Flashback: LG G5 tried to wow the crowd with its Magic Slot, but failed

12 March 2023
The LG G5 was a unique modular phone that featured the first ultra wide camera pointed backwards, yet consumers largely ignored it.

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People felt like this modular design was very intrusive, and didn't feel modular at all. The accessories were to "outside" the body.
Add that to the fact that every time you wanted to change a module you had to restart the phone.
Mods from motorola were a lot better received and the colaboration with Hasselblad was the way to go

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    • 6c3
    • 12 Mar 2023

    SuuperBaka, 12 Mar 2023Man, I miss LG so much. I only had two of their phones, but... moreSony's phone lineup were barely survived because of their playstation sales. If it was not, it will have the same fate as LG and (the og) Nokia

      At least LG used to keep trying new things. Samsung and Apple have continued to push the same design over and over again with just a couple of changes here and there. Granted, Samsung did popularize the bendy screen fad we have now, but their regular phones all look exactly the same since years.

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        • 12 Mar 2023

        Isn't this the phone that LG marketed as having a metallic back but Jerry exposed it to be just painted plastic

          Man, I miss LG so much. I only had two of their phones, but they were amazing. It was just cool to see the stuff they came up with. Now the market is flooded with these Chinese phones with the same design.

          The only phone still a bit different is Sony's Xperia lineup, but that's their iconic look with the 21:9 ratio that is almost exclusive to them. LG had some wild designs, but they couldn't keep up with the market.

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            • 12 Mar 2023

            This was true innovation but there was no continuity from LG.. just chipchoped every year... RIP LG :(

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              • 12 Mar 2023

              The Best Phone which I ever Owned I brought it almost two years after its initial release. But still brand-new but dirt cheap. Even I Buy it for cheaper price it worked to me for around 2-3 years. Only Flaw it started to show was Worsening Battery Life. Camera of that still Solid. Competitive to Most Upper Midranges of Samsung 2022/2023. And Still G5 will Win.