Dimensity 9200+ brings higher CPU and GPU clocks, lower power usage

10 May 2023
Now the Cortex-X3 core practically matches that in the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy, the GPU was boosted by 17%.

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Pretty sure the Snapdragon 8 gen 2 has an X3 core not an X1.

    Fulljack, 11 May 2023this isn't PC or server where legacy matters. basicall... moreARM processor are made to be power efficient and use less instructions so keeping older ones are counter intuitive in this scenario. But there are always software overlay to maintain support for older stuff. Even x86 processor ditch some 80's instructions and are using emulation based on newer ones to keep support.

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      • 13 May 2023

      Don't call it efficient 3 over clocked cores and the other one is for benchmarking what a waste at this point you can heat up the the phone and throttle to damage it also for higher scores. the other one 4th core is actually overclocked is basically it can be used like intensive task like Video Editing or high end dynamic 3D games they are such number nothing is impressive with that :(

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        • 11 May 2023

        Vegetaholic, 10 May 2023Lol, Apple destroys them all, Apple CPU's are in anoth... moreI'm not sure...
        I can explain with tons of reasons...

        The first is : Apple's CPU supremacy is based on some benchmarks.
        The most famous is Geekbench.
        In the last version, Geekbench make something obvious that show they are dishonnest :
        They test Android's flagships (D9000/9000+/9200, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 8+ Gen 1 and 8 Gen 2) with Arm V8 instructions set...those soc are Arm V9!
        I think new instructions should add heavy advantages on 3/4 of Geekbench's subtests...

        I Geekbench 6 is obviously a Pro Apple benchmark, we can ask us if previous versions are Pro Apple too...
        I think they are!

        I won't discuss about soc from 2017/2018.
        When you compare a Snapdragon 835 with an Apple A10...
        You've got your Cortex A73, 2 instructions per cycle wide
        And Apple's Hurricane, 6 instructions per cycle wide.
        There's obviously no competition, Apple wins on those old soc.

        But when it comes to A13 or A14...those are 7 or 8 instructions per cycle wide
        When Cortex A77 and A78 are 6 instructions per cycle wide.
        Apple still lead on single-core...I'm agree...
        But with twice Big cores, A77/78 should be ahead on multi-core...they aren't...
        In my opinion, Android's CPU are equal to Apple's since Snapdragon 865...
        Then you've got 888 and 8 Gen 1 and heating problems.
        But both D9000 and 8+ Gen 1 have better CPU than Apple A15
        And it's the same with 9200/8 Gen 2 and A16.

        Geekbench doesn't fit properly with architectures!

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          • 11 May 2023

          [deleted post]Not really. It's really hard to accurately directly compare the performance of SD and Apple cpus because there are no credible benchmarks that would give us reliable results.
          We only have Geekbench which is literally a single benchmark, hardly enough to give us believable results.
          In everyday use there is no difference, both are plenty powerful.
          The only place where you can check if you have enough performance are demanding games like Genshin Impact, and there aside from the last generation everything else from apple throttles pretty hard.

            Anonymous, 10 May 2023Yeah, let's deliberately kill compatibility with older... morethis isn't PC or server where legacy matters. basically the wheel keeps getting reinvented on smartphone, so getting rid of 32-bit codes are necessary. the pro outweighs the con.

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              • 11 May 2023

              Rodolf, 11 May 2023Is this chipset still dev-unfriendly? Before they even t... moreAsk some dev to stop being Mediatek unfriendly.

              1) available worldwide? Mediatek would love that...if only Qualcomm stop using LTE/CDMA patents unfairly (and sell tons of 888/8Gen 1 despite thermal throttling)
              2) you have to spend less than 5 minutes to find code source on most OEM's github.
              For exemple, here are sources for D9200 based Oppo X6

                Is this chipset still dev-unfriendly?

                Before they even think about competing with Qualcomm, they need to take two things into consideration:

                1- Make it available worldwide
                2- Release the source codes

                  rizki1, 10 May 2023Switch uses ARM processor, but their custom GPU what makes ... moreSwitch uses crappy chipset from 2015, it's not powerful by any means. Any chipset these days runs circles around it. Problem is that ARM Imortalis GPU in 9200+ is not really well optimized for games. Any AMD soc like in Steam deck would run circles around it.

                    rizki1, 10 May 2023get this out on a handheld console or cheap laptop to show ... moreLet's be clear, this is phone chip, which designed to work on phones only and for masses, it would not run well on consoles without tuning and it would not sell so well if it would be for consoles. AMD is taking care of the console part, so don't worry.

                      MagicMonkeyBoy, 10 May 2023Beast... Would only go with flagship Mediatek or Qualcomm S... moreLol, Apple destroys them all, Apple CPU's are in another level :)

                        Anonymous, 10 May 2023i think smartphone SoC with its power target isnt suitable ... moreall latest gaming handheld use amd processors cause they need to run windows or linux and gaming on windows and linux with an arm processor isn't that optimised

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                          • 10 May 2023

                          rizki1, 10 May 2023Switch uses ARM processor, but their custom GPU what makes ... moreYeah, except Switch has basically the performance of something around Snapdragon 845 at best, and i'm talking about the gpu performance, cpu is really weak.
                          Which is by the way the most probable reason why quite a few games that were officially announced that they are coming to Switch will never actually be released, like Kingdom Come Deliverance, Genshin Impact or Hogwarts Legacy.
                          It was possible for something like Witcher 3 because that game was amazingly well optimized to begin with, you could run it literally even on a potato like 2 core 2 thread Celeron G1610.

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                            • 10 May 2023

                            Shellyman Studios, 10 May 2023It's time to kill 32-bit.Yeah, let's deliberately kill compatibility with older software for no apparent reason, what a great idea!

                              Anonymous, 10 May 2023i think smartphone SoC with its power target isnt suitable ... moreSwitch uses ARM processor, but their custom GPU what makes it powerful. I am curious if they take this SoC and run Switch games directly with full optimization.

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                                • 10 May 2023

                                Cool, but it's hard to get excited for it when we all know it won't make it to the global market, effectively forcing whoever is interested in it to buy the Chinese versions of any device that will come equipped with this SoC, with all the limitations that come with "global ROMs" such as limited support for languages, slower OTA updates, etc...

                                I'd absolutely love to be proven wrong though, because more competition means Qualcomm will be forced to up its game and revise its pricing policies with its OEM partners which might (theoretically at least) offer better value for end-users.

                                  CasualPerson, 10 May 2023The Dimensity 9200+ still has a disadvantage over the 8 Gen... moreIt's time to kill 32-bit.

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                                    • 10 May 2023

                                    It's interesting to see MediaTek taking the fight to Qualcomm

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                                      • 10 May 2023

                                      rizki1, 10 May 2023get this out on a handheld console or cheap laptop to show ... morei think smartphone SoC with its power target isnt suitable for gaming-handheld
                                      thats why all latest gaming handheld use different soc, like steamdeck, asus rog ally using amd soc

                                        rennnnn, 10 May 2023Can you guys post about the realme 11? It got announced alreadylearn some patience young one