Exclusive: Infinix to release a phone with 260W charging

02 March 2023
The maker is also expected to debut a 100W wireless charger soon.

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Anonymous, 02 Mar 2023It's frankly getting ridiculous now. At some point it ... moreNot that scary tbh, my GT Neo 3T has 80W charger and it's a godsend when you can charge from 20-100% in less than 30 minutes, you know when they say once you go fast you'd never go back? It's just like that. Also most Chinese companies implement dual cell batteries so it's all good as long as you don't charge under the sun or something.

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    • 03 Mar 2023

    franz.alex, 03 Mar 2023First was the megapixel race; Then the screen size race; ... moreProbably gigapixel race :P

      First was the megapixel race;
      Then the screen size race;
      Now it's the charging speed race.

      I wonder what's coming next?

        Sin, 02 Mar 2023I wish there wasn't a full on arms race for most ott c... more1. You cant increase battery size without increasing phone size/heat output while increasing the chance of the battery malfunctioning

        2. Fast charging is the best case scenario to actually having removeable backs with removeable batteries which cant be a thing now when phone companies maximise the space for components to fit, everything is perfectly planned out for the internals (you should of backed LG g5 with its modular battery pack and project ara from google, think maybe 1 or 2 other devices that were modular too.)

        3. Some fast chargers do 50-100% in 3-10 minutes now so thats why there is a race for faster, most efficient ways to charge if removeable backs or modular phones arent a thing.

        4. Swapping out batteries means you're always going to have a constantly fully discharged battery/holding on to a constantly fully charged battery which in the long run causes way more damage than fast charging, batteries hate being fully charged for long periods of time or fully discharged.

        5. You have to charge 2 seperate batteries, jugggling between the 2 constsntly which if they dont fast charge aswell is going to be a frustrstingly painful experience.

        I do agree just having a way to remove and insert a new battery and just keeping a backup but the tech was never developed so is only really an option for budget phones that you dont care if they break/battery stops working.

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          • 02 Mar 2023

          I don't need fast charging, using 30W for the last 3 years and never run out of battery and I don't even charge overnight. But I can understand that there can be a moment when someone really needs to charge the phone in 5 minutes - they just should give the option to switch between 15, 60, 120 and 240W for example without swapping chargers, so everyone will be happy. Not complicated I think?

            Sin, 02 Mar 2023Of all thiings too be hot it's the fast changer ... moreWhat are you going on about? Like reading jibberish.

            Only phones and batteries blowing up/melting is the s22 series, so samsung again with its slow charging speeds.

            Good quality chargers from other brands do not have this issue, can do years (upto/over 1000 charge cycles) while barely increasing heat.

            Companies like oppo and Xiaomi (couple others aswell) keep improving battery matierals and tech while generally using multi cell set ups to put less stress on the battery/supply a GaN charger with their devices so to answer your questions...

            Fast charging and the batteries are safe, have been for many years now while still constantly improving efficiency, the phones and chargers have chips to optimise and control amp and wattage inputs while monitoring temps so again are very safe and the chargers have to go through rigorous testing to get the compliant ratings fot safety.

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              • 02 Mar 2023

              It's frankly getting ridiculous now. At some point it just can't be healthy anymore. The S23 Ultra "fast charging" is a bit disappointing not gonna lie, but this? This is pretty ridiculous. An hour to charge is already good, anything under 30 minutes is pretty scary to me..

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                • 02 Mar 2023

                Of all thiings too be hot
                it's the fast changer

                I heard the changer cost 100 pounds as well for big overkill mega changers

                Why can't something good be hot for a change
                Like safely regulations

                Can better built in protection too prevent a phone from catching fire or batterys blowing up happen instead

                Possiblity better safety and batterys ??
                And safety changers??

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                  • 02 Mar 2023

                  I wish there wasn't a full on arms race for most ott changer

                  Why fast charging is solution is behold me if we just had phone come with 2 batteries in the box with removable back cover so can just change out batteries swooping out quickly this all we need

                  2 batteries in the box and phone and battery charger
                  And make the battery bigger

                    Getting closer to that 1 second lol

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                      • 02 Mar 2023

                      DarlingYext, 02 Mar 2023I have the Zero Ultra and that doesn't have any ads or... moreit also supports wireless Charging...50W

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                        • 02 Mar 2023

                        blue, 02 Mar 2023It's funny. You write how important time is, but you s... moreMan i have to spend in work for 12 hours a day anyway so ither store it does not matter also gathering experience is important thing for me.
                        You must understand that.

                          Da bebe, 02 Mar 2023Welp I can't spend much time arguing with 3 - 4 people... moreThe fact that you have to argue with 3-4 people to prove a point, should tell you something. And that something is that you are just straight up wrong. Cya!

                            blue, 02 Mar 2023Everything is more important than fast charging. It's ... moreLot of people value fast charging, and btw there is always the option to slowly charge a phone, even on the Infinix Zero Ultra, with the included 180W charger, you can turn off fast charging in the settings and charge the phone much slower.

                            There is no option to fast charge a phone, that doesn't support fast charging. Added features are always appreciated.

                              Mollisol, 02 Mar 2023Yep do that no one is forcing you 😀🤷‍♂️ Enjoy your slow ... moreAnd watch the comment section my boy, maybe you would find something useful to do in the future.

                                Welp I can't spend much time arguing with 3 - 4 people. To the average user charging speed doesn't matter. But yh if forgot the consider the kind of users on this platform. Don't even bother to reply, got more important things to do.

                                  Da bebe, 02 Mar 2023Yep, I'll just watch by the sidelines until they find ... moreYep do that no one is forcing you 😀🤷‍♂️

                                  Enjoy your slow charger in 2023 🤣

                                    Yep, I'll just watch by the sidelines until they find another unnecessary feature to fight for

                                      DarlingYext, 02 Mar 2023That's what you think. Slow charging is a deal breaker... moreSlow charging is really a BIG deal breaker for me too! I wonder how people feel waiting for 1-3 hours charging a phone. It's like they're tethered to the electric grid.

                                      The reason I decided to buy the Oppo Find X5 over the Google Pixel 7 it's because of the slow slowly slowest charging speed I couldn't be any more happier with my 80W charger of Find X5 that tops my battery in about 30 minutes unlike 2 hours for the Pixel & the likes of Samsung & 🍏 in 2023 slow charging hell NO

                                      Some of us value charging speed more than software updates which usually tend to be bugy anyway like the battery draining scandal for the updated S22 ultra to Android 13

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                                        • 02 Mar 2023

                                        DarlingYext, 02 Mar 2023I have the Zero Ultra and that doesn't have any ads or... moreHow many os updates are planned for it by infinix?