones sowtware is different as every phone brand has their own graphic user interface (UI) on top of Android OS and every company is doing their own optimisation between hardware and software. So, what that means in real life? If you compare two devices with exactly the same or almost the same hardware they will be very different in practical use. Becaise of different optimisation and different UI.

                Some established brands are much better in that regard - optimisation of software and hardware plus longer support.

                You or some other people don't care for software updates and that's fine, but I'm not talking about that. Ulefone have a bad reputation for their software not being optimized well. Not optimised phones are not something strange in phone world, but that's why we have software updates which will fix our issues with time. With Ulefone and all B category brands like Doogeee, BlackView, Umidigi and so on you get what you paid for, nohing more. If you got an issue who cares? Not Ulefone. Even if they have the best will to provide us with better software how could they do it when they don't have enough of people staff. Compare to so many established brands they don't jave enough of man power nor resources to offer us the same level of user experience like big players can.

                Hardware is important but not as much as software and its optimisation with hardware. I know that's hard to understand for some people because all they thinking about are specs for the value.

                Personaly I like to have a well balanced phone. I don't care for performance that much as I believe any phone these days would do everything I want. I don't play games on a phone and that's the only thing which can use chipsets to their full perfomance.

                P.S. : when people say oh it's a Snapdragon Gen 1, they don't reffer on his preformance but on his extremly bad reputation about efficiency. It's getting hot fast and its battery don't last for long. Where were you when we last year talked about that Samsung made chipset and its horrible efficiency compared to S8 Gen 1+ which was made in TSMC?

                People didn't like Snapdragon 888 and 8 Gen 1 because it was Samsung made chipset and they have a bad reputaion in comparation with TSMC factory. Google it up if you're interested to find out more about it.

                Anyways, I don't like Samsung's UI but would never choose to buy something like this phone from Ulefefone. Software is the communicator between me and the hardware. What's the point of me being a IQ200 and superb hardware when software is lagging behind? Little bit of sarcasm sorry lol.

                Have a nice day!

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                  • jay
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                  • 02 Mar 2023

                  I wanted to buy an Apple Watch but the 45mm is too big, however, the 41mm is too small......why can’t apple make sizes that fit everyone correctly.....? Everything is always a compromise with Apple products.

                    Anonymous, 02 Mar 2023Even without your given advice, majority of people would bu... moreYou do whatever, I'm not gonna buy an underpowered phone full of lag, for almost the same price as a flagship, or a high-end midrange phone, Xiaomi 12T costs about the same as the Galaxy A53 and is so much better. Software updates are only gonna make a slow phone slower. All the updates mean nothing on Samsung's A series.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • XS%
                      • 02 Mar 2023

                      Anonymous, 02 Mar 2023Even without your given advice, majority of people would bu... moreNo the main reason is Huawei. Do you think normal people care about software updates? They have more important things at hand. It's only us geeks who give a d*mn.

                        Txindoki, 01 Mar 2023Let me guess... Oneplus or Sony userNope, vivo. Altough I do have a OnePlus as well, 7T Pro to be exact, but for some reason that is stuck on Android 11.

                          Txindoki, 01 Mar 2023Don't think so, the zte's is different, it has 6.... moreEverything else about them is the same. Just look at the camera island, it's 1 to 1. The screen is smaller, because of the way this phone is built.

                            Anonymous, 02 Mar 2023...and it's obviously not a Ulefone, because Ulefones ... moreIt's not a Ulefone, it's a vivo. But oh well, I couldn't actually care less about software updates. They do nothing, sometimes they just make the phone worse.

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                              • wrg
                              • 02 Mar 2023

                              DarlingYext, 01 Mar 2023Cool, then see yourself out and buy a Samsung.Even without your given advice, majority of people would buy Samsung/iPhone without thinking twice.

                              The marketshare of non-Samsung phone/iPhone is collapsing last year because of reasons. One of reasons is lack of software support.👍

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                                • Tim
                                • Ab@
                                • 02 Mar 2023

                                You know in USA...we pay sooooo much more for our phone plans. Verizon will illegally raise prices. So does ATT. TMobile lies about price guarantee.

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                                  • rKt
                                  • 02 Mar 2023

                                  Anonymous, 02 Mar 2023...and it's obviously not a Ulefone, because Ulefones ... moreThey do sell phones with older android but those phones also come with often very low prices.

                                  More than that, perhaps not everyone is obsessed with OS version. Some people do care, but some don't. I'm sure the android nougat is still running plenty of devices worldwide

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • T1w
                                    • 02 Mar 2023

                                    DarlingYext, 01 Mar 2023I'm using a perfectly up to date phone that is almost ... more...and it's obviously not a Ulefone, because Ulefones don't get software updates.

                                    They are selling brand-new phones on their website right now that are still running Android 9.

                                    You will never get a software or security update from them.

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                                      • IgorS
                                      • Juc
                                      • 02 Mar 2023

                                      When they teased this phone on Twitter, I though it would be nothing out of ordinary until I saw they added an under-display selfie camera, which is something that usually requires a pretty good display.

                                      ...but THIS?

                                      Ulefone really did a rugged phone more than worthy to earn the title of flagship. I expected a simpler periscope lens, but not this and nor Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, which I believe it's a first time using Qualcomm SoC.

                                      Depending on the final price, this one will be hard to beat.

                                        DarlingYext, 01 Mar 2023I'm using a perfectly up to date phone that is almost ... moreLet me guess... Oneplus or Sony user