Chinese HTC One 802w has microSD card slot, two SIMs

03 April, 2013
The Chinese HTC One, headed for China Unicom, has removable back cover, hidden secrets too.

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  • AnonD-132193

HDC One clone HTC with a quad-core and Jelly Bean for $160 ,that is my explanation ,check this link­ith-a-quad-core-and-jelly-bean-for-160-20130329/­­

  • TheHorseMeatUluv2Eat

Imo htc are f!#@ing stupid

  • filesmustbesafe

No SD = dead phone, info lost.
Phone contain many components, memory is just ONE.
So if ANYTHING will break, no way to recover ur data without SD card.

HTC one it total crap without SD :((
But this 802 ***** I WANT IT! SDSLOT! 2 SIM! REMOVABLE ACC! Not crappy international version for losers.

  • AnonD-78488

This is an overkill! Definitely a winner.. well if this was the international model. And a user-replaceable battery would have sealed the deal.

  • Oli

Controversy? When did it cause controversy? This is definitely not the first phone to not have expandable storage. HTC themselves have released quite a few phones without it, as have Apple, Sony LG etc.
And with 32gb or 64 gb is it really necessary? Not to me. Removable battery is only important to a minority of users, as evident from the huge sales of all the iphones. I myself rarely take out the battery. Except to change the simcard.

  • techie

Most def samsung is the one manufacturer smart enough to remain to have the sd card & removable battery option available, however their boring design is wearing people up, no imagination, I'd seen so many good looking GS4 prototypes on the web & they come out with this garbage design? samsung should hire the amateur designers that posted their prototype on the web

  • Tiger

AnonD-78115, 03 Apr 2013Good one :-) Glad you could see the funny side :).he he ( thanks )

  • AnonD-48321

Ubuntu Takeover, 03 Apr 2013It's hilarious seeing all these people saying that they want thi... moreI feel exactly the same way .HTC's keep disappointing their customers more and more with the lack of a micro SD card slot in their flagships .and by the way i'm getting the S4 for this also .

  • xperia zzzzzz

if they have needs htc did it..
one simple is best and 64 gig maybe not enough for haters..
china`s product reject all the time.

  • Ubuntu Takeover

It's hilarious seeing all these people saying that they want this to be the global version yet fail to see that 4MP camera clearly stated in the article lol

I would have bought the HTC One if it had a MicroSD card slot as well but I'm getting the S4 when it releases because of that fact. Not a Samsung fan by any means but it seems to be one of the only cell phone manufacturers that still has a MicroSD card slot so I have to choose them or Maybe Motorola's next phone considering that it has a MicroSD card Slot.

  • niku

Why htc failed in the global market is because they are not designing phones to the customers needs.For example in India htc has only 2 near perfect models, htc one and htc butterfly. all the others have many cons like low and non-expandable memory, no front cam, no compass and so on. htc didnt bring one SV to India which would have sold more than the one s, having only 16 gb non-expandable memory. now htc is releasing new models only for china. Why this discrimination Htc....?. You know I have been waiting for a near perfect midrange phone trom htc for 3 years. till now there is no sign of any model in that category coming to india. there are so many good midrange models of other top brands available now. but I just dont like the UI of those brand I like only the sense UI of htc. now please htc.... please bring a good pefect midrange model to india I cant wait anymore......

  • jackie chan

keep on consuming like you do, china will get richer, well china already owes you "US Citizens" (not americans since there are also central & south americans, so stop calling yourselves "americans") with all your external debt thanks to bush & its economical failure as president

  • joan

Wow it is a great fone, id rather to buy this than the first one.. its already complete sd card double sims and maybe lower price also lol..

  • Anonymous

This is a Fake... Its a low budget China copy.. on other side call it "HDC ONE"..

  • techie

its funny how you people talk down when referring to china products yet you consume all-china-made-products, hahahaha how pathetic!!!

  • Anonymous

It probably is not fake coz most fakes have removable battery. It could be successful in china, they are used to low quality and if you want low quality HTC is just the right thing. Queitly defective, never again a HTC in my house, pakkings nightmare phones.

  • AnonD-79493

AnonD-62795, 03 Apr 2013after what samsung have done (not giving everyone the octa core ... moreThe image still shows that the battery is not removable, or am I seeing it differently.

  • AnonD-98439

absolutely pathetic, how does china get the special treatment with a micro sd card and what not, i am considering taking back my order with the htc one now, if i buy it and htc release another flagship 3 months down the line i will get an iphone, as simple as that.

  • techie

AnonD-124119, 03 Apr 2013its fake HTC one .... manufactured by local china company...ignorance is a blessing yet disturbing sometimes, like your comment, then how would you explain the leaks of a double sim Galaxy S4 right before the exposition. Criticising china yet all you consume is china made, only is branded with big names...ignorance!!!

  • techie

I want me HTC ONE or Galaxy S4 double sim capability, the only place in the world people hate double sim is in the US since they're kidnapped by them "expensive-locked" cellphone/plans