Samsung Galaxy A54 vs. Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro

22 April 2023
A quick comparison between the Samsung Galaxy A54 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro.

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Nowadays few software know how to do a good color balance without gcam, but I would choose xiaomi because of the loading speed, screen ratio and body design. Also, I could easily adjust the colors automatically using the photo app itself so it won't make much difference between one and the other, but I noticed that the A52's is a bit overflowing in the contrast of the grams. Samsung is terrible at newer software at getting closer to reality and continue to use burst HDR as always.

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    • 01 May 2023

    AnonD-731363, 28 Apr 2023Man yes it can sounds like that. I have nothing against t... moresuper fast charging does not equalte to "ancient", just because you prefer it. Most people dont even need that

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      • 30 Apr 2023

      Cyberchum, 29 Apr 2023That's just what you've convinced yourself. Man thats the reality you ignoring because you will never understand even someopne like me can be right.

        AnonD-731363, 28 Apr 2023Man yes it can sounds like that. I have nothing against t... moreThat's just what you've convinced yourself.

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          • 28 Apr 2023

          Cyberchum, 27 Apr 2023Sorry mate, you spoke at length, but didn't really say... moreMan yes it can sounds like that.
          I have nothing against the samsung only i dont like they still in 2023 using ancient dark age of charging technologies and loves to overprice their devices.
          This was my point.
          Apple, Sony, Google etc is not different from Samsung.
          There are plenty of things chinese do better on the other hands those 4 gives more updates,
          But to validate my claims any and every phone can live and run without updates you can use your old S3 samsung for example if its still works and you are happy with that phone. Noone will forces you to swaop or change it.
          As long as phone can keep up with hardware with task each and every person prefer its good.
          But to be honestly on old phones new apps arent supported and you cant teach new tricks your old phone.
          In other words and for your validation more than 3 years of updates are pointless because your hardware will not keep up. Especialy in low to mid tier.
          And anyone or msot users will swap their phone every 2-3 years because like most people they usualy bought from carrier on some carriers plan (Not many have to shed 1000+ euros for a new flagship they rather will pay monthly over a 2-3 years period).
          Well that all i wanted to say.

          &honestly hope you and anyone else reading this will udnerstand.
          Updates are not end of the world and not everything because with or without them phone will still run and works apart the fact with outdated apps will work only for most basic things like text and calls.

            AnonD-731363, 27 Apr 2023I just put redmi note 12 pro and pro plus into comparison a... moreSorry mate, you spoke at length, but didn't really say anything relevant. All you need to do is substantiate your claim of Redmi phones of similar price as a Samsung phone being 10 times better. You exaggerate A LOT, and And I dislike people who love making claims, but hates validating them.

            Now, you've gone from 10 times better to 2 - 100 times better. Surely, you love Chinese manufacturers, you show it very often. But there's absolutely nothing wrong in that. You don't have to constantly hate on non-Chinese OEMs, however, but you do. Every chance you get, you attack Samsung, even when it's not merited. Where exactly will you draw the line?

              At best Xiaomi is barely a mid range and the Sammy is about as high as a mid-range can get. The Xiaomi starts a yr behind on the OS which actually only makes it to Android 14 if it gets claimed updates and Sammy will take you to os 17 . Big difference. SD card is huge . You can go up to 640 GB storage for less than a hundred dollars. Sammy has much higher quality display and everything in general is of higher quality . You are getting much more for your dollar with Sammy with alot more support.

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                • 27 Apr 2023

                Cyberchum, 27 Apr 2023I don't think you are aware that you aren't makin... moreI just put redmi note 12 pro and pro plus into comparison and picked some of the differences.
                Thiis battle of you and me is pointless but at least we made some agreement.
                I know i can be boresome and tiresome sometimes.
                And sometimes or mostly to be honest to my self i put chinese companies to favor against non chinese for my valuid reason where for same money chinese company can deliver 2 to 100 times better device.
                Well i understands someone as big as Samsung, Apple, Google or Sony cant live from tips but plain and pure robbery on a customer is not a good way it never was.
                Most people on earth lives from one salary to another not to mention like 30% have no money to live.
                In other words most people not those who can afford will sick and buy what they can afford in other words they buy best available for lowest possible price.

