Samsung dethrones Xiaomi in India in Q4 2022

16 March 2023
Xiaomi's heavy reliance on budget smartphones has backfired.

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  • Lc9
  • 30 Mar 2023

These are the problems with Xiaomi's global strategy:
- In a saturated market, they keep re-releasing basically the same model with same chipsets under different subbrands;
- Their newer models are downgraded in many ways compared to previous ones. Many people keep using Poco X3 NFC our Poco X3 Pro until now because they see no reason to upgrade and they will pay the same or more now for a model that is worse in many ways;
- Samsung got serious about competing on mid and low-end market. And their Software support is miles ahead, not only the number of years they update their devices, but also the frequency they provide security updates. Xiaomi provides a quarterly security update for Flagship(!) models, and they take too long to update their phones to newer MIUI versions (guess what, maybe it's because they have so many phones that they can't release updates earlier).

All in all, it would be much better for them if they created a mid-sized portfolio of good products instead of a huge catalogue of models that overlap each other, with minor differences, and gets difficult for the consumer to choose which one to pick. It would be less costly for them, and more profitable both for them and their consumers.

The market is smaller than it was before, they need to change strategy, we aren't in 2015 anymore, now the consumer prefers to buy a better product that will last longer in their hands. That's why Samsung is eating on Xiaomi's piece of market share.

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    • Muhammad sarfraz
    • 6P4
    • 28 Mar 2023

    Your absolutely right
    Model numbers kept increasing, belot kept increasing,while useable performance not going to up Samsung galaxy j7 (Rs 28000 Back than) had a faster chipset than the Samsung galaxy j7(Rs 28000/30.000)its useless to cell mi value for money anymore

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      • Meow
      • bxd
      • 24 Mar 2023

      Xiaomi cant event fix their useless miui14. riddle with full on random crashes. For example, Always on Display that doesn't stay on. better call it Sometimes on Display. Even steps in turning off alarm and bluetooth is extra 1 step, "Do you want to turn off this session or forever!" is like who teh freak design these os steps?

        Anonymous, 20 Mar 2023poco x3 pro being a much better phone than poco x5 pro tell... moreYou're absolutely right.
        Model numbers kept increasing, bloat kept increasing, while usable performance not going too up.

        Redmi Note 8 Pro (Rs. 14k back then) had a faster chipset than the Redmi Note 12 (Rs. 16k price).
        Its useless to call Mi Value for Money anymore.

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          • XW9
          • 20 Mar 2023

          poco x3 pro being a much better phone than poco x5 pro tells us everything

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            • XW9
            • 20 Mar 2023

            xiaomi's lineup no longer gives the best bang for the bucks. simple as that

              Nitwit Xiaomi are still including Charger inbox that too with dated USB A ports!! Enemy's of the Planet. Sick company.

                bulbulito.bayagbag, 18 Mar 2023Americans will still choose an iPhone over Samsung, because... moreThey never learn/ because off low Ram
                Should come with 20gb Ram and higher 24mb L3 cache too dethrone.

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                  • xq5
                  • 18 Mar 2023

                  bulbulito.bayagbag, 18 Mar 2023Americans will still choose an iPhone over Samsung, because... moreGood for them. But for me Samsung is miles better. Very cool and easy interface. Not much bloatware. You just need to uncheck all apps you don't need during first startup or after factory reset.

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                    • indrajit
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                    • 18 Mar 2023

                    Xiaomi A1
                    not received february and march month security updates. Really Xiaomi phones are worth three months only. Even for basic phones they can't release the proper security updates.
                    Really Samsung galaxy m04 phone is much better because their security updates are solid and hard use also.

