iPhone 16 Pro Max renders leak showing it next to the iPhone 15 Pro Max

22 May 2023
It's going to be larger than its yet-to-be-launched predecessor.

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  • mij
  • 29 Jun 2023

Anonymous, 24 May 2023I'll stick with my 6.1" phone.Is it comfortable??

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    • Steve Jobs advice
    • JKQ
    • 12 Jun 2023

    Dear Apple,

    All this ridicule of the larger dimensions of the Smartphone comes from those who obviously have small hands (kids maybe). You are not the only one in this world. There are also people who have big hands.

    Yes, we need all sizes of Smartphone for all people:

    S* = Pre-School (3-7Y) & Dwarfs (think of those people)
    M* = School (7-13Y)
    L = Teens (13-19Y)
    XL = Adult (20-The end)
    XXL = Big boys

    *(a smaller size needs to be taller for the better battery and screen estate. All phones will benefit with a taller aspect ratio, but in small size it is a necessity. Make it taller)

    All those need the proper size, like shoes, pants, T-shirts...

    Gimmicks like folding phones we don’t need. Sure there will be those who want and follow the latest fashion trends. But fashion trends are not what people need. We need food, clothes... and the iPhone should be what people need. In today's modern world we need:

    Best Camera = 100% replacement of all camera gear.
    Best user experience = Best OS & better Apps than Android.
    Best upgrade = 6Y already (thank you Apple)
    Best durability = Decade of use without crack

    You already have an iPad. Let us close the gap between the iPad and the Smartphone. Make all in between for people who NEED their proper size!

    And make in all those sizes the cheaper version (with the old CPU) and Pro version (with the latest CPU, and latest camera sensor and optics).

    Stop all those suffixes Max, Ultra… which just confuse people. Just call it iPhone 2025 & iPhone Pro 2025.

    Those who don’t need the best of the best will appreciate the normal, cheaper version.

    Start with sizes:

    M - iPhone 2025 & iPhone Pro 2025
    L - iPhone 2025 & iPhone Pro 2025
    XL - iPhone 2025 & iPhone Pro 2025

    Simple and no confusion at all. Pick up your size and latest and greatest or affordable one, and be happy in years which comes with the best experience.

    Please, Apple, do not listen to those who ridicule your efforts to give the world one more choice they need.

    May God bless the world to be a better place to live.

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      • NhR
      • 03 Jun 2023

      This looks ridiculous, it only makes sense on the Samsung S Ultra series because it has a stylus that's actually useful for general note-taking, and some light studying. What's the point here? The 6.7 is already too much for a phone without any added functionality that justifies the size.

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        • n5r
        • 29 May 2023

        Comes with a free wheelbarrow to carry it around!

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          • 64B
          • 29 May 2023

          mrleft, 23 May 2023What are you talking about "just graduated to pinholes... morenotch trend stared with essential phone apple just stolr it

            I dnt event think apple know what they are doing, some people are still complaining about the 6.7 inch now 6.9 what for.. instead on working on iPhone will be able to customer there phone to there own like u are trying to bring 6.9inch only just to make more 🤑💰 am sure if this is out it will be almost 2times of 14pro price

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              • Amit
              • s02
              • 25 May 2023

              Have Good Expirence 13pro max / 14pro max
              But Put a little battery capicity more then

                Adegbenro, 24 May 2023I'm happy I'm getting the iPhone 15 Pro Max then.... moreOr buy a lighter phone, duh

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                  • mei
                  • XNI
                  • 25 May 2023

                  they just make the phone bigger assuming that our hand also grow bigger each year... this kind of 'innovation' on a new phone is so uncomfortable to hold, not answering any solution, and such a downgrade.
                  what's the reason of having a phone thats not even fit in your pocket jeans anymore?

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                    • 8w5
                    • 24 May 2023

                    I'll stick with my 6.1" phone.

                      I'm happy I'm getting the iPhone 15 Pro Max then. I think OEMs are now increasing the screen size because of needing something to advertise. The phone's are getting larger and heavier. Years ago I stopped using OtterBox Defender cases because I thought it made my Note 9 and Note 10 Plus heavy. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is close to that weight minus a case. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is even heavier. It looks like I'll have to start doing WRIST CURLS in my workout regimen 👎🏽

                        BlahBlah, 24 May 2023Yeah, let's focus on their differences and totaly igno... moreBefore the ultrasonic fingerprint there was a rear-fingerprint scanner as secure as the ultrasonic an 3d face ID. Samsung phones also had an iris scanner. No matter how much you try, 3d face ID is not special and you got scammed with that big pill/notch. Everything "special" feature you think your iphone has is just pure marketing.

