Mediatek Dimensity 9300 tipped to only feature powerful cores

30 May 2023
The chip might have a 4x Cortex-X4 + 4x Cortex-A720 architecture.

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I have no faith in this news because a5xx core are a must for efficiency, i don't think anyone would want to run a x4 or a720 core in sleep mode otherwise a disaster for battery life

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    • 30 May 2023

    Already ended the 8 gen 3

      MediaTek gonna create the battery eater? Besides that joke, I think Apple is getting too comfy in #1 in benchmarks. If MediaTek and Qualcomm can overtake GPU, how many more gens can it be until the CPU department?

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        • 30 May 2023

        We were thinking that Qualcomm will beat Apple next year. They already did in the GPU department. And now this. Apple really need to step up their game if they want to keep up.

          Watch out! MediaTek going to overtake both Snapdragon and Apple... Mark my words... That is crazy powerful. And will no doubt be in gaming phones...

          So far I have had a red magic. And currently have a Redmi K50G...

          Now looking at an Asus Rog Phone... Would love to have a Dimensity powered gaming phone for a change. Especially this 9300. Wow. Really. C'mon? Why not?

          And by the way... The 8 Gen 3 will only be 4% less powerful than the A17 multicore... And 10% less on the single core score according to geekbench... Which is absolutely insane. And to me... That is better and on par with Apple Silicon... Judge for yourself... You are actually by far better off with Android SoC's as opposed to apple Silicon. It's Android that is clearly making the biggest leaps forward ever right now...

          Apple silicon and apple is stale...

            Mediatek is on a rampage, it will crack benchmark scores.

              Damn!!!!.. apple should be worried.. well it serves them right, they’ve being asleep for too long when it comes to chip yearly upgrade.

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                • 30 May 2023

                wanna more powerful soc atleast need gpu as powerful as gtx 1080.