Counterpoint: Apple dominates top-ten best selling smartphones list for 2022

07 March 2023
Eight of the ten best-selling phones for 2022 were iPhones.

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  • 12 Mar 2023

My 1st smartphone was a WINDOWS phone. Never really used an APPLE though I tried several times. As the system did notr seem logical due to my familiarity with WINDOWS. While on the WINDOWS phone I started using the SAMSUNG branded WINDOWS phone and it was amazing. I kept using various ANDROID phones as the software was very logical and generally liked what SAMSUNG did in bringing many extra functions which I continued liking... Today's SAMSUNG is an ANDROID APPLE clone. It has removed the removable battery, Micro SD support, Headphone jack and has stopped innovating adding a little performance and a better display with every new model... I have now shifted to Xiaomi 13 Pro as it has a solid 1" sensor camera, LEICA partnership, many great functions (the one I like the most is the Ultra document scan which allows me to take a document photo with the torch (shame on SAMSUNG which switches off the torch) on and automaically make it look perfect for further small editing and sharing it out. This makes my business work so very fast... I moved from a SONY 1 III which had Micro SD, 4K display, Headphone jack but had stability problems and overheated all the time, resulting in 0 battery within 3 hours, had non stable fast charging. Had a lousy way of taking a screenshot which after being taken had to be saved after an edit then one had to go the gallery, select it and forward it. Some people say this is very close to google but what if Google has not added the touches we actually need. Bravo XIAOMI I am loving my new phone. I wish APPLE and SAMSUNG all success (SONY get out of the phone business) but I will mostly never use your phones. By the way I am using the FOLD 4 and TAB Ultra which still satisfy some of my needs. Cheers!!!

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    • gCY
    • 11 Mar 2023

    " I will not talk about the S23 Ultra with its shameful camera "

    LMAO :))))))))))). This has to be one of the most useless comment I have ever seen today. Watch Ben's Gadget reviews, TechTablets or Mr.Mobile's videos about the camera and then come back and talk about the camera. You clearly have no idea what the hell you're talking about. If what Sony is selling was so important, then why are their phones barely selling? Learn how to use a camera in Pro mode kid. Watch real reviews like those that I've mentioned before making yourself look like a joke.

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      • pjh
      • 11 Mar 2023

      K , 08 Mar 2023The S series galaxy phones occupy so much space on tech sit... moreMost tech sites are paid chills. The worse are those "YouTubers", the worse scammers of all time.

      Everytime Samsung releases a new phone, it is according to them the best phone ever.

      And they will rarely point out the very, very, very obvious flaws. I will not talk about the S23 Ultra with its shameful camera.

      I am happy to see those statistics that people don't fall for those scams.

      Now, let's talk about current market flagship state. Samsung removed microSD, removed 3.5mm jack, and keeps prices high. This is obviously the biggest curse they did to consumers.

      At the time of the Galaxy S4, this phone was mind-blowing with everything it could do for the time, still while being relatively cheap compared to other phones at the time.

      Long gone those days. Today, we have a useless paperweight with heavily overshapened pictures, at very high price. What's the point?

      Few are brands that still respect consumers, I have Sony in mind which will probably be my next Android brand. Google Pixel don't have some hardware features, but at least it take (very) good pictures and is not overpriced.

        Anonymous, 08 Mar 2023And also the art of ripping off people's wallet. Most ... moreI can totally agree with this. By the time you spend your money on a sub-$500 smartphone, a wireless earbuds/headphones, and an external USB OTG, it end up costing the same, maybe more, than a premium flagship smartphone with a headphone jack and microSD card support. That's why I only look at Sony since LG has left the smartphone market. They realized their mistake of removing the headphone jack before and now keeping it to this day since the 2020 Xperia 1 Mk2.

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          • 08 Mar 2023

          Unknown, 08 Mar 2023Thank you for your suggestions and tips I don't like ... moreMyself Translate better than Google translate! :|
          Suggestion= recommend"
          Tips= Guide"
          I didn't care

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            • 08 Mar 2023

            AnonD-1086827, 08 Mar 2023Lol, what do you mean none of the iPhone models are suitabl... moreThank you for your suggestions and tips
            I don't like Dynamic Island and that's why I said that iPhones are not suitable for games and movies, but I agree with your opinion about Galaxy phones, they don't have the black dot on the screen and are more suitable for games and movies.
            I think Apple did this on purpose so that people would buy an iPad or Macbook to watch movies and play games! Good luck

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              • AnonD-1086827
              • ps9
              • 08 Mar 2023

              Unknown, 08 Mar 2023Dear friend Apple has decided to pass this design for mone... moreLol, what do you mean none of the iPhone models are suitable for movies and games?
              iPhones and Samsung phones have the best displays in the business. Period. I am pretty sure they are very suitable for movies and playing games. Especially the Pro Max/Ultra variants.
              Also, talking about games, did you see Apple Arcade? It has tons of games (without ads or micro transactions), many of which can be found only in Apple Arcade. So, you can't play them from App Store for example.

              Maybe you are ok with the iPhone SE 3, but in my opinion, that phone is useless and overpriced. If you really want a smaller iPhone and do not have more money, just buy an older iPhone model (something like the iPhone X or Xs, which are miles better). Or buy a refurbished iPhone 12 Mini for the same price as a new iPhone SE3 (again, miles better). Or if you really like the form factor, just get an iPhone 8 (still useless, but at least you get it with 1/3 of the price of the iPhone SE3).
              I don't understand how people defend iPhone SE3 so much.

