Samsung Galaxy S23 FE's specs and launch timeline revealed

01 April 2023
The last time Samsung launched an FE model was in January 2022.

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Geez Samsung, why not SD8+gen1? Your fab sucks.

    NOOOO i really really hope this is an april fools' joke. An LTPO 1-120hz screen,tsmc made processor and hardware video out, i hope s23fe has these 3 things.

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      • Anonymous
      • wYE
      • 01 Apr 2023

      They removed the sole features of midrange budget such as jack and sd card. not sure why they keep releasing FE versions aside from cut out features for a price. Bigger joke if it uses exynos. Its like them forcing people to buy older stock phones because theymade surplus of them

        Sounds horrible considering you can get a OnePlus 11 or Chinese phones for much better value. You can get a pixel for cheaper as well.

        Better to have 7+g2 or even D8100

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          • Anonymous
          • Sb2
          • 01 Apr 2023

          The hell I will buy that hotplate of a chip...

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            • Anonymous
            • vaS
            • 01 Apr 2023

            I have a feeling that Samsung midrangers next year will be even worse than this year and they'll make this S23 FE look like the best deal in comparison lol

              Samsung Galaxy S23 April Fools edition? 😂😳😳

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                • Prashant
                • s89
                • 01 Apr 2023

                Exynos 2200! Sad.

                  Fix the Samsung Smartwatch...... and leave those incremental mobile-phone updates to the side.

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                    • AnonD-1086827
                    • ps9
                    • 01 Apr 2023

                    "..a reliable leakster said..". Not so reliable isn't he?
                    But anyway, I think is April fools.

                      flop, 01 Apr 2023Is this an April fools joke? Really? Exynos again? Samsung ... moreI strongly hope it is april fools joke, why would they launch it with exynos when snapdragon proved it's miles ahead..

                        No, just no. Why are they putting exynos in everything else but their S series now?? This screams ,,buy S23, screw anything else". That S22 exynos proved us that it's a sh*t.
                        This is 100% april fools.

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                          • Harris
                          • tu6
                          • 01 Apr 2023

                          I'd wish I could afford it, but I'm pretty sure they'll maintain if not increase the price by 50 bucks

                            • Feem
                            • IbF
                            • 01 Apr 2023

                            LV426, 01 Apr 2023AprilFools

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                              • LV426
                              • 3p7
                              • 01 Apr 2023


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                                • wra
                                • 01 Apr 2023

                                Exynos = auto buy.

                                  • flop
                                  • 0AX
                                  • 01 Apr 2023

                                  Is this an April fools joke? Really? Exynos again? Samsung will never learn.