Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 specs surface

15 April, 2013
The two tablets will run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and feature 1.5GHz dual-core CPUs.

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  • Sanju

Plz. Friend tell me that this tab 3 is best or not i want to buy and one thing more when it will be in market.

  • Koatsey

On the 10.1 version I'm not sure this is enough to make me buy. I have a Samsung S4 and gutted that Apps can't be moved to SD Card, just moved from iPhone and this is not what I expect from Google... The fear is 10.1 will behave similar and the screen, if 1280 is not a step forward. Lastly Android 4.1, why would I buy a brand new released Table running old Android not 4.2. It's hard to buy 4.2 knowing 5 (Keylime Pie) is soon to be released. that would mean you are 2 version out almost from day one. Google you need to sort this as this pushes me back to iPad with 128GB's. All the more a shame given I want to standardise on Google as a platform...

  • toni

samsung tab 3 10.1 will grabe total Indian market

  • john

AnonD-116177, 17 Apr 2013The Sony xperia Tablet Z is waaaaaay better, it's got a ful... moreIt's just water resistent, not water proof, don't get too excited.

  • prasenjit

Its oswome

  • will

AnonD-116177, 17 Apr 2013The Sony xperia Tablet Z is waaaaaay better, it's got a ful... moreThats a phone not a tab. Also cost more. No compare there why even mention.

  • AnonD-116177

The Sony xperia Tablet Z is waaaaaay better, it's got a full Hd screen and a 1.5 GHZ Quad core processor and 8 and it's water resistance!!!!!!

  • frankenstein

AnonD-58491, 16 Apr 2013crap features i will prefer nexus tab or ipad over itthe samsung galaxy note 10.1 will be more better than the tab 3

  • dann

If they put Full HD display, than people will realize how overpriced are 4-5" devices.

  • Nathan

Which would be better IPAD or SAMSUNG TAB..... Dose I PAD has the facility of using whats app messenger and other feature like this..........

  • AnonD-58491

crap features i will prefer nexus tab or ipad over it

  • prasetyo

galaxy tab 2 > galaxy tab 3 ? how ? the world has turn around upside down

  • the man

Why not 1280 x 960pix display resolution, Samsung???. ;(

  • HammerZ

Disappointing specs.

  • AnonD-120575

Whats the different with tab 2?
supposedly tab 3 should equip with at least quad core, 2gb ram and higher resolution than tab 2. What are Samsung thinking? they make same spec, same res, same in everything other than the design and change the name to make it a new product. whats the point??

  • AnonD-133284

AnonD-129371, 15 Apr 2013That's good because I just ordered a Nexus 10 xDme too XD

  • Anonymous

I don't find Tab nice to use.

  • AnonD-100398

Wake up NOW,Samsung!, 15 Apr 2013Only (1280 x 800) pixels screen display!!. =( FAIL!!.It becomes a "Pass" if they make it for budget concious segment i guess u will be the 1st person to buy it then !!! Lol ,trool much!

  • AnonD-136290

so will these be low end Note 10 and low end Note 8? since all specs are "inferior" to the Note Series.

  • Arun

I don't understand. What's the difference between Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 and Galaxy note 8.0. Both have the same screen size. Are they only available in select markets?