                  Cyberchum, 27 Apr 2023I don't think you are aware that you aren't makin... moreRedmi Note 12 Pro+ losses to Galaxy A54 in specs comparison:

                  Redmi Note 12 Pro+ OVER Galaxy A54
                  Main camera
                  Dolby vision
                  3.5mm jack
                  Screen-to-body ratio

                  Galaxy A54 OVER Redmi Note 12 Pro+
                  Ultra-wide camera
                  Macro camera
                  Selfie camera
                  4k recording
                  Gorilla glass 5 rear
                  Ingress protection
                  Battery endurance
                  Maximum brightness
                  Thinner and lighter
                  Pixel density

                  Your Redmi Note 12 Pro+ isn't even better, spec-wise, let alone 10 times better. 🤡🤡🤡

                    AnonD-731363, 26 Apr 2023Poll or not its battle of a bow or crossbow against a tank.... moreI don't think you are aware that you aren't making good sense right now. Well, not exactly "right now" if I'm being honest: you very rarely make good sense.

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                      • 26 Apr 2023

                      Cyberchum, 26 Apr 2023First and foremost, this isn't a poll. You are one ver... morePoll or not its battle of a bow or crossbow against a tank.
                      In other words useless and unfair.
                      Man plenty. If you puth both into comparison there are more differences like screen, like Gorrila Glass versus noone, like IP53 vs nothing, bit better CPU and GPU, said main camera, selfie supports HDR, better audio, better bluetooth, better charging, better endurance rating and many else.

                        AnonD-731363, 25 Apr 2023Man once again since you cant read. Redmi note 12 pro is w... moreFirst and foremost, this isn't a poll. You are one very deficient person in both reading and comprehension that it's ironical for you to call someone else out.

                        Nice that you have admitted that "samsung easily wins [this comparison—yes, it's a comparison, not a poll, duh]. Now, what does the Redmi Note 12 Pro+ have over the Pro that will not just make up for the loss of the 12 Pro in this comparison, but give it a wholesome victory?

                        More Megapixel count? Faster charging? What else?

                        The fact that the primary shooter of the 12 Pro performs worse than that of A54 buttresses my point. Now, I'm willing to bet that the camera of the 12 Pro+ won't perform significantly better than that of the A54 in general camera comparison (front and rear, all modes, videos and stills).

                        Also, the fact that 12 Pro has almost 3 times the advertised charging speed of the A54 (67W vs. 25W), but could only muster an eight-minute advantage says quite something about the usefulness of those numbers. If those numbers matter to the majority of buyers like you love to think they do, the galaxies and iPhones of this world would have been perpetually accumulating dusts on store shelves. But they aren't, are they? Chinese OEMS keep unceasing those numbers hoping it'll give them an advantage, because they know very well that they lack real edge, for the most part.

                        Unfortunately, you will likely not be able to unpack this. 🤦🏼‍♂️

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                          • 26 Apr 2023

                          Good comparison but Samsung is miles better.

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                            • 26 Apr 2023

                            Anonymous, 26 Apr 2023True. It's even the same chip phone, A54 is placed a b... moreThnak you no matter who you are. At least someone here is not blind like rest of people.
                            If this poll was really fair i would be agree with it.
                            But put it like this does no sense.

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                              • 26 Apr 2023

                              UltraHD, 25 Apr 2023Nope.Not nope but true.
                              Personal experience of many out customers.

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                                • 26 Apr 2023

                                kevvv, 23 Apr 2023Seems an unfair comparison. They should've compared Re... moreTrue. It's even the same chip phone, A54 is placed a bit more distantly. Or it should've been the 12 Pro+. (On this, I'd even find agreement with Cpt which is quite rare:) This only boosts endless argument on this site. Some can bring more phones to stretch the fight.

                                  AnonD-731363, 25 Apr 2023Man yes they would win. Once again. Redmi note 12 pro is ... moreAll you see in both cases are slightly better hardwares, nothing more. Better hardware ≠ better user experience. A better device on paper ≠ a better device in usage. You will try to wrap your head around this, but I'm quite confident that you will fail.

                                    AnonD-731363, 25 Apr 2023Man xuaomi long time prevailed over samsung because for a s... more10 times better? Lol. King of exaggeration, firstly, prove that, for the same price, Xiaomi offer devices that are twice better than what Samsung offer. When you're done, we'll get to 10. 🤡

                                      AnonD-731363, 25 Apr 2023Man xuaomi long time prevailed over samsung because for a s... moreNope.

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                                        • 25 Apr 2023

                                        UltraHD, 25 Apr 2023Nope, Xiaomi will not reach Samsung's level for a long time.Man xuaomi long time prevailed over samsung because for a same price they offer 10 times better device.
                                        Wake up please.
                                        Exact cost as A54 is redmi note 12 pro plus or redmi note turbo or speed.
                                        All 3 of said phones are way better.
                                        Same goes for Redmi note 12 pro vs A34.
                                        The only thing samsung have better is updates. But honestly noone of samsung mdirangers will last more than 3 years and act as a new device.
                                        After 3 years they will be tottaly slow worth replacement.