                      Anonymous, 17 Mar 2023Funny statement. Because iphone is a poor mans Z Fold4/ ... moreAmericans will still choose an iPhone over Samsung, because, sammy has a clunky interface, android with its own one ui skin on top that also comes with its own bloatware. Americans are very unforgiving of bloatware, which i believe, started with the chinese oems, also there aren't really a lot of available chinese branded phones in the USA. So if you are trying to break into the american market, you will probably have a very difficult time, since the market is dominated by Apple and then followed by Samsung. That's why when I learned that Carl Pei's Nothing phone 1 has no bloatware, I already knew it will target the american market soon.

                        blue, 17 Mar 2023Stock android phones sell much worse than OneUI phones... n... moreTrue, the only issue i see, for example, the google pixel, with its stock android interface, do not sell well because it only has a very limited market. Sell it globally, like what Apple and Samsung does, and lets see.

                          Samath N8 808 owner, 17 Mar 2023True & totally agreed. Google's bloatware is somet... moreGoogle Pixels don't have bloatware, it comes with its own suite of apps. Google and Apple are the only ones, in terms of android and ios that offers their phones without bloat. i heard the Nothing phone1 as almost the same as a google pixel, but I haven't gotten my hands on one yet. Samsung has their own ui, which is called on ui, which is an android skin, so it already comes with android (with google's suite of apps) and then you have oneui layered on top, there comes in the bloatware, with Samsung's own suite of in house apps, not to mention third part apps as well.

                          Every other chinese oem is the same as Samsung, with their own suite of android apps from google, and then their own android skin, which comes with their own bloatware. Huawei, when it was cut off from getting google apps out of the box, built its own appstore, but is still on android, even though they advertise as having their own os and ui, harmony os is just and android fork.

                            Anonymous, 17 Mar 2023What is your source of fact that 99% of people use phones f... moreA lot of iphone users in the usa for example, are on contract from their networks, most have 2 year contracts, after the contract is up, they are offered to upgrade to a new phone, most of the carriers subsidize the phone's cost as well. outside of the usa, it is not applicable, like say Asia. In my country, aside from the hefty fees for a 24 month contract, you also need to shell out almost the entire price of the phone, go figure.

                              bulbulito.bayagbag, 18 Mar 2023I used to buy a ton of xiaomi products, phones, tablets, sp... moreyup, thats why their market share and sales are slowly declining in last 3 years or so. People realized just slapping good hardware doesnt make a good phone and a little bit inferior hardware but much more stable software experience is better. thats why samsung A series is doing well since last few years and if they keep improving it, it will do even more better unless someone else tries to enter aggressively into the competition.
                              Vivo/iqoo and oneplus have done much better than xiaomi in software in last few years, that is also eating up a small percentage while samsung is taking the big bite of the market share.

                                namzap, 17 Mar 2023xiaomi is seen as a cheap brand, because for many years all... moreI used to buy a ton of xiaomi products, phones, tablets, sport band, even a wireless keyboard and mouse. After having bad experience with their durability (all products mentioned are dead and no longer useable). I stopped buying their cheap disposable e-waste products and have started buying brands that are reliable. Do not fall for a brand's cheap offerings, they are cheap for a reason.

                                  This is what happens when people realize that you are ripping them off by not providing timely os and security updates, eventually, the people will turn to the company that can.

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                                    • indrajit
                                    • iwp
                                    • 17 Mar 2023

                                    Xiaomi Redmi A1 not received february and march month security update.
                                    Their phones are worth only for three months.
                                    Xiaomi phones are useless, even it's not worth for money. Really samsung M04 phone is good for security updates and hard use. My future phone is samsung brand not Xioami.

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                                      • AnonD-1086827
                                      • ps9
                                      • 17 Mar 2023

                                      namzap, 17 Mar 2023xiaomi is seen as a cheap brand, because for many years all... moreEven in the same price point, people have started to buy Samsung phones more. That's because big numbers on paper can get you so far.

                                        xiaomi is seen as a cheap brand, because for many years all they did was spam cheap phones every other month to sell phones. and this is catching up to them now, people are willing to spend few thousand more to buy samsung as the trust in brand name is much more in low-mid range segment.