Tecno Camon 20 Premier 5G alleged specs and images leak

26 March 2023
The source also has a suggested price point for the upcoming handset.

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  • J
  • Jonas
  • CGH
  • 08 Apr 2023

Please keep the SDcard on all camon products, u can do away with the jack if space is an issue.

    I think it is a final ending of D1200/D1300 chipset. Ended up with few vulnerabilities to this platform.

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      • IgorS
      • Lmr
      • 27 Mar 2023

      Cool design and leather back is a nice extra. I'm almost shure that this camera module will be almost the same of Infinix Zero 20, but with some extras, like Laser Autofocus and OIS and the same RGBW sensor/technology they used on Camon 19 Pro.

      I think they did a good chipset choice. D1200 might be from 2021, but it has flagship performance in comparison to D1080.

        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • F0B
        • 27 Mar 2023

        I'm waiting for this phone

          • w
          • warren
          • x{6
          • 27 Mar 2023

          Anonymous, 27 Mar 2023This is the phone I've been waiting for V27 5g recommended sony lens. deminsity 7200 u. 24,999 price

            kevvv, 27 Mar 2023Not as worse as Huawei P60 Art in my opinion.This Tecno looks just.... quirky. The P60 Art is just, well....art. Not everyone understands it

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • fuv
              • 27 Mar 2023

              This is the phone I've been waiting for

                David 040882, 26 Mar 2023Tecno really does know how to put original but ugly as hell... moreNot as worse as Huawei P60 Art in my opinion.

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                  • Undertaker86
                  • L1n
                  • 27 Mar 2023

                  Common Techno... Series called Camon... Definitely does not sound like Canon.

                    • M
                    • Masharia57
                    • N7D
                    • 27 Mar 2023

                    How can I get one?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • Kx7
                      • 26 Mar 2023

                      It'll be a pity if the phone has bad photography capabilities, given the camera is looks really big lol

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                        • Pro Tech
                        • sUv
                        • 26 Mar 2023

                        Tecno we'll not buy your craps until you offer timely android (OS) updates and upgrades, bug fixes and an adware free UI. Everything is missing in your phones.

                          • R
                          • Rakesh
                          • Sec
                          • 26 Mar 2023

                          I like how camera opening is still same 2mm but the visual effects to make it bigger, all those lines and decorating are 4cm wide :))))))

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • nem
                            • 26 Mar 2023

                            Dr. Watson, 26 Mar 2023Honestly, in a world where basically almost everything is s... moreIf this was a good design, maybe, but it sucks

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • nem
                              • 26 Mar 2023

                              Worst design I've seen in a while, there's no appeal whatsoever there, no consistency. That upper small lens makes me wanna puke, so goddamn unsatisfying 🤢

                                • S
                                • Shu Ri
                                • 7P4
                                • 26 Mar 2023

                                Tecno/Infinix will always have 2 major problems :
                                - Software , as they don't provide sufficient updates.
                                - Screen brightness even at max , is not viewable outdoor in a sunny day.

                                  If their original design is gonna be this ugly, shouldve just stuck to cloning the iphone.

                                    Honestly, in a world where basically almost everything is symmetrical now, I feel like I could get used to these more weird but good-looking designs. P60 Art and now this.

                                      • o
                                      • omglolkek
                                      • qaW
                                      • 26 Mar 2023

                                      "leak" as in "someone gives a damn about this second-tier brand"? :D

                                        • D
                                        • AnonD-1087859
                                        • nFM
                                        • 26 Mar 2023

                                        So one good sensor the others just stick on lol