Samsung start Android 4.1 Jelly Bean updates for Galaxy Ace 2

02 April, 2013
Samsung has started to upgrade its Galaxy Ace 2 smartphone to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

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pls have an update on galaxy tab p1000.

  • sam

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2013Wow my galaxy s advance.. still no update available. does samsung galaxy s advanced had any network issue? i hear somewhere that it has network problem..plz reply

  • Anonymous

I wonder how much phone memory will be left.

  • alienufoweird

Jumari, 02 Apr 2013Samsung late with the updates as per usual.not really, the whole world is still waiting for the JB update for their LG L7 (P700) so samsung is way ahead with their updates unlike LG which isn't even trying to roll out the update.

  • angry samsung fanboy

whats wrong with Samsung!!i brought galaxy s duos 15days back and was disappointed on the day one itself, its ****ing slow and often hangs, i was hoping that samsung will release jellybean update but they quietly removed the phrase "upgradeable to jelly bean" from their website...m going to sue Samsung for this...Does anybody know by any chance wil galaxy s duo gets jelly bean update officially??

  • Anonymous

Finally the day i am waiting for has come! I love you, samsung!

  • Anonymous

Wow my galaxy s advance.. still no update available.

  • wendz

When it will be available in Philippines?

  • Anonymous

Jumari, 02 Apr 2013Samsung late with the updates as per usual.Better late than never. :D

  • paru


  • AnonD-14745

Samsung is so good with the updates. After the Nexus devices, Samsung devices get the most updates. Even my HTC Sensation is stuck on Android 4.0. One of the reasons I will get a Galaxy S4

Nice, Samsung has given the official Jelly Bean update, although the first phase in Portugal. I had tried the official Jelly Bean. It works smoothly and better than the leak Jelly Bean.

  • Jumari

Samsung late with the updates as per usual.

  • Anonymous

I hope Philippines is next! Can't wait xx

  • Anonymous

Finally! I hope it will go global soon!

  • Anonymous

When it will comes for galaxy s advance I am waiting from 2 months ago

  • AnonD-48948

nice !!!!