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                          • BlahBlah
                          • 3Z5
                          • 24 May 2023

                          Anonymous, 24 May 2023Steve Jobs himself said this part before his death: "A... moreI always thought people have a right to choose whatever they like or want, and you or others can't know what some people need, because we are all different and we had different experience in almost everything, not just our experience with phones. If someone wants to crtisize other buyers because of their phone choice, I think they are doing it because they have unhappy and unfulfilled lives. Or they have a big ego, but in reql life nobody gives them sht, so that's why they come to comment threads to "share" their opinion. Why? Because I don't see the logic behind toxic comments except saying, "hey, you're rich, but I'm art for choosing am Android phone over iPhone.

                          Everybody knows about IOS limitations, but do they know about ther advantages? Sure, some people know, some don't and some others pretend they don't matter.

                          Does IOS and Android have the exact same features? Android is more customazible, IOS is generally more secure because of the nature of closed system in which they can control every variable how they want and not how third party apps wants. Sure, Android comes with more freedom, but more risk for something to go wrong as well. So, we have another "No". Do they use exactly the same apps? No. On IOS there are couple of those which are very different and each has their own advantages and disvantages over other.

                          But hey, don't be sad or get mad at me. It's just my personal opinion. Me saying this shouldn't impact your life in any way. As you said, if you want a phone for just calling then be free to pick devices with starting prices of 30$. If you need something more, and I can't possibly know what it is, then you can also choose whatever you want. But option C is the most popular one.

                          If someone's unhappy, having complexes of any kind or don't have a purpose in life, or they strugled with money since they were born, then those people have a high chance to be an Apple hater, because for those people, poor unhappy bastards, Apple is only a logo on the back and it doesn't have other value or purpose other then flexing. Well... I personally never seen a point in telling other people how wrong they are if I never get a chance to experience what they did. I live by a simple rule, much simpler then yours or Steve Jobs sayings.

                          Live your life and let others do the same.

                          You wont get any bonus points if you call someone pathetic, at least not when we talking about phones. PHONES! Like it's something reallllllly important.
                          I'm aware we are on site talking about phones.. but dude.. is that hard to pit a queston in your favorite browser;

                          what are the main differences and selling points for each Android and IOS system?

                          Do it.
                          Just do it.
                          Do it.

                          Have a bloddy nice day!

                            As someone with a 14 pro max I am all for this. Due to the smaller bezels this year it will still be narrower by 0.4mm than the 14 pro max even with the larger screen and I’d be happy to have a slightly taller screen

                              anuj, 23 May 2023Apple lack creativity, couldn't get the notch off, I m... moreIt's pretty amazing that in 2023 some people still don't understand what Face ID is and how it works. Baffling.

                                Not sure how I feel about this. I used S23 Ultra (which is 164x78) and I felt it was above what is acceptable. I don't see why they are doing this. I feel current Pro Max size is really perfect.

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                                  • LiQ
                                  • 24 May 2023

                                  George399, 23 May 2023Omg another guy who got scammed by the 3d face ID. Let me t... moreYeah, let's focus on their differences and totaly ignore the fact Apple made a 3d face scanner in time where there was no ultrasonic fingerprint sensors around. They have been working on that scanner for years prior the announcement on their model X in 2017. They are both comparable security wise with little difference in practicality, so why would Apple skipped years of R&D for using ultrasonic under screen? No sense at all.


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                                    • Dk$
                                    • 24 May 2023

                                    Anonymous, 23 May 2023Do we really need bigger screen? 😅 I think we need bigge... moreGreat point!

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                                      • thf
                                      • 24 May 2023

                                      Steve Jobs himself said this part before his death: "As we grow older, and hopefully wiser, we realize that a $3000 or a $30 watch both tell the same time." If you think of it, this logic is also applicable to smartphones. I carry this kind of mindset even before I heard this message from this man. That's why I don't buy expensive things waste of money just to show off and just be more practical.

                                      At the end of the day, i always choose a device that is fun for me and just simply get things done without any limits. Something that I can easily customize to my liking and make it my own space. I know the saying to each their own. However, If you are the type of person who always follows the trend, heavily influenced by social media personalities & celebrities with flashy iPhones and you crave it for yourself, then you are a pathetic human being.

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                                        • vaS
                                        • 24 May 2023