Motorola Edge 40 price leaks

29 March 2023
It will be a lot cheaper than the flagship Edge 40 Pro model.

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  • AnonD-1078988
  • 7k0
  • 29 Mar 2023

Very expensive compared to other phones in the segment in Asian market. People who want performance will go for OnePlus 11 , for camera they can either go for Xiaomi 13 pro or pixel and people looking for clean os will again go for pixels. This one will be slaughtered in the market if launched at this price point.

    Bodygard, 29 Mar 2023Costs €560 buying from China with 12/256 even better...half... moreAll of the reasons you stated ?

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      • Madox
      • 3Z5
      • 29 Mar 2023

      I can't wait... I hope edge 30 models will be cheaper, because prices are hilarious, and there is no big differences...

        Costs €560 buying from China with 12/256 even better...half of what they ask in Europe for the same version. Where's this difference going? taxes? logistics? profits?

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          • Itzo
          • B}L
          • 29 Mar 2023

          600 euro for the base model? Who'd buy it at that price?

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            • 8N3
            • 29 Mar 2023

            Hey Captain, told you it would be 900 euros and not 600 as you wished.

            I am always right ....

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              • JoXim
              • m1G
              • 29 Mar 2023

              Moto Edge 40 = Edge 30 Fusion MediaTek Edition.
              Little to do with vanilla Edge 30, except the naming.
              Looks very interesting by the way.

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                • JKZ
                • 29 Mar 2023

                I my country, iPhone 14 pro max costs 1100 eur, and this Motorola 900 eur? Lol.

                  Design reminds me of the Infinix Zero phones, doesn't look half bad really. Plus, nice to see the curved screen back on the vanilla for the first time since the OG Edge. Some will complain, but... you do know why the series is called Edge, right?

                  But, is it just me, or is every company obsessed with black and green recently?

                  Also those prices 💀

                    1000$ for motorola?
                    Got to get meself some of whatever they are smokin.

                      Is it only me or does that seem a bit overpriced

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                        • 29 Mar 2023

                        “These two have a vegan leather back”

                        PU Leather, you know that stuff that exist for years but nor companies call it vegan because it sounds “better”