                AnonD-731363, 08 Mar 2023Man if thats true why Apple phones cost lets say 500 to mak... moreLudicrous! How does any of that constitute ‘robbery’ ? To be robbed means to have something forcibly taken from you against your will. You prepared to provide examples of this happening where the sale of Apple products are concerned?

                Come on dude grow up, you don’t have to buy an iPhone at any price, Apple have no means to force you to do so, as such they are unable to rob you.

                  MarkusLeto, 08 Mar 2023There used to be other brands up there going strong but tha... moreReally? Name those other brands that would have $800+ phones on this list.

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                    • gqb
                    • 08 Mar 2023

                    Anonymous, 07 Mar 2023never underestimate the power of marketing...And also the art of ripping off people's wallet. Most people, including here, think that anyone who can afford a premium flagship smartphone can buy a wireless earbuds or headphones and subscribe to cloud storage. That's not how consumerism works. When you pay more than $1,000 for a smartphone, you have the right to have EVERYTHING in a smartphone, just like what Sony is doing with their smartphones. If you really want people to spend on wireless gears or accessories, do it on a budget or entry-level phones. Only then, it'll make complete sense.

                      B52, 08 Mar 2023This graph shows the problem. 1. People buy a 100-200 U... moreIf you check on Reddit/forums, you will also see people jumping to Apple(iphones)despite the fact of having a previous Android flagship.

                      The main issue with Android is that
                      a)you have cheaper options unlike the iphones(open source after all). A great example in that are the mid range devices
                      b)flagships nowadays cost as much or even more compared to iphones, which was not the case some years ago.
                      c)lack of innovation. Android smartphones used to offer way more compared to iphones. Nowadays all the smartphones are the same, especially on flagship side.
                      Take for example companies like Realme,Xiaomi or Oneplus, which promote as their best feature .....the faster charging

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                        • AnonD-731363
                        • Lfw
                        • 08 Mar 2023

                        DaFink, 08 Mar 2023The only thing stolen here is any respect you have for peop... moreMan if thats true why Apple phones cost lets say 500 to make but another 1000 or 1500 to sell???
                        And why Apple in china cost more than Apple phones in US???
                        Delivering to US is costly.
                        China amking Apples they should get cheapest phones compared to all other countries where said phones must be delivered???

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                          • 08 Mar 2023

                          AnonD-1086827, 07 Mar 2023Good size for what? Texting is bad because of the cramped k... moreDear friend
                          Apple has decided to pass this design for money, not for standard! What do you mean of standard?
                          In my opinion, the SE 2022 is worth buying because it has a good processor and size, and although the screen is not of good quality, I would rather buy it than a phone that has an awful black spot called Dynamic Island. If you plan to watch movies and play games, none of iPhones are not suitable, they are suitable for daily tasks such as watching the news and browsing the web

                            Vegetaholic, 07 Mar 2023It's just the most popular models worldwide. Samsung r... moreWe are talking about Samsung, not Xiaomi... The number 1 selling brand worldwide, by far. If you look at the percentages for each model, even if Samsung had 1000 models for sale it wouldn't get there

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                              • AZY
                              • 08 Mar 2023

                              This statistics show a sad reality. If you look at it from the perspective of OS, you can't help but notice how few choices iOS users have. Android users are spoilt for options whereas iPhone users have to go for the cheapest single option available.

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                                • 08 Mar 2023

                                LMFAO..just love stats like these. iPhone users always vote with their wallets unlike these noisy keyboard Fandroid warriors, most of which seems to worship the Galaxy S series yet that line NEVER ever comes close to sales volume of iPhones every year.

                                It’s like on every YouTube comparison clips, the comments sections are always heavily one sided towards Samsung.

                                And you have Apple obsessed Fandroids here claiming it doesn’t matter since Apple mostly use Samsung panels anyway. The fallacy in their logic truly is comical I love it.

                                  AnonD-731363, 07 Mar 2023Man and why??? Apple is made in china chinese phones are ma... moreThe only thing stolen here is any respect you have for people’s right to make their own consumer choices.

                                  Apple don’t rob anyone, customers come to them of their own free will dude, your interpretation is a disingenuous as it is silly.

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                                    • 08 Mar 2023

                                    This graph shows the problem.

                                    1. People buy a 100-200 USD android phone - no problem.
                                    2. They start using it for average purposes (phone calls, camera, youtube, official apps, facebook, etc..) - no problem.
                                    3. People fill it up with crapware (emoji apps, bloatware, free spyware apps) -> phone starts to struggle, slows down, restarts itself -> "this phone is pure crap"
                                    4. Dumbass friends: "Why dont you buy an iphone, it is stable as hell"
                                    5. Poor ass people tossing their cheap phone, buying an 800-1000 USD iphone - unable to install third party crap - "Wow it works like a sharm, never gonna use android again"

                                    Lets grow brain, not debt...

                                    And again, there is also a group that HAS the money for the iphone and buying them because of the swag, thats an another type.

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                                      • gDe
                                      • 08 Mar 2023

                                      AnonD-1086827, 07 Mar 2023Good size for what? Texting is bad because of the cramped k... moreIt’s just as usable as it was in 2014, it’s great. It can do everything I want just as well as a 6.1 inch iPhone

                                        I'm content with MY choices. I use both Samsung and Apple iPhone for different reasons. I've concluded their flagship phones are what I want and so rarely check other reviews(mainly Xiaomi Ultra and Google Pixel Pro). Phone tech development has slowed in the past few years so now I only need to upgrade every 4 years. Fortunately 🙂(I don't trust the battery replacement centres in my country)