Samsung Galaxy S23 FE may not happen after all

11 March 2023
Will it? Won't it? Today it's a no, tomorrow - who knows?

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  • 11 Mar 2023

Maybe they don't want to compromise sales of S23.

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    • 11 Mar 2023

    Paying 100 less compared to base S23 model and having a plastic phone just like A54 with one good camera and many garbage features is always no.
    Just like the SE 2022.
    People buy only because its cheapest Apple phone available othervise any chinese phone for half price does 100% more tricks and treats than S23 FE or SE 2022 by worm bitten Ifruit company china made company.
    Just my honest answer.

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      • 11 Mar 2023

      I made a deliberate decision to purchase the Samsung S21FE 5G in January 2023 and paid Rs 32,000 (390 USD) for the 8GB 256GB variant. Here in India, the phone comes with the Exynos variant.

      To be honest, I am very pleased with its performance, even though it may be a phone from Jan 2022.

      It has the following features which I really like:

      1. Virtually all hardware from its S flagship (and more expensive) siblings.
      2. Has the wonderful DeX facility (enabling me to use the S21FE on my PC).
      3. Captures beautiful snaps (day and night).
      4. Promised OS updates for 4 years and security updates for 5 years.
      5. It has great nifty features like object eraser (delete unwanted objects from photos), live transcribe (capture voice to text in the go), Good Lock module (allowing me to customise my phone to a great extent).
      6. It is a lovely size which fits perfectly in my pocket.
      7. It has in-built call recorder feature which works wonderful for me.
      8. It has IP68 rating which should provide adequate protection for my phone.

      Now, I do not play games and I don't need blazing fast speed. I use the phone mainly for content (social media, emails, and news). The Exynos is perfectly fine with me and it does not get too warm. I have opted for power saving performance and with all unnecessary (for me) features turned off, I can easily use the phone for 1 day.

      All this for Rs 32,000 ($390 USD).

      I'm loving my Samsung S21FE 5G.

        What a real shame. Regardless of the less profit margins which probably caused them to not release this FE device, it would've sold in terms of quantity and become a great sucess had they used the 8+gen 1 or 8gen 2 SoC.
        I remember the S20FE being a breakout hit for Samsung, with the S21FE probably not selling that well due to the major markets having Exynos. I wonder why they wouldn't try one last time with the same strategy as the S23 - Have all markets have a Snapdragon SoC. It worked wonders for the S23, I remember reading it had new pre order record sales in so many markets, why not do the same for an FE device?

        Maybe because of the high demand for the S23 series, they're focusing on just making more of them? That was the case with last year's S22 Ultra right? Either ways, If they did squeeze out an FE with a Snapdragon SoC, it'd probably sell well after a lack of an FE device last year so demand is probably high

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          • 11 Mar 2023

          well after the battery improvement in s23, maybe there is no need for an FE edition.

            Regardless, Idk if I could ever trust Samsung's quality control ever again. My S20+ first had random green vertical lines appearing one by one after a certain OneUI update, and Samsung didn't let me get it fixed for free despite it not being damaged or opened whatsoever before.
            Then got it replaced by another original one, and that one now has problems with green tint that's minimal on standard refresh rate, and gets significantly worse with maximum refresh rate mode.

            It's crazy because it's not just on the S20 series, but even those as new as the S22 series also had such problem, as if Samsung never bothered to acknowledge it, let alone fix it. In comparison, my sister's iPhone 13 Pro is wonderfully flawless, or near-flawless no matter the brightness level that it's set on. It makes me seriously wonder why Samsung is actually capable of making such high-quality AMOLED displays for Apple, but cannot do the same for their own Galaxy flagships. No wonder so many people still prefer iPhones. If they're simply going to pay that much money, then they might as well just get the one that has a very high reliability and longevity in the long-term. And I'm saying this as someone who actually enjoys using this otherwise still excellent 3-year old flagship from Samsung. It's just sad that it has way too many problems for such an expensive phone, even my budget Redmi phone in the past didn't have any sort of quality issues like this.

            Not a hater btw, I'm just raising awareness based on my personal experience with using a true Galaxy flagship phone.

              Yeah I was expecting at least s22 FE since my mom got an s21 FE last year and it's a great phone, especially at 500 euros.
              BUT nope.
              Go get an A54, that'll be probably 600 euros, with a chipset worse than A52s.
              What a not-so-funny joke...
              Oh, and I still can't believe this since the sales on FEs were pretty good (I remember s20 FE having 80% or something of the whole S21 series sales in a year.)

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                • 11 Mar 2023

                [deleted post]You asked a question about an apple product on gsm arena forum. Get ready to hear some real insults !

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                  • 11 Mar 2023

                  exylop fun edition💀💀💀

                    That's disappointing, i was expecting FE this year since it would be slightly larger than base S23.

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                      • 11 Mar 2023

                      Swaraj , 11 Mar 2023Ig flea market isn't samsung cup of tea . Actually i ... moreThey did release the A series though.

                        As usual.

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                          • 11 Mar 2023

                          aknsreddy, 11 Mar 2023Making it so expensive, Samsung better not make itexactly

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                            • 11 Mar 2023

                            Ig flea market isn't samsung cup of tea . Actually i respect that . When you stretch too hard there's chance you'll snap a tendon or two.

                            Just as i appreciate samsung single handedly fought off a tsunami of chinese brands and rebrands without even changing a thing about their logo , let alone rebranding

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                              • 11 Mar 2023

                              The FE sold pretty well here

                                Making it so expensive, Samsung better not make it

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                                  • 11 Mar 2023

                                  If it doesnt have Sdcard slot/3.5mm jack no buy! 🤣

                                    Even if an S23 FE is happening this year, it's probably in Samsung's best interests to deny its existence to avoid cannibalizing sales of the Galaxy S23 or S22 series.

                                      Yeah it's sad they've given up on the FE series. I'll miss them a lot.

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                                        • 11 Mar 2023

                                        People in the UK didn't really catch on to the FE series. So many in the second hand shops just shows how unloved they were. Even better (or worse if selling) the price dropped sharply on resale, people didn't realise just how good those phones were and that the ones with snapdragon chipset performed better than the standard S series exynos chip.. The look was all wrong.. It just looked an A series device so people just played it safe or so they thought.