Exclusive: Infinix to release a phone with 260W charging

02 March 2023
The maker is also expected to debut a 100W wireless charger soon.

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  • 03 Mar 2023

DarlingYext, 02 Mar 2023That's what you think. Slow charging is a deal breaker... moreSuddenly you change it... Now there's more important.

    mmmh, 02 Mar 2023it also supports wireless Charging...50WNo, it doesn't.

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      • 03 Mar 2023

      AnonD-454049, 03 Mar 2023That's the crux of the matter, battery energy density ... moreWith modern technology the battery life problems could be fixed tomorrow
      if they really wanted fix the battery life problem on smartphones

      Many very easily solutions
      With only software alone can

      underclocking the silicon soc
      Running at lower Hz refresh rate
      Dim screen brightness
      Dark mode

      Just make smartphones like this
      Main standard screen like normal phone
      Color e ink-screens on the back as second screen
      For power saver mode

      Can also increase battery size a little overall as well
      Smartphone are unnecessary thin could be made a little thicker for more bigger battery

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        • LEZ
        • 03 Mar 2023

        The solution to the "battery problem" was already solved decades ago: Removable Batteries.

        Swapping batteries and having a charge station so you can charge the other one in the meantime equals to never running out of battery.

        The problem with this is that companies will profit less, so they have to "invent" new "technological advancements" (AKA new ways to take away your money)

        So non-removable batteries + faster charging is the best method they've invented that benefits THEM (key word being THEM: the companies, not US: the consumers) because:
        Battery degrades faster > User has to replace battery/phone > Company profits more.

        It's the same story for removing jack and microSD: Make the user pay more for adapters/more storage capabilities. Everytime you see a counterproductive change, it is only done for them to profit even higher.

        Make no mistake folks, fast charging is their new way of shortening smartphones lifespan. Companies are NOT your friend, they all want the same thing: to make more money.

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          • 03 Mar 2023

          AnonD-454049, 03 Mar 2023That's the crux of the matter, battery energy density ... moreI do study this stuff myself
          But not as knowledgeable as some
          But often a lot wiser somehow

          It's got something too do with the types of battery we use is the problem

          It's unlikely focus happens on fixing the battery themselves as technology made too break and not last so we won't have a break though

          All this hype about fast charging makes people ignore the fact that battery life is still too poor on smartphone and it's a problem with battery capacity soc effectively screen etc

          This problem could be easily solved if tech companies wanted too have the battery life fixed
          But they prefer we upgrade buy more tech products every year too make more money

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            • 03 Mar 2023

            Sin, 03 Mar 2023Am sure we will have truly fast changing But it's not... moreThat's the crux of the matter, battery energy density has not improved in decades hence the need for improvement in a different area. As for it being rushed, I cannot put too much stock into your words since you are neither an engineer nor scientist, nor do you have a solid grasp of physics. Fast charging is problem free as long you manage heat accordingly, for instance by employing high voltage charging and balancing the charging rate with the temperature of the battery etc.

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              • Misko
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              • 03 Mar 2023

              All those manufacturers are going in easy way.They should concentrate to invent better battery,but no,they go way around.We dont need charger with 260W.We need battery that will last 5 days.All this madness,with fast chargers is apsurd.I use 18w charger,and it is more than enough for me,and probobly for 95%of the people.

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                • 03 Mar 2023

                2026: Realme introduces a 1.1kw charger for their phone! It can charge their GT Neo 9 in just 20 seconds!

                Everyone else: “bruh. That’s slow!”

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                  • 03 Mar 2023

                  As many phones don't even come with fast changer in box people need buy there own changers

                  They cost £100 I heard the genuine ones
                  And am sure battery's are not designed well enough for years of this without problems

                  This technology way too cool for it's own good

                  Knock-off 500w Changers going happen and everyone going buy them

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                    • 03 Mar 2023

                    Am sure we will have truly fast changing
                    But it's not something useful in way u think it will be

                    Why does everyone seem too want 1000w changing too be fully charged in under 1 sec

                    In reality real life people can't have it like the movie's

                    Batterys never going handle it in long run

                    something rushed technology and safety checking don't know how safe a 5 year's old phone is with 260w for after 5 year's plus it's probably been dropped realistically by most people a few times so the changing port wearing out along other problems

                    Is this phone still safe too use ?
                    Guessing if that battery still works that is

                    A arms race like this why it's diminishing returns going above something like 65w

                    Surely you're aware phones battery's degree overtime this is sure way need keep recharging the phone over and over again

                    If you just had better battery life in first place this problem won't exist

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                      • 03 Mar 2023

                      bulbulito.bayagbag, 03 Mar 2023The race for fast charging is only with these chinese oem&#... moreThis is the biggest issues problems with Chinese brands and companies

                      When all you need too do is just put a bigger battery in a phone & user replaceable battery's

                      This very common problems it's not even advanced technology it's just putting in more powerful Changer

                      There's so many ways improve battery life but it's like they can't figure out out or want too

                      I think faster changing just designed make the lifespan of phones shorter

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                        • 03 Mar 2023

                        Super Android 22, 02 Mar 2023What are you going on about? Like reading jibberish. Onl... moreJust read story about redmi 6a it blow up
                        Redmi 9a
                        Redmi 7

                        Xiaomi model phones catch fire easy

                          bulbulito.bayagbag, 03 Mar 2023Since they cannot match Apple and Samsung's long softw... moreI don't think electrical engineers go to school to study android OS long term updates tho....

                          Seems more to me that the Chinese actually innovated In a specific area and is inspiring their own Chinese rivals

                          When China leads and makes its own innovation and influence.. interpretation = they do it because they are inferior in some way

                          When China follows innovation from apple/Samsung... interpretation= they do it because they are shameless copy cats

                          They just can't win it seems

                            It will be good if they can put in all the effort they put in chargers into the phone for improimprovement. They keep releasing rubbish flagship phones with no eSim and direct 80% of their brain into phone charger.

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                              • 03 Mar 2023

                              100w is more than enough,

                                Interesting. A 240W charger from realme is extremely fast and now 260W will coming. Mmmm.🧐

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                                  • Sr6
                                  • 03 Mar 2023

                                  The faster and hotter you charge with more watts, the faster you battery will die. It's cause and causality. What happens to all these dead cell phone batteries? Do they ever get recycled? Yeah right! Probably end up in some landfill in Africa or in the ocean in some whale's belly.

                                    Sin, 02 Mar 2023I wish there wasn't a full on arms race for most ott c... moreThe race for fast charging is only with these chinese oem's. They do not want you to leave your phone even for 10-15 mins. Their fast charging tech of 240w will charge your phone in what 10 mins? Charging the phone for an hour is not bad, just to get away from the toxicity of socmed should be the priority. But I guess if you have chinese branded phone you need to b glued to it all the time?

                                      Anonymous, 03 Mar 2023Probably gigapixel race :PFirst company to make the battery go ka-put?? so that customer will need to buy a new phone hehehehe...

                                        Carol, 03 Mar 2023Wow, really innovative.Since they cannot match Apple and Samsung's long software support, these companies jump on the fast charging bandwagon. Even after putting out a 400w fast charging feature, their phones lose their market value very quickly.