YouTube will stop showing overlay ads on desktop starting next month

07 March 2023
Overlay ads appear on top of the video as it plays, which tends to spoil the user experience, so they are going away in favor of other ad formats.

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  • 07 Mar 2023

There is an easy way to get rid of ads on android app. Too simple.
No need to use generic versions of youtube.
I havent seen ads in months.

I promise to post here how to do it when gsmarena admits galaxy S series has worse screen among expensive phones and stop judging screen quality based on brightness and refresh rate.

Because it is pointless to have 1800 nits and 165 hertz if all other stuff ( colour, brightness uniformity, flickering frequency, colour depth and gamut, viewing angles , response ( not touch sampling value) ) are bad.

    Me with adblock: What do you mean? What even is that?? lol.

      Alright let's be honest... YouTube doesn't care about the ads being annoying...

      The ads are probably not lucrative/performing very well so that's why they gonna change it

      You can't really tell me that those small overlays at the bottom are more annoying than the mid roll add etc some of the overlay were a bit translucent too

      Overlays are easily the least annoying