Apple reportedly hoards 90% of TSMC's 3nm capacity this year

15 May 2023
Other companies will be left wanting.

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Interesting how all the tech companies are fighting over the same pie. Are mobile semiconductors really that much of a monopoly? I feel like there should be more competition in this area.

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    • Nemesis
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    • 19 May 2023

    sa11oum, 17 May 2023iPhones have the best battery life in the market, especiall... moreThe oppo realme and Xiaomi's power best batteries with fast charging and way more battery life compared to the s23 ultra. Research for yourself

      SuperSpruce, 17 May 2023Battery life certainly doesn't improve 20% generation ... moreiPhones have the best battery life in the market, especially Pro Max variant is outworldly. Only Android that can compete in that aspect is S23 Ultra.

        Kuba, 17 May 2023Every year chips are "20% more efficien" or "... moreBattery life certainly doesn't improve 20% generation to generation, but overall battery life is improving on iPhones, albeit slowly.

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          • 17 May 2023

          Every year chips are "20% more efficien" or "30% more efficient"...yet every year the battery life decreases.

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            • 17 May 2023

            Vegetaholic, 16 May 2023Lol, Apple single handedly murdered Snapdragon :D I believe... moreApple is always a step ahead of the plebs, lol.

              Oki, 16 May 2023What are you talking about? It can be both more efficient a... moreYou're partially right. A newer chip with smaller nodes will typically consume less power, ON AVERAGE. That's the key word. Standby consumption will be less, and tasks that aren't heavy will also be less power consumption. However, if both the older 4nm and 3nm chip are pushed to MAX performance, the more powerful chip will still use more power.

                Contemplator, 16 May 2023Still what A17, we can't do true multitasking in iPhon... moreI agree about the 'T9 dialing' thing I wish they would implement it. But split-screen on smartphone is just pointless IMO. I tried it a couple of times on my work phone but I really don't see the need for it, its too small to do anything on either app. In any case, Apple are rumored to include this feature in iOS 17 so enjoy it I guess.

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                  • 16 May 2023

                  Vegetaholic, 16 May 2023Lol, Apple single handedly murdered Snapdragon :D I believe... more8gen3 on the door knocking

                    Still what A17, we can't do true multitasking in iPhone 🫠.

                    One knows it better if he/she moved from Android.

                    Most silly thing is iPhone still lack smartness in its dialer. I have to write full number in contrast to Android where phone starts giving suggestions as soon as I start entering number

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                      • 16 May 2023

                      None of you know anything about economics, let alone how they pertain to the foundry industry. TSMC may be a monopoly for now, but Samsung will have a 3nm node ready soon enough. (Whether it's any good this generation is a different question, but there will be competition.) Meanwhile, by virtue of outbidding everyone else (and by funding R&D) Apple gets to be a monopsonist (single buyer) this year. As 3nm production scales up and costs drop, we'll certainly see other buyers like Qualcomm, AMD, etc. buy wafers. This is how it works every generation.

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                        • 16 May 2023

                        Anonymous, 16 May 2023"This 3nm tech is believed to be responsible for a 35%... moreWhat are you talking about? It can be both more efficient and faster.

                        Processor now achieves 15% more performance while using 35% less power than it did with its previous iteration


                        Benchmark results went from 1000 to 1150
                        Power consumption went from 10W to 6.5W

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                          • 16 May 2023

                          "This 3nm tech is believed to be responsible for a 35% improved power efficiency and a 15% boost in performance"

                          This is wrong. It's EITHER 35% efficient OR 15% faster. Not both at the same time.

                            Vegetaholic, 16 May 2023Wtf are you smoking? All the latest AMD and Nvidia GPU are ... moreThink you'll find the rtx 30 series were samsung manufactured (8LPU process) and the 10 series (16nm finFET TSMC and samsung 14nm finFET design) and nvidia used samsung gddr ram for many years, they were when i was overclocking my gtx 970 and having to change all the timings on it (i think mine came with micron but others came with samsung ram). I never said AMD was samsung.

                            Thanks though, clearly had your facts on point 🙂 we all make mistakes.

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                              • 16 May 2023

                              AMD will want a chunk of those 3nm chips as the PS5 and XSX slim models will be due within the next year.

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                                • 16 May 2023

                                Unisoc are my preferred choice

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                                  • 16 May 2023

                                  3nm, 4nm, 5nm or even 20nm all it does not matter.
                                  Whats matter is how the phone can handle endurance rating, how phone does or does not overheats when playing heavy games, how phone can handle multitasking without laggs and freezes etc.
                                  And like with all previous Apple devices they are swift only on paper in real life use they were throttling a lot because of low ram and bad multitasking management, tiny battery and the whole performance been tweaked a lot as apple many times confirmed to perserve as much battery as they could.

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                                    • 16 May 2023

                                    This is an advantage for mediatek

                                    Because mediatek's flagship volume is so relatively small tsmc can more easily commit to a deal with them

                                    Qualcomm will likely have more issues because they have bigger orders to uphold and they have more at risk of they can't meet the higher demands

                                    I believe this was one factor as to why they chose Samsung to fab the 888

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                                      • 16 May 2023

                                      Vegetaholic, 16 May 2023And let them, at least compatitornt will be alive, we need ... moreThis guy knows what he is talking about, think of when Ryzen first launched. R3 1200 was nearly matching İ5 7500 numbers and İntel had to improve drastically to keep up. Competition negates stagnation, I hope the fact that the SD8G2 having better GPU scores and SD8G2+ (If they boost the clocks a bit more than SD8G2 for Galaxy) matching Multi Core scores lead to the A17 becoming a big leap.

                                        Super Android 22, 16 May 2023Its not just them though is it. Tsmc also supply to every a... moreTSMC can literally cause an economic crash at some point, probably now but I don't know jack about economics.