Samsung start Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates for Galaxy Ace 2

02 April, 2013
Samsung has started to upgrade its Galaxy Ace 2 smartphone to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

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  • AnonD-233556

I put the update on my ace 2 and it don't work so I would not advise anyone to do it. Tried to revert to the original 2.3 or what ever it was but couldn't tried to factory reset but could not get rid of the Jelly bean !!!!! not happy !

  • jack

please help me

  • Anonymous

Im still waiting on my update for ace2 GTI8106l....and am fed up dont make me regret buying this phone plz thank you....trinidad and tobago

  • Bea Soulikone

I'm happy to hear this news. Please coming zoom. Thank you for Manager of Galaxy.

The last news about Jelly Bean is Jelly Bean upgrade is available for Germany, but for I8160P model only.

  • AnonD-145903

I have to say that I am a big fan of Samsung, but after I updated my Galaxy Ace II to JB 4.1.2 it became so sluggish between applications, menus and everything, that if I could, I undoubtly revert it to the previous version.

It just don't worth the loss of performance.
I've already made two full factory reset to the device, but is worth nothing.
This is not what I expected from the new version.

  • AnonD-7007

may 22 (that time may be changed sometimes)

AnonD-144221, 10 May 2013When Will be The 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) update for Ace 2 avail... moreI don't know. You can check it on or
Hope this will help.

  • zarng

i like to android 4.1.2 so good

  • AnonD-144221

When Will be The 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) update for Ace 2 available in india..??

I want to Upgrade My Galaxy Ace 2 ...

  • Lav Shah

When will be it available in India. ?
M waiting to update my ace 2 .

  • gabshsbs

Dradroid, 17 Apr 2013any update on the release date of JB in Philippines Ace 2?Why

  • AnonD-142423

Waiting for my ACE 2 Jellybean update, why taking so long for Samsung to release it???????

  • kumaar

Whether there is update for samsung ace plus s7500?

  • kumaar

Whether there is update for samsung ace plus s7500?

  • people

Its almost one month for this post and still the update not available through kies.. Is there anyone know when it will be available?

  • Cak Once

it's too late for samsung....we are tired of waiting and waiting.
you are a lier.

  • Go Nokia, Go!

Free Spanish Galaxy Ace 2 here.
Where is the update? Probably with bada 2 for the Samsung Wave?

  • j800r

It will come to the UK. Maybe next month, maybe December but it WILL come.

However, in the meantime if you look hard enough people have posted the official JB firmware in places. Just note that you'd have to manually upgrade via Odin and it does come with it's risks. I'd personally sooner wait because after flashing the JB firmware it can take a lot of work and time to get back to stock.

For you who would like to find firmware, Jelly Bean.available or not, go to or