vivo Y36 goes official in 4G and 5G versions

27 May 2023
It's the successor to the Y35 from last year.

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lol 220USD for THIS??? Dead on arrival. Its even worse than the older Redmi Note 10 Pro which can be bought from 215-230USD.

RN10Pro vs Garbage Y36
- Better Processor 732G vs 680 (340-360K vs 250-260K Antutu)
- Better Screen 120Hz AMOLED vs LCD
- Better Camera system (108mp 4K30fps and 1080p60fps capability vs outdated 50mp that can only do 1080p30fps lmao) + Somewhat more useful 8mp Ultrawide and 5mp Macro in RN10Pro vs useless 2mp of Y36 lol
- Better speakers, the Y35 and this Y36 will likely have only a single speaker vs RN10Pro's Stereo speakers.

This phone is literally a scam. For reference, the specs this Y36 has is roughly comparable to a 145USD Realme Narzo 50.

The SD680 uses A73 cores from 2016, thats how you know a processor is utter garbage, its using technology so old (7years old) that it can go to grade school now lmaooo. No amount of optimization or node process can save it. Who cares its 6nm, doesnt change the fact that the design is from 2016.

    rizki1, 27 May 20233.4 million for SD680, avoid this.Vivo Y series is never good anyway

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      • 27 May 2023

      Does „Dynamic Glass Design“ mean it has a glass back? That would fit in with the weight because it is quite a bit heavier than the Y35 while dimensions and battery specs are very similar. I appreciate midrange phones moving towards more premium materials (except Poco F5 downgraded the build)

        3.4 million for SD680, avoid this.